Trump’s Hostility Toward Iran and North Korea Risks War – “Trump is militantly hostile to North Korea and Iran. Confrontation with either or both countries would be catastrophic. His extreme rhetoric is cause for great concern. His neocon-infested administration is capable of anything. Threatening to “totally destroy” North Korea, a nation justifiably concerned about self-defense, sounded like the ravings of a madman. He may mean what he says, risking unthinkable nuclear war on the peninsula, endangering the entire region if launched.” – Stephen Lendman

Days of Living Dangerously in Catalonia – “Fractured communities, splintered families, broken friendships.” – Don Quijones

Pentagon Worried about Hackers Causing Stock Market Crash – “The Pentagon?! But no one’s worried when stocks get manipulated higher.” – Wolf Richter

“We Microchip Dogs, So Why Not Athletes” – Olympics Suggest Implants To Prevent Doping – THEN NEXT IT WILL BE SOMETHING ELSE AND THEN FINALLY IT WILL BE WHY NOT EVERYBODY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Just as the 2008 financial crisis took place overnight, so too will gold prices be repriced without warning – Ken Schortgen

Meet The 31-Year-Old Austrian Anti-Immigrant Who Just Became The World’s Youngest Leader

The world’s youngest leader, 31, wins power in Austria: Anti-EU ‘Wunderwuzzi’ who wants to cut benefits for foreigners triumphs in election – as the far right surges to second and is poised for coalition government

German Towns Filled With Refugees Ask, ‘Who Is Integrating Whom?’ – “Earlier influx of foreigners feeds concerns about budget, safety, jobs and the quality of education”

‘Cold creepiness’ – Assange on Clinton after she calls WikiLeaks ‘Russian intelligence subsidiary’ – DESCRIBES HER PERFECTLY!!!!!!!!!!!

Harvey Clinton, I mean Bill Weinstein – “Now that everyone in Hollywood is taking such a brave stance after 20 years and pointing an accusing finger at Harvey Weinstein (cue massive applause and bravos), perhaps we should review Hillary Clinton’s attitude toward women who claim they were abused, attacked, and raped.” – Jon Rappoport

Creepy And Dangerous: Facebook’s ‘People You May Know’ Gone Invasive – “This story is not about sex workers, but rather about how Facebook is mining external, non-Facebook data to merge with member profiles, and then exposing that to the world. There are huge legal and ethical issues, but who hasn’t been creeped out when certain people pop up on y our ‘People you may know’ list in Facebook? Now you have a glimpse into what they are doing, and how it can be tremendously dangerous.” – Patrick Wood

If a North Korean EMP Could Kill 90% of Americans in a Year, Why Did the DoD Just Defund the Congressional EMP Commission? – Daisy Luther

The Cuban Embassy Sound Wave Problems: What’s Going On? – Catherine J. Frompovich

10 Signs Your Canned Food Has Gone Bad

Why Are They Funding Creation of Best Excuse For The Great Economic Collapse (Video) – “All of the possible scenarios are being examined to explain for computer interference with markets. darpa is now gathering an elite group of traders to develop scenarios where Stock markets would plummet into the great economic collapse with mass sell calls. The question is why.”

Dubai Adds Hoverbikes To Its Technocratic Police State, Becoming Ground Zero For Cities Of The Future – Nicholas West

Corn, the GM poster crop, will soon be nutritionally engineered to try to increase its value – Tracey Watson


Season Of War Declared By Steve Bannon- ‘This Is Not My War. This Is Our War. And Y’all Didn’t Start It. The Establishment Started It’ – Susan Duclos

Hotel California and the Federal Reserve – “Like the Hotel California, the debt based currency system lives on, and we can never (without a traumatic reset) leave it.” – Gary Christenson

Melissa Etheridge Arrested For Having Cannabis Oil She Used to Help With Cancer – “Musician and cancer survivor Melissa Etheridge was recently arrested in North Dakota after police found cannabis oil on her tour bus.” – John Vibes

Thanks Obamacare! Health Insurance Premiums Are Projected To Spike Dramatically Once Again In 2018 – Michael Snyder

Altered Reality: Holograms And Fake News – “The more I do research into the realms of high tech, electromagnetic frequencies and artificial intelligence, the more I wonder if the control freaks who run those domains really know what they are doing. I say that because I feel it’s becoming patently obvious daily as to what’s going on within the spheres of control, money and power, e.g., ordinary citizens finally are waking up and catching on to the ‘games’ being played upon us and to which we are experiments or research projects.” – Catherine J. Frompovich – GOOD ARTICLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How The Elite Dominate The World – Part 1: Debt As A Tool Of Enslavement – Michael Snyder





Revelation 13:17   And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.