ISIS-Inspired Muslim Suspect In Custody After Botched NYC Pipe Bomb Terrorist Attack

Trump Weighs Private Spy Network To Counter Deep State: “It Is A Direct-Action Arm… Totally Off The Books” – Mac Slavo

State Department, Meet the New Boss, Same/Worse as the Old Boss? – “The rumors of Secretary of State Rex Tillerson’s demise may finally not be greatly exaggerated. – Peter Van Buren

The Hidden Hands Behind US Embassy Move to Jerusalem – Wayne Madsen

Only 6 Months Ago ALL Senate Democrats Voted for Jerusalem Move, Now, They’re Stoking Divide – “Six months ago, both Democrats and Republicans voted 100% in favor of declaring Jerusalem the undivided capital of Israel and to move the US Embassy there.” – Matt Agorist

The Grave Threat of Possible Nuclear War – “Controlled by Wall Street, war profiteers, other corporate predators, Pentagon hawks and likeminded GOP extremists, businessman Trump transformed himself into a warrior leader – continuing naked aggression begun by Bush/Cheney and Obama, threatening war on North Korea and Iran. Are Russia and China on his target list per orders from the nation’s deep state? Is nuclear war inevitable? ‘ – Stephen Lendman

Scared of the Chaos? Don’t Blame Russia, Blame Hillary Instead – Phil Butler

Julian Assange Calls Out CBS Lies, Offers The ‘Oligarchs’ $100K if They Can Prove Their Claim

A New Stealth Attack in EU’s “War on Cash” – “The EU’s Orwellian-dubbed Civil Liberties and Economic Affairs committee has approved tough new rules on cash that travelers might bring into or take out of the bloc. It’s also broadened the definition of cash to include precious stones and metals and prepaid credit cards. For the moment the new definition does not include Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, for one simple reason: “customs authorities lack the resources to monitor them.” ” – Don Quijones

Lock Them All Up! (Video) – Judge Jeanine

The collapse of major media – Jon Rappoport

This Has Been The Worst Year For California Wildfires In The History Of The State – Michael Snyder

An illusion of paradise up in smoke

Geoengineered Nucleated Snowstorms: Do They Cause Physical Distresses? – Catherine J. Frompovich

Confirmed: New York City’s Public WiFi Stations Are Spying On You – Kevin Samson

Join With Me and Let’s Change the World – “Why do people use google, youtube, facebook, and twitter when the companies are in a conspiracy against freedom of the press? Is the answer that Americans had rather be entertained than to be free? Young Americans have already set themselves up for tyranny by using only digital means of payment. Digital money means that government knows every purchase, a person’s holdings, and where their money is. Digital money gives government complete control. Government can freeze, confiscate, turn off your digital money at will, leaving the person totally helpless. Go protest and suddenly you can’t pay your rent, your car payment, your credit card bill. People in such a plight are incapable of resistance. They are far worst off than 19th century slaves, about which there is so much protest.” – Paul Craig Roberts

The Acceleration of Censorship in America – “Under increasing pressure from a population angry about endless wars and the transfer of wealth to the one percent, American plutocrats are defending themselves by suppressing critical news in the corporate media they own.” – Joe Lauria

While neither a gold standard or a Bitcoin standard could replace the dollar alone, could a combination of the two be a possible antidote? – Ken Schortgen

Bitcoin Futures Begin Trading – Let The Madness Commence! – Michael Snyder

Bitcoin Futures Top $18,000, Soar 20% From Open – Halted for Second Time

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Wall Street Is About To Rip The Face Off Bitcoin Here’s How (Video) – Gregory Mannarino

CRYPTOS: MINING THE FUTURE (VIDEO) – “With Wall Street’s easily criminally-manipulated Bitcoin futures contracts officially launching Sunday night, all eyes are on Bitcoin and the crypto space. Will the master manipulators succeed in bringing the Bitcoin price down?”

Drink water, eat fruit: Fruit drinks marketed to children found to have shockingly high amounts of sugar – Zoey Sky

You Wont Believe What Is In the New SMART PILL (VIDEO) – “You won’t believe what they are putting in smart pillls. This is the new way to track Americans. Originally sold to the people as a medical compliance issue. It is much more than that.” – The Common Sense Show

Vaccines & Vampires: How shooting up dead baby bits became “normal” in America. – Fire Breathing Christian

Planning and Documentation (Level 1 Prepping & Preparedness) – Ken Jorgustin

Former Facebook exec: Social media is ripping apart society




Psalm 55:9  Destroy, O Lord, and divide their tongues: for I have seen violence and strife in the city.