Earthquake Detected Near North Korea Nuclear Test Site; China “Suspects Explosion”

Big Brother Walmart Tries to “Help” You: “It’s Like Magic” – “On the bleeding edge of “in-fridge delivery.” ” – Wolf Richter

Confrontation in Catalonia – “Spain’s hardline Prime Minister Mariano Roy earlier called Catalonia’s secession aim “an unacceptable attempt to blackmail the state.” Catalans oppose his regime’s attempt to obstruct their democratic process, 80% of the population supporting the October 1 independence referendum, they alone to decide whether to secede or remain part of Spain” – Stephen Lendman

Defiant Catalans Block Spain’s Military Boats From Landing; Spain Seizes “.CAT” Domain – Mish

Trump Imposes More Sanctions on North Korea, Calls Kim “Madman” – Warren Mass

The Deadly Rocket Scare Redux: North Korea’s Role in the Arms Game – “North Korea is once again the big, bad, boogey man of Asia, a convenient villain Washington will use to fuel a spanking new arms race. If all-out war does not follow Donald Trump’s insane policies aimed at Pyongyang, something miraculous will have to take place soon.” – Phil Butler

Genghis Trump – Enough Already With All The Bombast – “Having nuclear-armed missiles does not necessarily make one’s nation a public menace that must be destroyed. India has them. So do Pakistan and Israel, China and Russia. Add France and Britain. We don’t keep threatening to invade them and overthrow their governments. That’s why they are not threatening us.” – Eric Margolis

Rethinking Survival Tools: 6 Areas Most People Get Wrong

The Killing of History – “One of the most hyped “events” of American television, The Vietnam War, has started on the PBS network. The narrator says the war “was begun in good faith by decent people out of fateful misunderstandings, American overconfidence and Cold War misunderstandings”. The dishonesty of this statement is not surprising. The cynical fabrication of “false flags” that led to the invasion of Vietnam is a matter of record – the Gulf of Tonkin “incident” in 1964, which Burns promotes as true, was just one. The “meaning” of the Vietnam war is no different from the meaning of the genocidal campaign against the Native Americans, the colonial massacres in the Philippines, the atomic bombings of Japan, the levelling of every city in North Korea” – John Pilger

Russia Warns US In Unprecedented “Secret” Face-To-Face Meeting Over Syria, But What’s The Endgame?

Report: Iran And North Korea Are “Collaborating In An Exchange Of Materials And Technicians To Mutually Develop Nuclear Weapons Capabilities”- Jeremiah Johnson

Samantha Power – Fakes History, Makes False Claims, Warns Of Fake News – “While warning of Russian influenced fake news and hacking, Samantha Power, Obama’s banshee and ambassador at the UN, spreads fake news about “Russian hacking”.” – Moon of Alabama

‘Tyrannosaurus Rex of politics’: Merkel seeking fourth term as German chancellor (VIDEO)

Hurricane Maria, Weather Warfare, And Military Bases (VIDEO) – Dane Wigington

“Basically Destroyed” – Puerto Rico’s Back In The 18th Century – James Howard Kunstler

FL Residents Warned They’ll Be Ticketed for Hurricane-Damaged Homes

Scientists Used Cellphones and Sewage to Pinpoint Neighborhoods With Drug Users – “It’s entirely possible to analyze literal shit to estimate drug use patterns of whole cities. Combining wastewater drug analysis with cell phone data may raise even more privacy concerns” – Troy Farah

Big brother Facebook releases new ad restrictions and plans to add 3,000 content reviewers to the “hate speech” fight – Jayson Veley

Insider Warns ANP Massive Trucking Shutdown May Begin Within Weeks Nationwide Over Mandatory Electronic Logging Devices – ” ‘Death Knell’ For American Truck Driver Could ‘Shut Down America Within Days Or Overnight’!” – Stefan Stanford


VIDEO: Elizabeth Warren scrambles when confronted about wealth, attacks on 1% – “Ya, I know,” Kuhner cut her off. “But you are part of the 1 percent and you’re railing on the 1 percent. You don’t see the hypocrisy there?”

The Fed Is Distracting Everyone From The Real Crisis (Video)

Hackers Are Getting Personal: 4 Ways Every Person Using a Cell Phone or Computer Is at Risk – Daisy Luther

Will the Fed Collapse the System? (VIDEO) – Dave Kranzler

LEFTIST ELEMENTARY TEACHER CHANGES DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE, FORCES STUDENTS TO RECITE GENDER NEUTRAL VERSION – “The teacher “transformed” the document by replacing the word “man” with “human” and their forced their class to recite the literal fake version as if any leftist could just unilaterally change historical documents to fit their belief system.” – Alex Thomas

Heh Crazies: You Are NOT Anonymous On The Internet – Karl Denninger

People Ignore Facts That Contradict Their False Beliefs – “The more people there are who ignore facts that contradict their beliefs, the likelier a dictatorship will emerge within a given country. Here is how aristocracies, throughout the Ages, have controlled the masses, by taking advantage of this widespread tendency people have, to ignore contrary facts:” – Eric Zuesse

NIH Supported Journal Publishes Landmark Study Linking Fluoride to Low IQ – “A landmark new study published in a prestigious government-supported journal has found a significant link between fluoride and lower IQ in children.” – Jay Syrmopoulos

Deepwater Horizon Gulf Oil Spill And The Corexit Oil Dispersant Health Problems Confirmed – Catherine Frompovich

Gerald Celente – Will Rising Interest Rates End Market Rally? (VIDEO)

China’s upcoming oil for gold contract will drive up gold prices as the program intends to get the metal from London markets – Ken Schortgen

Is It Too Late To Prepare For What Is Coming? Prepping Is Not About Fear, But Of Hope Because Prepping Equals Survival – Susan Duclos




Romans 1:25  Who changed the truth of God into a lie, and worshipped and served the creature more than the Creator, who is blessed for ever. Amen.