Trump Sends Second Aircraft Carrier To Korean Peninsula With 7,500 Marines Aboard

Trump “Angry” After Learning What State And Local Tax Repeal Really Means – “It’s not clear why the president didn’t know the implications of the SALT deduction for middle-class taxpayers when the plan was released.”

Empire Destroying Wars Are Coming to America Under Trump – Part 3 – Michael Krieger

Spain Gives Catalonia a 5-Day Warning: What Really Happened Yesterday? Majority Math Fake News – Mish

Las Vegas Shooting Victim: “There Was 100% More Than One Shooter,” Gates To Concert Were Locked Shortly Before Attack – Alex Thomas

Curtain Down On Las Vegas Shooting – Paul Craig Roberts

California secessionists think their path to independence is easier than Catalonia’s – LET THEM GO!!!!!

California Fires Are Wakeup Call For Preparedness – “The fires in California have devastated many families. It reminded me of how quickly we can lose everything “material”. We can spend our entire lives acquiring and refining our ‘stuff’ but it can all be gone in a minute. Think about that. Think about what you would do if you lost it all. Lives trump ‘stuff’. But if you do lose all your ‘stuff’, do you have a plan?” – Ken Jorgustin

How the Radical Left Has Taken Over Higher Education: 7 Professors Who Promote Violence – Daisy Luther

Hungary’s “Wall” Versus The U.S. “Wall”: What’s The Difference? – Catherine J. Frompovich

The American Terror Plot from Last Week You Didn’t Hear About – Carey Wedler

The Less We Believe Them about Las Vegas, the More They Want Our Guns – James George Jatras

Sir Isaac Newton Predicted The End Of The World, And It’s SOON – Mac Slavo

The NYT: An American Pravda – “That’s how Project Veritas characterized the Times, PV an organization exposing public and private wrongdoing. It said The Times operates like Soviet Russia’s Pravda (not its polar opposite modern-day reporting), featuring all propaganda and fake news all the time on issues mattering most, suppressing vital truths, serving imperial and monied interests.” – Stephen Lendman

Humanoid Robot ‘Sophia’ Debuts At UN To Share Views On AI – “Sophia the AI robot touts the Technocrat mantra that technology and AI is the answer to all of the UN’s problems, like eradicating hunger, providing jobs, etc. It was noted that UN members gave Sophia a ‘ rapturous applause’.” – Patrick Wood

Can You Be Hacked By The World Around You? – “You’ve probably been told it’s dangerous to open unexpected attachment files in your email – just like you shouldn’t open suspicious packages in your mailbox. But have you been warned against scanning unknown QR codes or just taking a picture with your phone? New research suggests that cyberattackers could exploit cameras and sensors in phones and other devices.” – Jeremy Straub

Continuing Cultural Cave-in: Boy Scouts Welcome Girls – Dave Bohon – NEXT IT WILL BE LGBT SCOUTS AND BY THE WAY, ARE THE GIRL SCOUTS WELCOMING BOYS!!!!

Are We Witnessing Bannon’s Utterly Brilliant Scheme To Take Down The Elite? ‘Sh*tty Media Men’ List Emerges Following Hollywood Takedown – Susan Duclos

Weinstein Scandal Exposes Disney for Giving Convicted Pedophile Access to Kids as Film Director – “Harvey Weinstein is the tip of the iceberg, his case is exposing how Hollywood has fostered and protected pedophiles for decades.” – Matt Agorist

Bill, Hillary and Harvey Weinstein Share the Same Unspeakable Perversion – Dave Hodges

Actress Rose McGowan Exposes Amazon/Washington Post Owner Jeff Bezos For “Funding Rapists, Alleged Pedos, And Sexual Harassers” – Hours Later An Amazon Executive Is Accused Of Sexual Misconduct – Alex Thomas

Exposing the Corrupted U.S. Intelligence Agencies ‘Russians Hacked the DNC’ and Guccifer 2.0 Hoaxes: EIR’s Interview with UK-Based Researcher ‘Adam Carter’ – Harley Schlanger

While Sweden continues on track to be the world’s first cashless society, Canada instead currently reigns as number one – Ken Schortgen

The little red pill being pushed on the elderly – “CNN investigation exposes inappropriate use of drug in nursing homes”

Town Bans The Tossing Of Candy In Parades Because Kids Might Get Hurt

Armed Ground Robots Could Join the Ukrainian Conflict Next Year

Bitcoin Was Useless In This Disaster Scenario – Cash & Gold King In Hurricane Maria (Video)

US Stock Market Whistles Past the Graveyard – David Haggith




Proverbs 22:16   He that oppresseth the poor to increase his riches, and he that giveth to the rich, shall surely come to want.