Trump to declare Jerusalem capital of Israel on Wednesday: White House officials

‘Declaration of war’: Trump’s Jerusalem decision lights Middle East powder keg

Donald Trump’s Recognition Of Jerusalem As The Capital Of Israel Will Shake The Middle East To The Core – Michael Snyde

The Road To War? – ZMan

US Views the Balkans As Battlefield to Fight Russia – Peter Korzun

WW3: ‘Nuclear War At Any Moment’ As US Responds With War Drills – “Around 12,000 military personnel are taking part in the drills. North Korea has also warned that these ‘provocative’ military drills “may lead to a nuclear war at any moment.” ” – Mac Slavo

U.S. B-1B bombers to fly over Korea in joint exercise

‘The threat is very real’: Millions in Tokyo to take part in North Korean nuclear attack exercise

“We Don’t Want to Repress”: Police in Honduras Refuse Orders to Stamp Out Pro-Democracy Protests – “We are tired. And our job is to give peace and security to the Honduran people, not repress them. We want all Hondurans to be safe” – Jon Queally

It Is Now an Obstruction Investigation Which means that it’s an impeachment investigation – Andrew C. McCarthy

The FBI’s Perjury Trap Of The Century – David Stockman

James Comey sends out nervous tweet defending FBI’s collusion with Clinton campaign – “Comey is cracking under the weight of his own corruption.” – Alex Christoforou

How Russia-gate Rationalizes Censorship – Joe Lauria

Russiagate Becomes Israelgate – “Who was corrupting the American political system?’ – Philip Giraldi

Pentagon: US Troops Will Stay In Syria “As Long As We Need To” – “This used to be called an occupation… Whether it’s the Middle East, Africa, or Eastern Europe, the familiar pattern of American military expansion goes something like this: first we are promised that US troops are merely in a country for limited “training” missions with “partner” forces; next we are told of “counter-terror” operations which require an increased “footprint”; after which we are assured once again that there are “no boots on the ground” but a “minimal” increase of train and assist missions; finally, US soldiers begin to come home in body bags at which point the 9/11 era AUMF is cynically invoked (Authorization For Use of Military Force).”

Is Tax “Reform” Good for the US Dollar? How About Gold? – Mish

“Smart” Meters: Recalls, Replacements, Fires, Explosions, General Failure, Measurement Errors, Privacy Concerns, Cybersecurity Risks, and Sick People – Phil Coffers   – SMART METERS ARE A DANGER TO YOUR FREEDOM AND HEALTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

With Mueller’s FBI Team Sleeping In The Same Bed As The ‘Biggest Loser’, Corrupt Globalists In America Are Warned ‘Remove President Trump And You’ll Lose Civil War’ – Stefan Stanford

Human Population and Natural Balance – Ken Jorgustin

About that Lynch-Clinton Tarmac Meeting – Have You Seen These 29 Documents Previously Withheld By The DOJ? – Tim Brown

YouTube Hires 10,000 Staff To Weed Out ‘Extremist’ Content – “Google has announced the latest escalation in its battle to censor “extremist” content on its platforms, a covert campaign to censor conservative voices. The company plans to hire 10,000 staffers whose sole jobs will be tracking down extremist content that might violate Youtube’s terms of service, according to YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki.”

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California Is Being Sued Because So Few Of Their Public School Children Can Read – Michael Snyder

Federal Reserve vice chairman declares Bitcoin a serious risk to financial stability… – “Federal reserve hilariously says Bitcoin is backed by nothing while ironically ignoring that the dollar is also backed by nothing” – Ethan Huff

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Isaiah 32:17   And the work of righteousness shall be peace; and the effect of righteousness quietness and assurance for ever.