Comey, Rosenstein, McCabe All Named In FISA Memo, First Leak Reveals

Mueller’s Russiagate Scam Is Imploding, But Neocons Are Hell Bent for War – Harley Schlanger

Republicans Sitting On Evidence That Clears Trump The Stupid Party Remains Stupid – Paul Craig Roberts

US May Be Preparing Preemptive Strike Against North Korean Nuclear Sites

A National Defense Strategy Of Sowing Global Chaos – “Trump is not even pretending to respect diplomacy or international law, as he escalates Bush’s and Obama’s wars and threatens new ones of his own. But maybe Trump’s nakedly aggressive policies will force the world to finally confront the dangers of U.S. imperialism.” – Nicholas Davies

Trump Officially Restores Cold War – Eric Zuesse

Washington New Defense Strategy: Keep Russia, China Down – F. William Engdahl

Russia Blamed for Everything – “Big Lies about Russia wore thin long ago – roared by America’s bipartisan criminal class in Washington, regurgitated by deplorable media scoundrels, an endless exercise of disgraceful Russia bashing. According to its imperial logic, Russia is responsible for US high crimes, including CW attacks by US-supported terrorists.” – Stephen Lendman

Western Media Fixates On Vague “Chem Weapons” Allegations, Ignores Children Murdered By America’s Terrorists – Brandon Turbeville

Sweden Hell: Armed Migrant Teens Roaming With Kalashnikovs; Military May Be Deployed

Google, Facebook, Twitter and Communist China Are Assigning a Threat Matrix Score to All Internet Users – Dave Hodges

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Health Ranger’s Theory: The Flu Vaccine Is Causing The Flu Outbreak – Mac Slavo

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Mainstream Media Warns Stopping Weather Modification Programs Could Lead To ‘Extinction Level Event’ But Won’t Admit Such Programs Are Now Ongoing – “While anybody paying attention to the completely censored news of the government’s geoengineering program over the past decade knows all about the strategic aerosol injections being sprayed into the skies, this new story over at USA Today acts as if we’re all fools.” – Stefan Stanford

The Murder of Frank Olson and the Beginning on Germ Warfare on the American People (Chemtrails) – Dave Hodges

CNN’s “Beme” News Comes To California To Cover Climate Engineering Issue (VIDEO) – “The expected “official geoengineering denial” bias of the CNN reporter was evident at many points of questioning during the day.” – Dane Wigington  – IF CNN IS COVERING CLIMATE ENGINEERING AND WEATHER MODIFICATION, YOU KNOW THAT THE TRUTH WON’T BE PRESENTED!!!!!!!


NSA deletes ‘honesty’, ‘openness’, ‘trust’ and ‘honor’ from Mission Statement – Thomas Lifson

Q: These People Should Be Hanging (VIDEO) – ” look for Q to begin releasing information about the elite’s involvement in child sex abuse and child trafficking. “No one can imagine to pure evil and corruption out there,” Q says”

There Is No Other Choice, The Time Has Come To Have The Event Of Events (VIDEO)

The next generation of smartphone cameras could see through walls

The Internet Of Things: What It Will Do—But What Will It Do To Your Health? – “5G has the ability to penetrate the skin causing a sunburn-like-tingling and, if close enough in range to certain Gigahertz frequencies, 5G can cook an egg or cook an eye! What will it do to the human brain, which is mostly cholesterol and water (about 73%)?” – Catherine J. Frompovich

Uses For A Mylar Emergency Blanket – Ken Jorgustin

DC Comedian Changed Stance On Guns After Feeling ‘Level Of Helplessness’ During Armed Robbery – Mac Slavo

Stockpiling Ammo for SHTF – Brady



It took less than 24 hours for dollar to fall from above 90 on the index to a handle of 88 – Ken Schortgen

Clueless Mnuchin Embraces Weak Dollar Policy (VIDEO) – “Basically, what the Treasury secretary was doing by basically saying we have a weak dollar policy was telling everybody around the world, ‘Do not buy our bonds!’ Well, he’s the guy that’s supposed to be selling those bonds. Did he not get that memo?” – Peter Schiff

Did U.S. Treasury Secretary Mnuchin Give Dollar Shorts a Wink in Davos? – Pam Martens and Russ Martens

Gold Soars, Dollar Sinks After US Treasury Praises Weaker Dollar – Mish

Why the Next Downturn “Will Not Look Like 2008” – “Nine years of scorched-earth monetary policies come home to roost.” – Wolf Richter

Distractions and Blame – “No country has spent and indebted itself INTO wealth. No country has taxed itself INTO prosperity. Unbacked paper currencies have always failed in the past, usually due to “inflation” in the supply of those paper currencies. Gold and silver have been valuable for thousands of years. They will remain valuable and become more important as markets, excessive debt and other narratives crash.” – Gary Christenson




Ecclesiastes 2:14   The wise man’s eyes are in his head; but the fool walketh in darkness: and I myself perceived also that one event happeneth to them all.