Kim Jong Un: “A Nuclear Button Is Always On My Office Desk”

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Dueling New Year’s Messages: Putin v. Trump – “Both leaders are ideological opposites. Putin is a preeminent world leader, a peace and stability champion, his overwhelming public approval well-deserved. Trump is an unindicted war criminal, a corporate predator’s favorite, an anti-populist, moral coward, serial liar Judas – straightaway as president betraying the voter base electing him.” – Stephen Lendman

WikiLeaks Releases Proof of NY Times Colluding With Clinton’s State Dept to Deceive America – Jay Syrmopoulos

Arctic Outbreak Setting Record Lows as Dangerously Cold Wind Chills Infiltrate Plains, Midwest and East

Al Gore’s 10 Global Warming Predictions, 12 Years Later — None Happened! – Larry Tomczak

What’s ID 2020 And Are You Ready To Become Impacted By It? – “An apparent New World Order (NWO) numbering of the world’s population is in the works, which will affect and impact every human being on the planet from the first day of birth forward! Below is a schematic of their ‘game plan’. It’s called the “ID2020 Alliance” and is the most comprehensive surveillance database probably to date and being implemented on a GLOBAL basis, as you can see from the International Organizations involved, governmental agencies feeding it statistical data, and the countries that will fund it.” – Catherine J. Frompovich  – A MUST READ!!!!!!!!!!!!

Does the Narcotics Trade Influence US Global Policy? – Gordon Duff

Nestlé Caught Stealing Billions of Gallons of Water from California—No One Arrested – Jay Syrmopoulos

What Is a Smart City (VIDEO) – “The advancements in smart cities is frightening. The Smart Grid is emerging as a self-replicating and autonomous and all powerful entity. If a planetary smart grid is allowed to be completed it will mean the end of our lifestyles as we know it.” – The Common Sense Show


Iran Regime Change 2.0: C.I.A. Attempting To Overthrow Yet Another Administration In Tehran – The Millennium Report

10 Essentials For Survival Heating During Blizzard – “It only takes one blizzard, excessive ice on power lines, or a computer board failure in the furnace system to leave you without heat at time when you need it most. And if you look around these days, you can easily imagine what a holiday at the North Pole feels like, so heating is the last thing you would want to lose. Here are some things you can do to make sure you stay warm in a time when it may be difficult or impossible to use your primary heating system method.” – Carmela Tyrell

 What’s killing the world’s bees? New study claims a surprising culprit – “Scientists have found what they believe to be the strongest factor leading to the worryingly steep decline of bumblebees… fungicides.”  – FUNGICIDES, PESTICIDES, FLUORIDE, CHEMTRAILS – SLOWLY POISONING THE WORLD AND KILLING US OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Vaccines & Vampires: How Shooting Up Dead Baby Bits Became “Normal” In America – “While there are many reasons to be anything from skeptical to outraged over the manner in which vaccines have proliferated in America, one of the more under-reported problems with many popular vaccines products pumped into the bloodstreams of Americans by the millions each year is the fact that they’ve been crafted using cells harvested from murdered babies.” – Scott Buss

Current UFO disclosures and the incredible edible New York Times – Jon Rappoport

SWAT Team Goes To Innocent Man’s Home, When He Opens the Door, Cops Kill Him – “A disgruntled gamer sent police to an innocent family’s home and when an unarmed man opened the door, a police officer killed him for no reason.” – John Vibes

Americans And Jeff Sessions Want ‘Open Season’ on Cops – Karl Denninger  – MORE ON THE ABOVE STORY, ABSOLUTE MUST READ; AS THIS COULD HAPPEN TO ANYBODY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A Currency War against Pakistan? The U.S. Puts “Pakistan on Notice” for Harboring Terrorists as Pakistan Considers Using the Yuan to Trade with China – Timothy Alexander Guzman

The Next Empire – “Although the relatively new EU is already clearly stumbling and is on the verge of fragmenting, their leaders are desperately attempting to hold the unlikely alliance together with the help of the US. Meanwhile, the other major powers of the world are going full steam ahead to ensure that, when the US and EU reach their Waterloo, the rest of the world will carry on independently of the dying empire.” – Jeff Thomas

Urgent New Year’s ‘Red Alert’ To Patriots Across America: ‘As We Enter A Time When Anything Is Possible’, These Things Prove ‘We Had Better Keep Our Powder Dry’ – William B Stoecker

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The Truth – It Has Been Planned – Chicago International Model United Nations! – “There have been rumors swirling around the Internet that the United Nations’ Peacekeepers are invading the US through Chicago. I believe it to be true for more than rumor’s sake. There is evidence Chicago has been prepping for this takeover through the Model UN Development Organization (MUNDO).” – Ruby Henley

2018 Forecasts: Gold, Silver, Bitcoin & Liberty (Video) – “2018 will be a better year for the metals, Morgan says, led by gold. He sees cryptocurrency space similar to the dot com bubble.” – David Morgan

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Ecclesiastes 3:19  For that which befalleth the sons of men befalleth beasts; even one thing befalleth them: as the one dieth, so dieth the other; yea, they have all one breath; so that a man hath no preeminence above a beast: for all is vanity.