New York terror truck driver pledged allegiance to ISIS: Uzbek man, 29, who killed eight and injured 15 with his vehicle while shouting Allahu Akbar near Ground Zero left behind notes and a flag

Suspect Identified In NYC Terror Attack That Left 8 Dead; Pled Allegiance To ISIS

NYC Terrorist Identified As Sayfullo Saipov – Expected To Survive Bullet To Gut – Originally From Uzbekistan and Entered U.S. in 2010 – Mac Slavo

Russiagate Investigations Discredited, Continue Anyway – “After months of investigations by Congress and special counsel Mueller, no evidence was found suggesting Russian collusion with Trump to harm Hillary and help him triumph last November. No evidence exists. No collusion occurred, no Russian meddling in America’s electoral process or any others. Ongoing sham investigations represent exercises in mass deception, exposing deep-seated Washington corruption, deplorable governance, and betrayal of the public trust – nothing else.” – Stephen Lendman

Mueller Shoots, Media Has Orgasm, But Charges Again Implicate London – Harley Schlanger

Manafort Indictment Shows That Mueller Is A Fraud

Mueller is running amok – Matthew Walther

Russia Probe: New York Times Writes Its Own Indictment – Pam Martens and Russ Martens

Trick or Treat: One Year Later, Is Trump a Blessing or a Curse to the Deep State? – “One thing is for sure: a year into his presidency, Trump hasn’t done much to improve the lot of the American people. The predators of the police state are still wreaking havoc on our freedoms, our communities, and our lives. The government still doesn’t listen to the citizenry, it still refuses to abide by the Constitution, which is our rule of law, and it still treats the citizenry as a source of funding and little else. Police officers are still shooting unarmed citizens and their household pets. Government agents—including local police—are still being armed to the teeth and encouraged to act like soldiers on a battlefield. Bloated government agencies are still fleecing taxpayers. Government technicians are still spying on our emails and phone calls. Government contractors are still making a killing by waging endless wars abroad.” – John W. Whitehead


Body Count Rises: What Are The Odds That Multiple People With Some Connection To The Vegas Shooting Are Now Dead? – “4 Eye Witnesses & The Mother Of A Police Officer Killed In Vegas In Less Than A Month” – Susan Duclos

On November 4th The Antifa Insurgency Against Donald Trump And His Supporters Will Begin – Michael Snyde

Welcome to the Offended States of America – “Why do we live in a world in which the offended people get to make the rules when they deliberately propel themselves into places that are certain to offend them? It’s so blatant of late that I am positive they’re doing it on purpose. We no longer live in the United States of America. We live in the Offended States of America. Take George Washington. Wait – I didn’t mean that literally! I’ve never seen anything so ridiculous in my life as the historic church founded by George Washington taking down the memorial of George Washington. I was gobsmacked.” – Daisy Luther

Most People Don’t Even Realize What’s Coming (VIDEO)

41 Days Later, Puerto Rico Is Still Without Electricity

All Roads Lead To The Cabal, Death Is Knocking At Their Door (Video) – “The cabal has indicted Manafort and the charges have nothing to do with Russian collusion. This is going to backfire on the cabal because all roads will lead to Obama, Clinton and the corrupt Cabal non elected government officials. Russia is pointing out that there is a money trail in Ukraine, following it to see where it leads”

The Real “New World Order” Is Coming To Life – Rory Hall

Iceland’s Biggest Volcano Is ‘Ready To Erupt’ As Europe Faces A Disaster – Mac Slavo

After He Flew With Bill Clinton on ‘Lolita Express’ Kevin Spacey Started Group to Groom Child Stars – “The accusation that Kevin Spacey attempted to sexually assault a child raises new questions about his foundation, which specifically targets children.” – Rachel Blevins

Antifa Set To Terrorize America: Objective Is To “Cause Civil Unrest And Initiate Rioting In Many Major American Cities” – Jeremiah Johnson

Look Ma, No Inflation – “The Fed began a 2-day meeting today with many members in search of inflation. I happen to have a few charts for the Fed to ponder.” – Mish

China leaps ahead of USA on quantum computing research; could spell end to encryption, demolishing crypto currencies and national security –

As A Dog Returns To Its Vomit, Stock Jockeys Return To The Ponzi Stocks – Dave Kranzler

This Is Your Brain On Refined Sugar (VIDEO)- “Is sugar really a drug? Why do researchers now compare sugar to cocaine – what does it do to the brain? Do we develop a sugar tolerance, similar to a drug tolerance?” – Dr. Nicole Avena

Catch A Fish: Basic Survival Fishing – Ken Jorgustin

Survival Skills To Learn From The Sailors

Someone’s spying on Florida legislators. Tallahassee is on edge. – “Allegations are flying in the state Capitol of marital infidelity and sexual harassment. Who is behind it?”

Andy Hoffman Live! Bitcoin, Crypto Currencies And Precious Metals! Bitcoin Birthday Special! (VIDEO)

Sears Holdings Exhausts its Last Credit Facility – Wolf Richter

Preps and Practice- Part 1 – ArmedSafety

Prepping For Disaster Does Not Have To Cost Much – Tom Chatham





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