Chinese President Xi Jinping orders army to prepare for WAR in chilling footage – Callum Hoare

‘I, Neocon’ – the Foreign Policy of Emperor Trump – “Trump follows the advice of a dangerous cabal he has established around himself. On issues of the Middle East and relations with Muslim nations, Trump’s cabal possesses a toxicity never seen before in a US administration.” – Wayne Madsen

Macron proposes new law against fake news – Joanna Plucinska

The Russian Collusion Delusion Is Over- CNN Owes the President An Apology (VIDEO) – “CNN is a shameful ally of the Deep State. Their lies about Trump’s collusion with Russia are over. The case has collapsed with the emergence of the infamous dossier. CNN owes President Trump an apology.” – The common Sense Show

There Have Been More Than 30,000 Documented Terror Attacks Worldwide Since September 2001 – Michael Snyder

Was Huma Abedin The Ultimate Spy, One Of The Greatest Traitors To America In US History? It’s Time To Take Down ‘The Enemies Of America Within’, President Trump! – Stefan Stanford

The GMO agenda takes a menacing leap forward with EPA’s silent approval of Monsanto/Dow’s RNAi corn

Everything the Media Isn’t Telling You About the Protests Rocking Iran Right Now – Darius Shahtahmasebi

Something Stinks About the Iranian Protests; Iranians Suspicious Of Demonstration Roots – “At this point, everything points toward a color revolution attempt by the Western anti-Iranian powers by virtue of hijacking an economic protest.” – Brandon Turbeville

These fake images of ‘Iran’ are being shared on social media

Unhinged, Part 1: The GOP’s Fiscal Madness – David Stockman

A Tale of Two Americas: Where the Rich Get Richer and the Poor Go to Jail – “Aided and abetted by the likes of Attorney General Jeff Sessions—a man who wouldn’t recognize the Constitution if it smacked him in the face—the American dream has become the American scheme: the rich are getting richer and more powerful, while anyone who doesn’t belong to the power elite gets poorer and more powerless to do anything about the nation’s steady slide towards fascism, authoritarianism and a profit-driven police state.” – John W. Whitehead

BREAKING: DoJ to Rescind Marijuana Policy—Making it Illegal for States to Legalize Weed – “As more than half of the states in the country recognize the power of cannabis and choose to legalize it in some form, the federal government still blindly claims that it has no medicinal value, and Attorney General Jeff Sessions is reportedly rescinding a policy that keeps federal prosecutors from aggressively enforcing federal law in states where cannabis is legal.” – Rachel Blevins

It’s Not About Democracy: Control Fraud Is the Core of our Political System – Charles Hugh Smith

U.S. East Coast Blitzed by Fast-Moving, High-Impact Winter Storm – Bob Henson

Where Are George Soros, Hillary Clinton And Tony Podesta? Also, Surge Of Politicians Now Wearing ‘Medical Boots’ – Susan Duclos

Expect Even Less Freedom of Internet in 2018 – “Users of social media have been increasingly reporting that their accounts have been either censored, blocked or suspended during the past year. Initially, some believed that the incidents might be technical in nature, with overloaded servers struggling to keep up with the large and growing number of accounts, but it eventually emerged that the interference was deliberate and was focused on individuals and groups that were involved in political or social activities considered to be controversial.” – Philip Giraldi

Mount St. Helens Is Rumbling Again With 40 Earthquakes Since New Years Day – Trevor Nace

All eyes may be fixed on Jan. 18 as the day China begins trading oil contracts in Yuan currency – Ken Schortgen

Post Market Wrap Up PLUS! Fed. Minutes: AHHH! MY WILDEST RANT EVER! (Video) – Gregory Mannarino

The EXPERIMENTAL superweapons for Trump’s futuristic army – “As Donald Trump has promised to start an arms race, we take a look at the futuristic weapons being developed for the US military”

A Duplicitous Note from the NYT’s New Publisher – “The self-styled newspaper of record has been around since 1851 – suppressing the most vital news, information and analysis fit to print, substituting disinformation, Big Lies and fake news. Project Veritas calls the Times an American (Soviet era) Pravda, betraying its readers instead of informing them, caught red-handed in bald-faced lying countless times. Its longstanding record includes supporting powerful interests, backing corporate predators, cheerleading imperial wars, ignoring America’s sham democracy, pretending its farcical elections are legitimate, and opposing the sovereign rights of independent countries Washington wants toppled and replaced by pro-Western puppet rule.” – Stephen Lendman

A $250 Reliable Pistol? Yep, And It’s Perfect For Home Defense – Nicholas O.

Will Pennsylvania State Police Violate The Law & Confiscate These Citizens’ Guns? – Tim Brown

A.I. Is Taking Over Bit By Bit: The Implication Of Rapidly Improving Artificial Intelligence – Mac Slavo

A WOMAN USED SPICE TO CURE BLOOD CANCER, AFTER YEARS OF WESTERN MEDICINE FAILING – “Dieneke Ferguson is now leading a normal life after giving up on the grueling treatments that failed to stop her cancer and putting her trust in nature. Ferguson put her trust in turmeric.”

Dead is dead: Drug for helping smokers quit found to increase risk of heart attack AND self-harm – “Pfizer’s flagship smoking cessation drug varenicline, sold under the brand names Chantix in the United States and Champix in Canada and Europe, may do more harm than good as recent research published in the American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine showed that the medication was associated with an increased likelihood of suffering from cardiovascular conditions.” – Earl Garcia

The Next Financial Crisis will be Worse than the Last – Nomi Prins

Jim Willie’s 2018 Forecasts – De-Dollarization Accelerating And A Big Silver Announcement (VIDEO)

Tech giant is rolling out new robots to replace workers in hotels, airports and supermarkets




Psalm 54:3   For strangers are risen up against me, and oppressors seek after my soul: they have not set God before them. Selah.