US should come clean if it’s looking for pretext to destroy N. Korea – Russian FM Lavrov – “The US has been consciously provoking North Korea to take action, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov alleged after Pyongyang’s latest ballistic missile test. Moscow suspects the US wants a pretext to attack North Korea, he said. Commenting on the latest developments, Lavrov said it seems that the US wants North Korea to resume the tests.”

North Korean Expert: ‘Global Catastrophe Looms’ After Latest Missile Launch – Mac Slavo

North Korea Launched Another ICBM and Here’s What We Learned – “Will we be able to avoid war with North Korea? At this point, it seems nearly impossible that this will be settled peacefully. While North Korea does have the right to defend itself against threats, they’ve taken an aggressive tone that cannot end well. It appears that this last test even antagonized their greatest allies, but it’s still difficult to imagine that Russia, for example, will stand idly by if the United States were to attack preemptively.” – Daisy Luther


Is Trump Going to Lie Our Way Into War With Iran? – Mehdi Hasan

Is Washington the Most Corrupt Government in History? – Paul Craig Roberts

Activists Arrested In Atlanta For Feeding Homeless Without A Permit Before Thanksgiving – Aaron Kesel

Sweden’s New Government Censorship – “The Swedish government is now officially questioning free speech. A government agency has declared so-called Swedish “new media” — news outlets that refuse to subscribe to the politically correct orthodoxies of the mainstream media — a possible threat to democracy.” – Judith Bergman

The World Passes the US By – “While the US is mesmerized by ‘Russiagate’, Vladimir Putin draws to Moscow — or the Black Sea resort of Sochi — one national leader after another, offering Russia’s mediation in Africa and the Middle East.” – Deena Stryker

Ignore the Mainstream, the Economy is Broken (Video) – David Morgan

UK Govt Says Russia Behind Citizens Questioning Vaccines, Calls Emergency Meetings – “Russia and Putin have now taken the place of Al Qaeda and ISIS as the great bogeyman in place to scare Americans into doing whatever they’re told. Europe also has fallen in line with the American insanity proving that the virus of cultural disintegration travels both ways across the Atlantic. But now England is attempting to leapfrog the United States in terms of the most ridiculous anti-Russian propaganda possible.” – Brandon Turbeville

If You THINK About Taking Someone’s Golden “Pet Rock” It Would Be a “Declaration Of Financial War” – “While everyone is losing their collective minds over bitcoin hitting it’s latest “all time high” real money is still the topic of global trade, monetary systems and global war. Of course we are talking about real, physical gold and not some digital blip-on-a-screen. In a surprising, and unexpected warning – which seemingly came out of nowhere – Russia’s Finance Minister Anton Siluanov cautioned Washington yesterday that “If our gold and currency reserves can be arrested, even if such a thought exists, it would be financial terrorism.” ” – Rory Hall

Amazon just released an AI-powered camera. But it’s not for you

World’s Leading Human Rights Abuser Points Fingers the Wrong Way – “No nation in world history did more harm to more people over a longer duration than America – beginning before the republic was established, more ruthless today than ever, including waging war on dissent and digital democracy, freedoms being compromised and eliminated. In justifying unjustifiable imperial wars of aggression, Washington consistently blames victims for its high crimes, accountability never forthcoming.” – Stephen Lendman

Dem lawmaker: Pelosi harassment response set women back ‘decades’ – Kyle Cheney

Accused Serial Sexual Harasser Franken Lectures on Women’s Health Issues at Hearing

How To Mouse-Proof Your Home For Winter

Sex Toys, Penis Shots, & Sexting: Details Emerge About Matt Lauer’s Sexual Harassment – “The details of the sexual harassment complaints against former Today Show host Matt Lauer have finally emerged, and even by 2017 standards, they are pretty remarkable. But perhaps more disturbing than the details of the actual harassment is the fact that – like the executives at Weinstein Co. and ABC News – the brass at NBC’s news division were repeatedly approached by female employees and warned about Lauer’s behavior. Yet they did nothing, because they didn’t want to jeopardize any of the lucrative advertising deals tied to Today and Lauer.”

‘Worst Yet To Come’ – They Are Dropping Like Flies As Planned Take Down Of The ‘Elite’ Garners Fresh Blood (Part One) – Susan Duclos

How to Put Together a Prepper Black-Out Kit – Ken Bobo

“Surrender Your Firearms” Hawaii Police Plan To Confiscate Guns From All Medical Marijuana Users – Alex Thomas

Post Market Wrap Up PLUS: Gregory Mannarino Goes Ballistic! (Video)

Mapping The Fiscal Burden Of Illegal Immigration On Each State

Big Red Flag: Steve Jobs And Bill Gates Raised Their Kids Tech-Free – “The most prominent Technocrats in Big Tech that invented most of the technology that is taking over the world, kept their own kids away from it! This clearly shows that they knew what they were doing, and the true nature of the manipulative/addictive environment they were building. All parents should read this story and consider their own children.” – Patrick Wood

AP: “Japan poised to flood Pacific with 1 Million tons of nuclear water contaminated by Fukushima” — Newsweek: “Experts want Japan to push a Million tons of radioactive water Into ocean” — Release could kill fishing industry (VIDEO)

The War on Gold Intensifies: It Betrays The Elitists’ Panic And Coming Defeat – Part 1 – Stewart Dougherty

ALL DOLLED UP Sex robot craze sparks rise of ‘digisexuals’ where randy men will ONLY sleep with dolls, experts warn – “New high-tech sex dolls can speak, interact and even simulate orgasms”

Super-high levels of toxic aluminum found in brains of autistic patients Aluminum is present in many vaccines – Jon Rappoport

‘There’s Some Crazy Stuff Coming Down, Chaos Is On The Calendar’ – Why Are Military Contractors Preparing To Deploy Within America? – Stefan Stanford

Cacao Powder – A Mayan Super Food Packed With Antioxidants – Ken Jorgustin





Matthew 12:33   Either make the tree good, and his fruit good; or else make the tree corrupt, and his fruit corrupt: for the tree is known by his fruit.