Vegas Massacre Story Changes: Gunman Shot Security Guard Before Opening Fire On Crowd

Military Surgeon Says Videos of Las Vegas Gunshot Victims Are Fake – Paul Craig Roberts

It Begins: Media Pushes Narrative Vegas Gunman ‘Loved Conspiracy Theories’, Questioned 9/11 – “Over the weekend, multiple mainstream media outlets began running with the narrative that Stephen Paddock is a conspiracy theorist.” – Matt Agorist

The World of “Lee Harvey” Paddock Reveals What Happened and What’s Coming – Dave Hodges

Why We Cannot Trust the FBI – “The FBI is discounting ISIS’ claim that the Las Vegas attack was jihad. But is the FBI really trustworthy?” – Pamela Geller

Why you shouldn’t believe anything the FBI says about Vegas shooting – Jon Rappoport

Media Using Vegas Shooting As Attack Against The ‘Christian White Male’ – The MSM Is Pushing For A Race War – “While the mainstream media has not had any shortage of headlines regarding the Vegas shooting which killed over 50 people and resulted in the injury of more than 500 others, they have utterly failed to address or even attempt to address the increasing inconsistencies and anomalies of the “official narrative,” but even more egregious is their obvious attempts to push a storyline of “the shooter was a Christian white male, so why does anything else matter?” – Susan Duclos

Five MAJOR Media Embarrassments In Week After Las Vegas Shooting – “CNN and MSNBC get facts wrong, politicize shooting” – Justin Caruso

Donald Trump: Warmonger-in-Chief – “If a world conflagration, God forbid, should break out during the Trump Administration, its genesis will not be too hard to discover: the thin-skinned, immature, shallow, doofus who currently resides in the Oval Office!” – Antonius Aquinas

Trump Acts Against Russian TV Network Though Congress Hasn’t Passed Bill to Allow Him to – “In his foreign policies, Trump turns out to be just a more reckless version of his predecessor, Barack Obama. Though the domestic polices are different, both men are neoconservatives who had hidden that fact from the public in order to be able to win the White House.” – Eric Zuesse

Jail and execution: Madrid makes veiled threat to Catalan leader by raising predecessor’s fate

Catalan Independence: Out of Madrid’s Frying Pan, Into the NATO Fire? – Tony Cartalucci

May Finally Decides to Play Hardball: Tells EU “Ball is in Their Court, No More Concessions” – Mish

Venezuela rapidly collapsing into another North Korea; nearly all flights halted, media controlled, citizens blocked from escaping – “The list of issues includes food rationing and widespread starvation, skyrocketing unemployment, rampant crime and social unrest, political corruption and suppression of opposition parties, state-controlled media, hyperinflation, and gasoline shortages despite the country having the world’s largest oil reserves.” – Robert Jonathan

Simmering Now But Soon To Boil: Greece Heating Up Amidst All Other EU Brush-fires

The Pneumonic Plague Killed 50 Million People in the Middle Ages and Now It’s Back – “Very little sounds more unsettling than the risk of catching “the plague” but most of us think this is just something that was around during the Middle Ages because of poor hygiene. Unfortunately, that’s incorrect, and to prove it, there is an epidemic of the pneumonic plague in Madagascar right now.” – Daisy Luther – POSTED A LINK ABOUT THIS YESTERDAY, HAVE HEARD NOTHING FROM THE MSM ABOUT IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

One Of The Greats Just Exposed Why The Price Of Silver Will Surge Above $100 In 27 Months!

Another Major Disaster Hits The U.S. – A Massive ‘Firestorm’ Is Burning Tens Of Thousands Of Acres In Northern California – Michael Snyder

Warning Something Big Is About To Happen In America The MARTIAL LAW Is Coming – 100% Chance It Will Happen ( RED LIST & BLUE LIST ) – Amy S.

GATA: Those Who Deny Gold / Silver Manipulation Won’t Answer Basic Questions – Dave Kranzler

Newly Passed Law Will Jail Parents if Their Kids are Caught Bullying – “New York passes an anti-bullying law that will fine and jail parents if their child is caught bullying another minor.” – Matt Agorist

15 Sought After Skill Sets Post SHTF – Ken Jorgustin

Smart Meters Create A “Honeypot” Of Personal Information To Exploit – Catherine Frompovich

Prepper To Prepper: Basic Food Storage Advice – The Survival Mom

Study: Marijuana use as a cancer treatment is growing, with up to one quarter of patients using it, and more wanting to – Tracey Watson

Gold claws back nearly $10 as China returns to gold market following week long holiday – Ken Schortgen

Native American Soap Plants You Can Still Find And Use Today – Bob Rodgers




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