Judge Jeanine Blasts Congressional Pervs (Video)

Bill Clinton and the ‘Lolita Express’ – “It is not known why Clinton flew so many times with a child sex predator. Given Bill Clinton’s track record and Epstein’s expertise on procurement, one doubts it was to solicit donations to the Clinton Foundation.” – Daniel John Sobieski

Largest employer in each U.S. state: In 22 states Walmart is the largest employer.

EXPOSED: The World’s Richest Man Hoax (Video) – “I can assure you that Amazon founder and CEO Jeff Bezos is NOT the “richest man in the world” based on the company he started twenty years ago. Not even close. Here’s why the official list of “the world’s richest people” is a total hoax.”

Pentagon To Admit To 2,000 Troops In Syria; Number Likely Far Higher – Jason Ditz

World Chaos Diagnosis: Acute Zionist Infestation – “There are only two big problems with creating this great big land of “Greater Israel”. First, there are one hell of a lot of Arabs in the way. Second, getting those Arabs the hell out of the way is costing Americans and the rest of the world an unbelievable price. On the first point the proxy militaries of Zion and America are rapidly subtracting Arabs from King David’s former territory. Those that cannot be cluster bombed, beheaded, shot, blasted, or otherwise butchered are simply starved to death or die of disease.” – Phil Butler

US and South Korea Announce Plans for Massive Air Force Exercise Aimed at North Korea – “The early December drill comes as tensions continue to rise over North Korea’s nuclear program and Trump’s persistent antagonization of the nation’s leader”

The Case For $10,000 Gold (VIDEO) – John Rubino

Democrat Leader Nancy Pelosi: Confessed Sex Abuser Conyers is an “Icon in Our Country” (VIDEO)

Joe Biden is Probably a Pedophile – “Joe Biden is a creepy, lecherous old man who uses his position of high public office to gain access to and inappropriately touch and ‘smell’ prepubescent girls and boys that he has only just met. He does this in public. None of us want to imagine what he does in private. Biden provides an example of what ‘leadership’ in the Western world looks like. The moral dregs of humanity have somehow risen to the top and are setting the agenda for our collective future.”

Will Creepy Joe Biden Spell Disaster For Democrat Party In 2020? – Onan Coca

Why Superintelligent AI Could Be the Last Human Invention (VIDEO) – Max Tegmark

What’s Wrong with the GOP Tax Cut Plan? Everything for Ordinary Americans – “The so-called House and Senate Tax Cuts and Jobs Act has everything to do with transferring more of the nation’s wealth from ordinary people to corporate predators and super-rich households. It has nothing to do with benefitting ordinary Americans, including its fast-disappearing middle class, or creating jobs.” – Stephen Lendman

Black Friday posts new single day record for gun checks at more than 200,000 – Kevin Johnson

Mainstream Media’s double-betrayal of Libya – “Western mainstream media cheered on a war against Libya which has inevitably led to the enslavement of black Africans in Libya. The mainstream media bears its own share of responsibility for ignoring the warnings and hiding this story for six deadly years.” – Adam Garrie

Cyber Monday is forecast to be huge. The reason: can’t shake a shopping habit

Australia vaccination: all doctors under the gun: minister of health keeps lying – “Welcome to the Australian state of Victoria, where the minister of health, Jill Hennessy, has just put all doctors under the gun. Vaccinating every child has become so important to Hennessey, she’s declared that a doctor who writes an exemption will be ignored. In fact, that doctor, by implication, will be considered “rogue.” He could have his license to practice stripped. He could be prosecuted. He could be denied a way to earn a living.” – Jon Rappoport

Will elections in Honduras be a step forward or another step backward?

Bankers Will Send Gold and Silver Prices to the Moon (VIDEO) with Rob Kirby – “Kirby predicts, at some point, the price of physical gold and silver will skyrocket, and the same bankers who suppressed the price will turn around and send it to the moon.” – Greg Hunter

5th Vegas Survivor Mysteriously Dies Since the Attack—Murdered in a Hit and Run – Matt Agorist

More Evidence Emerges Las Vegas Massacre Ties Right Back To Hillary Clinton And The Deep State As Another Las Vegas Shooting Survivor Meets His Untimely End, Just The Latest In String Of Bodies To Drop Long After The Shooting – Stefan Stanford

Gold volumes and open interest headed towards the most since 2009 – “Gold volumes on the Comex are up for the third month in a row as traders on Friday rolled over their December contracts into the February time frame. This three month in a row positive interest is the highest consecutive streak at the Commodities Exchange since 2009 when the gold price began its move towards a new all-time high, and stocks fell to 6600 on the Dow in the midst of what become known as the Great Recession.” – Ken Schortgen

Operational Essential Task Lists for When the “S” Hits the Fan – Jeremiah Johnson

Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, November 25, 2017 (VIDEO) – “What will it take to wake populations to the fact that the leaders of empires care not for the carnage and suffering they cause? The United States of America is the largest and most expansive empire in the history of the human race. At this dark hour, many are finally seeing the empire for what it actually is, a massive military industrial machine that is only concerned with it’s own power and proliferation.” – Dane Wigington

From an Open Internet, Back to the Dark Ages – Jonathan Cook

Gold vs Cryptocurrencies Bill Holter, Jim Sinclair, Dave, Clif High and Bix Weir (Video)

Spain’s Third Biggest Bank Just Made it Harder to Get Cash – “War on Cash bogs down, despite best efforts of government, banks, and credit card companies.” – Don Quijones

Not so Fast Folks: Charles Milles Manson is STILL Alive! – “This may come as a shock to some of you, but the essence of ole Charlie, his being, is still alive! His body is dead but his Soul and Spirit, and more important HIS Demons, are STILL Alive! The individual known as Charles Manson is no longer able to influence anyone, but those demons that influenced and controlled him, are flourishing.” – Jon Watkins

EXAMINING SILVER MANIPULATION: What Some Analysts Miss – Steve St. Angelo




Genesis 6:12  And God looked upon the earth, and, behold, it was corrupt; for all flesh had corrupted his way upon the earth.



Well, I don’t exactly know
What’s going on in the world today
Don’t know what there is to say
About the way the people are treating
Each other, not like brothers

Leaders take us far away from ecology
With mythology and astrology
Has got some words to say
About the way we live today
Why can’t we learn to love each other
It’s time to turn a new face
To the whole world wide human race

Stop the money chase
Lay back, relax
Get back on the human track
Stop racing toward oblivion
Oh, such a sad, sad state we’re in
And that’s a thing

Do you recognize the bells of truth
When you hear them ring
Won’t you stop and listen
To the children sing
Won’t you come on and sing it children

He’s a stranger in a strange land
Just a stranger in a strange land

( Stranger In A Strange Land by Leon Russell and Don Preston )