Time to Pay Attention: China Now Building Refugee Camps, Prepping for Nuclear War – “Within the last few weeks, China has begun educating citizens on how to act during a full-on nuclear war and is preparing for a mass influx of refugees from the Korean peninsula.” – Jay Syrmopoulos

Switzerland is Prepared for Civilizational Collapse – “More than any other country, Switzerland’s ethos is centered around preparing for civilizational collapse.” – Alex Tabarrok

Russia Sharply Expanding Nuclear Arsenal, Upgrading Underground Facilities

WAR: Chilling Satellite Images Show Alarming Activity At North Korean Nuclear Test Sites – Mac Slavo

Earth’s mysterious hum recorded underwater for 1st time

US Secrecy on Military Operations – “America’s only enemies are invented ones to maintain a permanent state of war – so war-profiteers can gorge at the public trough, a deplorable state of affairs worsening, not improving. Militarism and warmaking define America’s agenda, social justice on the chopping block for elimination to feed it. Campaigns in multiple theaters are being waged, new ones certain to be launched, numerous covert and other operations ongoing secretly.” – Stephen Lendman

Two huge current vaccine scandals the press isn’t covering -Jon Rappoport

The U.S. is Not a Democracy, It Never Was – Gabriel Rockhill

Globalists ‘Ultimate Killing Machines’ Are Hiding In Plain Sight – Russia Blows Whistle But The World Remains Silent – “While the mainstream media apparatus would quickly call Wigington’s statement ‘fake news’ as they continue to cover up ‘weather modification’ itself, Wigington warns that climate engineering is the biggest cover-up in human history with the cooperation of governments and mainstream media outlets all across the planet as heard in the final video below. And while there is great evidence that food has been used as a weapon throughout history, with millions having been starved to deaths by totalitarian and socialist government’s alike going back many years, the thought that we may be witnessing it once again in 2017, stealthily being carried out before our eyes, is quite infuriating.” – Stefan Stanford

California Firestorms: Geoengineered Catastrophe (VIDEO) – Dane Wigington

Criticism after Danish school cancels Christmas to avoid ‘preaching’ to non-Christian children

Illinois Drives People Away – “The taxpayer migration continues from the Land of Ever Higher Taxes.”

Will Trump’s lows ever hit rock bottom? – “A president who’d all but call a senator a whore is unfit to clean toilets in Obama’s presidential library or to shine George W. Bush’s shoes:” – The Editorial Board, USA TODAY  – I GUESS WE KNOW WHERE USA TODAY STANDS ON TRUMP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monsanto now offering CASH to farmers if they will use its toxic “dicamba” agricultural chemical – Tracey Watson

A $21 Trillion Global Pandora’s Kitty? – “As US federal debt approaches $21 trillion in a matter of months, an eye-popping equivalent amount seems to have gone cumulatively missing from government coffers over the past two decades.” – Mathew Maavak

New AI That Makes Fake Videos May Be the End of Reality as We Know It – “A new artificial intelligence (AI) algorithm is capable of manufacturing simulated video imagery that is indiscernible from reality, say researchers at Nvidia, a California-based tech company.” – Jake Anderson

It’s Time to Rethink Education – Part 1 (Indoctrination) – Michael Krieger

Clever Home Defense Tactics That Will Keep You Safe – Robert Sagona

Crypto vs. Gold: Gold Has Value Unto Itself – “The main difference is that gold is a thing. I can hold it. I can touch it. And I can use it to do things. I can put it in electronics. I can make it into jewelry. I can even use it as a filling in my tooth. Gold has value beyond its use as money.” – Peter Schiff

Bitcoin may or may not be in a mania, but many of the investors buying it certainly are – Ken Schortgen

Think people got rich from Bitcoin? We haven’t seen anything yet. – “The real prosperity isn’t in chasing the Bitcoin price higher, and certainly not in the latest ICO craze. The real prosperity will be for the visionaries, entrepreneurs, and investors who back them– those who develop this technology and apply it in ways that fundamentally change the way we engage in finance and commerce.” – Simon Black  –  ALTHOUGH I DON’T 100% AGREE WITH HIM, SIMON RAISES SOME VALID POINTS. THERE ARE STILL TOO MANY UNKNOWNS ABOUT BITCOIN!!!!!

It’s Official: Bitcoin Surpasses “Tulip Mania”, Is Now The Biggest Bubble In World History – ” among all of the world’s most famous asset bubbles, bitcoin was only lagging the infamous 17th century “Tulip Mania.” “

The Virtual Economy Is The End Of Freedom – “Yes, I am referring primarily to cyptocurrency “tulip-mania” (sorry bitcoiners, the description is too fitting, it isn’t going away), but not this issue alone. I am also referring to a far-reaching problem of which cryptocurrencies are a mere reflection. Namely, the fact that humanity is swiftly losing sight of what a true economy is and what it is supposed to accomplish. It is because of this reality that crypto is thriving.” – Brandon Smith

Could Central Banks Dump Gold in Favor of Bitcoin? – “All of which brings us to the “crazy” idea of backing fiat currencies with cryptocurrencies, an idea I first floated back in 2013, long before the current crypto-craze emerged.” – Charles Hugh Smith

Cryptocurrency Chaos: Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum All Keep Surging To New Record Highs With No End In Sight – Michael Snyder

A Case for Delegitimizing the Olympic Games – Phil Butler

Zero hour nears for net neutrality rules

The MSM’s Descent Into Oblivion Continues To Snowball With CNN ‘Appalled’ To Be Called Out Publicly For ‘Agenda’ Driven Fake News – Susan Duclos

10 Survival Tips And Tricks To Save Your Life In The Outdoor – Bob Rodgers

Chemotherapy found to increase the number of tumor cells circulating in the blood, spreading it to previously unaffected areas – Isabelle Z.

DOJ Wall Street – Get Rich Quick – Revolving Door$ – Aaron Kesel

Think Before You Speak: Daily Situational Training – Jeremiah Johnson




James 4:16-17   But now ye rejoice in your boastings: all such rejoicing is evil. Therefore to him that knoweth to do good, and doeth it not, to him it is sin.