Putin Holds Surprise Meeting With Assad, Will Call Trump By Phone Later Tuesday

[Shocking] Washington Post demands a Clinton investigation!

Four more women. STUNNING revelations of Bill Clinton’s “Air F**k One” escapades – “Hillary Clinton offered to hire private detectives to find dirt on the new accusers.” – Alex Christoforou

Faces Of Evil: Bill Clinton, Al Franken, Charlie Rose and Glenn Thrush All Face New Sexual Misconduct Allegations – Michael Snyder

Merkel’s failed gambit about to bring paradigm shift to Germany – Ken Schortgen

Entire Baltimore Neighborhood Under Lockdown: “Police Declared Martial Law”

Police Lockdown To End, ACLU Questions Constitutionality – “After days of restrictions around Harlem Park, Baltimore Police said the crime scene where an officer was fatally shot will be released.”

In a Stunning Counter-Coup, Trump Has Turned the Tables On the Deep State – Dave Hodges

Google’s War on Media Freedom – Stephen Lendman

Don’t Just Give Thanks. Pay It Forward One Act of Kindness at a Time – “How do you give thanks for freedoms that are constantly being eroded? How do you express gratitude for one’s safety when the perils posed by the American police state grow more treacherous by the day? How do you come together as a nation in thanksgiving when the powers-that-be continue to polarize and divide us into warring factions? It’s not going to happen overnight. Or with one turkey dinner. Or with one day of thanksgiving. Thinking good thoughts, being grateful, counting your blessings and adopting a glass-half-full mindset are fine and good, but don’t stop there. This world requires doers, men and women (and children) who will put those good thoughts into action.” – John W. Whitehead

US Government Gearing Up To Slaughter 90,000 Wild Horses – Brandon Turbeville

‘US designation of N. Korea as terrorism sponsor is backdoor for military action’

Semi-Automatic, Revolver, Caliber, Cartridges: What You Need to Know When Buying a Gun – Daisy Luther

AMAZON WEB SERVICES ANNOUNCES SECRET CLOUD REGION FOR CIA – “The AWS Secret Region will allow the 17 intelligence agencies to host, analyze and run applications on government data classified at the secret level through the company’s $600 million C2S contract, brokered several years ago with the CIA.”


UNSERIOUS NATION – “Since 1962, this nation has dethroned its God and begun debates about which of the flawed but great men who created the nation should be publicly dishonored. Are we really a better country today than we were then, when all the world looked to America as the land of the future?” – Pat Buchanan  – EXCELLENT ARTICLE FROM PAT!!!!!!!!!!!

‘Google’s plan to isolate Russian media is an act of information warfare’

At War For 93% Of Our Existence, Will The ‘Deep State’ Entrap Us Into Just One More, Getting President Trump And America Into A Quagmire We Can Never Get Out Of? – At War For 93% Of Our Existence, Will The ‘Deep State’ Entrap Us Into Just One More, Getting President Trump And America Into A Quagmire We Can Never Get Out Of?

Declassified Files Reveal Gov’t Plot to Carry Out Soviet False Flag Attacks in US to Start War – “Declassified top secret documents reveal plans for the US to obtain Soviet aircraft and use them to attack Americans as a pretext to start a war.” – Matt Agorist

All the Reasons Cryptocurrencies Will Never Replace Gold as Your Financial Hedge

Doomsday Preppers Are Switching From Gold To Bitcoin – “The gold versus Bitcoin debate is complex, nuanced and still in its embryonic stages when put into the perspective of gold’s known 2,700-year use as money versus Bitcoin’s very modest eight-year track record. From a pure investment perspective, as the following Bloomberg chart shows, Bitcoin has obviously “wiped the floor” with its esteemed rival and, no doubt, has absorbed a considerable volume of funds that otherwise might have found their way into gold investments.” – JUST REMEMBER BEFORE YOU JUMP ON THE BITCOIN BAND WAGON, IF YOU CAN’T TOUCH IT YOU DON’T OWN IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Currency Of The Apocalypse’? Doomsday Preppers Flock To Bitcoin As It Surges Past $8000 – Michael Snyde

Bitcoin Tumbles Then Rebounds After Hackers Steal $31 Million Tethers – “Tether is a controversial crpto-business which provides a wallet service allowing crypto exchanges to store and convert fiat currencies to “safe” tokens”

Congress & Administration Ignore Experts on North Korean EMP Threat – Jeremiah Johnson

Blood is Not Always Thicker Than Water: Why Some Family Members Shouldn’t Be Considered for the Prepper Group – Jeremiah Johnson

Beyond stupid: Florida court declares it’s ILLEGAL to grow food in your own front yard – Vicki Batts

The 99 Out Of 100 That Don’t Own Gold Or Silver Will Be Left HOLDING THE BAG – “the world will in fact return to gold and silver as money.” (AUDIO) – Craig Hemke

The Pilgrims’ Story: Separating Fact From Fiction

Enter The Golden Dragon – China’s Move To Dominate The World Will Include A Gold-Centered Monetary System




Proverbs 11:3   The integrity of the upright shall guide them: but the perverseness of transgressors shall destroy them.