‘Avalanche’ To Start Dropping On Hillary Clinton By Monday – Uranium One Investigation Is Heating Up – Susan Duclos

Hillary Clinton Seems Concerned About UraniumGate Investigations – “As Hillary Clinton finds herself the subject of investigations into collusion with Russia, she is accusing President Trump of “an abuse of power,” claiming that he is moving toward a “dictatorship” by his “politicization of the Justice Department.” ” – C. Mitchell Shaw

More emails surface showing Hillary Clinton pay-to-play scheme – More emails surface showing Hillary Clinton pay-to-play scheme – “New classified emails from former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton are dug up.” – Alex Christoforou

Global Elite Panic As They Go Down One By One – Sexual Abuse And Pedophilia Cover Ups Led Right To The Hillary Clinton State Department – Susan Duclos

Who’s Next? Venezuela’s Collapse Puts These Nations At Risk

Obama’s ‘unaccompanied children’ turn up big in latest MS13 gang sweep – “Nearly one third, or 64 arrestees, were Obama’s much-vaunted ‘unaccompanied children’ – otherwise subjects of teary news stories and images of cute little toddlers playing pattycake in immigration detention centers.” – Monica Showalter

Do Trump’s liberal critics seem increasingly unhinged? – James Bovard

Liberal ‘Resistance’ Convention Brings Soros and Pelosi To California – “Now, a somewhat clandestine convention is invading the state in hopes of creating impossible hurdles for our government to jump, solely for the purpose of denigrating the leadership of President Trump. This has invoked some of the big guns of the democratic movement, including dementia-riddled House Leader Nancy Pelosi and globalist billionaire George Soros.” – Andrew West

Black Death Patients Are ESCAPING The Hospital Over Fear Of Needles As Officials Worry Plague Could Spread – Alex Thomas

‘It’s not possible to eradicate plague’: Scientists warn deadly disease will ravage the planet for ETERNITY as Madagascar’s ‘worst outbreak in 50 years’ continues to escalate

Micro Assassination Drones Fit In Your Hand – Mish

The 9th Commandment: Can You Handle The Truth?

Another Day, More NYT Russia Bashing – “The Times never exhausts ways to bash Russia, using distortion, exaggeration, or its favorite tactic – making stuff up, anything to continue its relentless tirade. Its latest assault claims deputy Russian Central Bank/Putin ally Alexander Torshin tried arranging a “backdoor” meeting between Russia’s president and Trump last year. It never happened, but if true, it’s legal and sensible. Virtually all countries would like having contacts with a possible future US president.” – Stephen Lendman

Top NSA Whistleblower Claims ‘Russiagate’ a Fake to Increase War-Spending – Eric Zuesse

QURAN SNEAKING INTO CHRISTIAN SETTINGS – “The equivalent of the ancient Israelites setting up an image of a false god” – Paul Bremmer

How Syrian-Nuke Evidence Was Faked – Gareth Porter

Large U.S. farm study finds no cancer link to Monsanto weedkiller – “Published in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute (JNCI), the study found there was no association between glyphosate, the main ingredient in Monsanto’s popular herbicide RoundUp, “and any solid tumors or lymphoid malignancies overall, including non-Hogkin Lymphoma (NHL) and its subtypes”.”  – BET MONSANTO FUNDED THAT STUDY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

FDA Loyalty to Big Pharma Exposed in Move to Ban Plant that’s CURING Opioid Addiction – “The FDA is now pushing to ban the highly beneficial plant kratom, which is curing opioid addiction. If we look deeper, we can see why they want it illegal.” – Matt Agorist

Obamacare premium spikes in 2018 now greater than two thirds of a family’s wages in some areas

The US/China Deal The Cabal Didn’t Want You To Know About: (Video) – Harley Schlanger

LAPD investigates nearly two dozen sex crime cases tied to Hollywood

They’re Spending Billions to Chip Our Brains – Truthstream Media

Clinical trials review confirms: Omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids are an effective treatment for ADHD – Frances Bloomfield

Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, November 18, 2017 (VIDEO) – “Deception and devastation are the calling cards of the cabal that runs the world. While an unfortunately high percentage of global populations are still pretending that bigger picture events are not their concern, they will soon discover just how small the world really is.” – Dane Wigington

Media Silent as Fed Committee Quietly Passes Act Allowing Warrantless Searches – “The USA Liberty Act—which is the opposite of its namesake—has moved forward in Congress with overwhelming support from the House Judiciary Committee.” – Rachel Blevins

Danger Signs, Markets Peaking! (VIDEO) – Gerald Celente

ACTUAL international collusion: Nigel Farage exposes massive Soros network of MEPs spreading ‘gender theory’, open borders and russophobia (VIDEO) – Robert Bridge

Is Silicon Valley Building the Infrastructure for a Police State? (VIDEO) – ReasonTV

Pope Francis Rebukes Climate Deniers As ‘Perverse’ – “Pope Francis loves Sustainable Development, the United Nations and supports man-made global warming. He has colored the Catholic church bright green. The Pope’s position is about 3 years old now, and has strengthened thanks to Technocrats around him who continue to deceive him.” – Patrick Wood

Top ten off-grid tools

A Perfect Storm for Silver (Video) – Steve St Angelo

After The SHTF, What Will Be Your Role? – “After the SHTF, will you contribute to rebuilding or just surviving?” – B.H.




Psalm 106:29  Thus they provoked him to anger with their inventions: and the plague brake in upon them.



You can drop your bombs
You can beat the people senseless
But that won’t get you anywhere
Hide your agendas behind public consensus
And say that this world just ain’t fair
Freedom’s Road is a promise to the people
You’ll never fool us now
With all your lying and cheating
If you’re here wanting a crown in heaven
It’s out there on Freedom’s Road

( Freedom’s Road by John Mellencamp)