What’s Going on in Niger? – “Few Americans know anything about the country. They’re minimally knowledgeable geographically about nations only when Washington goes to war.” – Stephen Lendman

Clinton campaign, DNC helped pay for work on dossier about Russia and Trump

Democrats Distance Themselves From Hillary: “New” DNC Denies Knowledge Of Trump Dossier Funding

BREAKING: FBI Releases Docs On Sandy Hook Showing Feds Visited Shooter BEFORE Massacre- Matt Agorist

Vegas Update: Shocking New Raw Footage Shows Covered Body On Ground Floor Of Mandalay Bay On Night Of The Mass Shooting – Susan Duclos

Boston Marathon Bomber’s Aunt Says FBI Set Up Her Nephew and She Has PROOF – “The aunt of convicted Boston Marathon bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev has filed a motion appeal the death penalty and presented ‘exculpatory evidence.’ “- Matt Agorist

Federal Bureaucrats Have Millions Of Dollars Worth Of Guns And Ammo, Whom Are They Planning To Battle? – Mac Slavo

More Signs Emerge We May Be Only Days Or Weeks Away From Something Huge – Prepare Now Or Forever Hold Your Peace – “It Is Hard To Say What Might Happen But We All Know, Something Huge Is Coming” – Stefan Stanford

Local Maryland development under fire after selling homes only to Muslims

5 Boring (But Effective) Ways to Prep for an Economic Collapse – Daisy Luther

The US Is In Worse Economic Shape Than China & Russia, What Your Not Being Told (Video)

“It’s A Huge Story”: China Launching “Petroyuan” In Two Months – “As a reminder, nothing lasts forever…”

10 Seeds to Plant for the Survival Garden – Tess Pennington

Don’t Call the Cops If You’re Autistic, Deaf, Mentally Ill, Disabled or Old – “Life in the American police state is an endless series of don’ts delivered at the end of a loaded gun: don’t talk back to police officers, don’t even think about defending yourself against a SWAT team raid (of which there are 80,000 every year), don’t run when a cop is nearby lest you be mistaken for a fleeing criminal, don’t carry a cane lest it be mistaken for a gun, don’t expect privacy in public, don’t let your kids walk to the playground alone, don’t engage in nonviolent protest near where a government official might pass, don’t try to grow vegetables in your front yard, don’t play music for tips in a metro station, don’t feed whales, and on and on.” – John W. Whitehead

How AI Helps Intel Agencies Find Needles In The Haystack – “How AI Helps Intel Agencies Find Needles In The Haystack” – Patrick Wood




1 Timothy 4:2   Speaking lies in hypocrisy; having their conscience seared with a hot iron;