Why Oprah 2020 Should Scare You, Crazy Henry Kissinger Comments (Video) – We Are Change

Oprah 2020 Is Not the Answer – Carey Wedler

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CBS Gives CIA Director Pompeo a Platform to Lie – “All media scoundrels operate the same way, truth-tellers banished, a rogue’s gallery of imperial miscreants featured instead – notably on television. Most, or at least too many, Americans are deluded to believe they’re informed, failing to understand they’re fed a steady diet of disinformation, fake news and Big Lies.” – Stephen Lendman

Surrounded by Neocons – “They are all the news that fits” – Philip Giraldi  – GOOD ARTICLE!!!!!!!

Toxiphobe Leaders Tend to Be Paranoid Tyrants – “While food security is a normal part of VIP protection for most presidents, prime ministers, kings, queens, sultans, and pontiffs, Trump’s paranoia about food poisoning and his penchant for certain foods, in Trump’s case, McDonald’s – itself, a slow poison for someone 71 years of age – places him in the bizarre company of some noted tyrants. They include Adolf Hitler, Saddam Hussein, Nicolae Ceausescu, Kemal Ataturk, Idi Amin, and Jean-Bedel Bokassa, and Emperor Claudius.” – Wayne Madsen

So far Trump’s consumer economy is the same as Obama’s… all based on Americans racking up more debt – Ken Schortgen

Facebook Censors Charles C. Johnson For Writing “Hating Russians Is The Last Socially Acceptable Prejudice” – Got News

Jeff Sessions: Reflecting Administration Policies or ‘Reforming’ Them? – Jeremiah Johnson

Snowden Joins Outcry Against World’s Biggest Biometric Database

Snowden’s App Probably Can’t Protect You From Targeted State Surveillance – Lorenzo Franceschi-Bicchierai

Deep State: Underbelly of the Intelligence Community – “U.S. intelligence agencies operate without any meaningful congressional or other governmental oversight, yet they take actions that affect U.S. policies worldwide and override U.S. laws and American freedoms.” – Alex Newman

Technocracy for planet Earth – “Well, boys, we’ve got this strange thing called THE INDIVIDUAL. Could somebody tell me what he is? He’s not conforming to our algorithms.” – Jon Rappoport

Justice Denied: The Government Is Not Going to Save Us – “The U.S. Supreme Court has ruled: it will not hear the case of Young v. Borders. Despite the fact that a 26-year-old man was gunned down by police who banged on the wrong door at 1:30 am, failed to identify themselves as police, and then repeatedly shot and killed the innocent homeowner who answered the door while holding a gun in self-defense, the justices of the high court refused to intervene to address police misconduct.” – John W. Whitehead

GMOs, Global Agribusiness and the Destruction of Choice – Colin Todhunter

Judge Dismisses ALL Charges Against Bundy Family, Bars Retrial – The Free Thought Project  – THERE IS STILL SOME JUSTICE LEFT!!!!!!!

Be Prepared to Protect What You Love – “I can honestly say that I’ve never met a parent who hasn’t readily admitted that they would fight as much as they needed to defend their children from violence. In some cases, parents will say that they wouldn’t defend themselves but would kill for their kids.” – Rob Pincus

Improvise, Adapt, Overcome ! What the Marine Corps can teach us about Preparedness – Ken Jorgustin

It’s Time To Declassify These Deep, Dark Department Of Defense Secrets, President Trump! ‘Gravely Unwarranted Optimistic Findings’ Set Up Catastrophic ‘Game Changer’ – Dr. William Graham and Dr. Peter Vincent Pry

The Old Wag The Dog Distraction Being Used On The Cabal, But Why? (Video) – X22 Report

DARPA At Work: Military Targets Urban Battlespace To Test Drone Swarm Tactics – (“The military has fast-tracked drone swarming project for immediate deployment for urban warfare. These swarms, coordinated with swarms of ground vehicles and robotic devices, can surround and isolate a target within a single city-block, within 30 minutes” – Patrick Wood) – Todd South

5G WEAPONIZED FREQUENCIES: A GROUND BASED WEB SYSTEM – “Barbara Johnson, an electrical engineer and star wars tactician, discusses 5G weaponized frequencies and the dangers of this unproven and untested energy field that will engulf much of the US. She examines the unavoidable health risks associated with 5G and questions why our government is all too eager to roll this out throwing caution to the wind” – DJ

The AI that can read your mind: Chilling Black Mirror-style machine recreates the image you’re thinking about by decoding your brain signals – Tim Collins

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Isaiah 32:3   And the eyes of them that see shall not be dim, and the ears of them that hear shall hearken.