Sen Rand PAUL Calls For Investigation Of OBAMA CONSPIRACY To Steal Election – Rick Wells

Boom Just Lowered On Clinton Crime Family And Obama Regime? Big Surprise In Wording Of New Executive Order – Susan Duclos

FBI Fires Suspected Leaker And Comey Ally James Baker

Mattis: ‘Storm clouds gathering’ over Korean Peninsula – Robert Burns

America’s Collapsing Prestige – “The world is fed up with Washington. If the fools governing us persist, they are going to destroy themselves along with the rest of us.” – Paul Craig Roberts  – SHORT AND TO THE POINT!!!!!

America No Longer a Force for Good? – “Suggesting it ever was defies reality – a nation at war at home and abroad throughout its history, exterminating its native people, waging endless wars of aggression against nations threatening no one.” – Stephen Lendman

Tax Cuts! But We’re Still Going to Pay (VIDEO) – Peter Schiff

The Real “Bad Guys” – “We will discuss a simple issue here, whether it is a reasonable assumption to assess the United States of America as “bad.” Is America, as the United States calls itself, a “bad nation,” representing injustice, aggressive war, religious, racial and sexual discrimination and supporting criminal activities around the world? Can we go further? Does America support global economic injustice, stifle the growth of democratic governments or even interfere with scientific studies and cultural development? If you are a minority of better educated Americans or a majority of others around the world, the answer is simple, a resounding “yes.” ” – Gordon Duff

The Petro-Yuan Bombshell and Its Relation to the New US Security Doctrine – “Russia and China … have concluded that pumping the US military budget by buying US bonds … is an unsustainable proposition …” – Pepe Escobar

Mexico Suffers Deadliest Year Ever: Violence Hits Cabo, Tourist Havens

Get Prepped for Global Systemic Collapse New 2018 (VIDEO) with Gerald Celente

Deep State Money Men: Rockefeller, Rothschild, Soros (VIDEO) – “From the Rockefellers and the Rothschilds to George Soros, these money men stash the billions and trillions they loot from humanity in tax-exempt foundations. Then, they use their ill-gotten, tax-free wealth to promote globalism, socialism, technocracy and evil in America and around the world.” – TNA Video

Latest Bombshell: BLM Not Only Knew About The Bundy’s Water Rights But Sought To Eliminate Them! – “The control of water out West is a very big deal. It’s all part of a United Nations Agenda 21/Agenda 2030 plan and endgame by the Bureau of Land Management.” – Tim Brown

Could bullion bank manipulation of silver be coming to an end in 2018? – “JPMorgan has used its ironclad control over silver prices to accumulate the largest investment position ever witnessed in physical silver; and all at the depressed prices it created with its massive paper short position on the COMEX.” – Ken Schortgen

If Stock Market Investors Panic, What Could Happen To The Price Of Silver? – Chris Marcus

Free-fall Collapse of Bitcoin an Engineered Swindle – “Who is really behind this controlled demolition? Everyone ought to know the answer to this question by now: the B A N K S T E R S.” – The Millennium Report

Cryptocurrencies Crash 25% to 50% across the Board – “You’ll get whiplash just from watching.” – Wolf Richter

BITCOIN CRASH: Plunges 45% In 5 Days… How Low Will It Go? – Steve St. Angelo

Bitcoin Crashes Again, Coinbase Suspends Trading: What, Me Worry? – Mish

Why Are We Still Using Facebook? – “The implications of these studies should not be ignored. The world’s largest social network is already a partner of the U.S. government and maintains close relationships with intelligence agencies around the world. The fact that we also know the platform is harming us on an emotional, psychological, and possibly even spiritual level, should not be taken lightly.” – Derrick Broze

More Truth Bombs On The Way Which Will Bring About A Credit Crisis (Video) – Bill Holter

Conscious killer robots to ‘bide their time’ to ENSLAVE humans – “KILLER robots with a conscience may become so advanced they could enslave the human race before killing our species, a leading expert has warned.” – David Rivers

Can The US Survive An EMP Attack?

Alt Media Journalist Broke a Story Before Local News, So She Was Arrested, Charged With Felonies – “In the land of the free, reporting on information before obtaining permission from armed agents of the state can result in your persecution and subsequent loss of freedom.” – Matt Agorist

These Latest Events Show It’s Time To Get The United Nations Out Of America And Time To Get America Out Of The United Nations! – Stefan Stanford

We Need Regenerative Farming, Not Geoengineering – Charles Eisenstein

Scientists: Man-Made DNA To Create Semi-Synthetic Strain Of Bacteria – “There is no ethical debate taking place in public view that argues the case against using synthetic DNA to create life-forms not found in nature. In our opinion, it is patently insane because once established in a gene strain, it becomes permanent and thus replicates indefinitely. What is the impact on other life forms, including humans? Nobody can possibly know. – Patrick Wood”

Privacy Complaints Mount Over Phone Searches at U.S. Border Since 2011 – Charlie Savage and Ron Nixon

Rogue Money Radio interview with Jim Willie (VIDEO) – “Jim Willie, who was last on in August and with our distinguished geopolitics panel in November, joins RMR for a year end 2017 program to discuss the dying petrodollar, the real state of the US economy, and the accelerating global economy reset.”




Ezekiel 29:15   It shall be the basest of the kingdoms; neither shall it exalt itself any more above the nations: for I will diminish them, that they shall no more rule over the nations.