‘We will find our island destroyed.’ Hurricane Maria’s rampage demolishes Puerto Rico

Rescue teams take to Puerto Rico streets in darkness amid warnings that power could be out for months following devastating hit from Hurricane Maria

Russia warns US it will strike back if militia attacks in Syria don’t end

‘Rocket Man’s’ Revenge: N Korean FM Slams Trump’s Threat as ‘Dog Barking’

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If Socialism Is the Problem in Venezuela, More Sanctions Are Not the Solution – “Overshadowed by his remarks concerning North Korea’s “Rocket Man” and the “worst ever” Iranian nuclear deal, President Donald Trump’s views on Venezuela in his speech at the United Nations on Tuesday were soft-pedalled by the mainstream media. But they were spot on:” – Bob Adelmann

Trump’s Was One of the Most Bizarre UN Speeches in History – Wayne Madsen

HOW MANY COINCIDENCES MAKE A CONSPIRACY? (VIDEO) – “First there was Harvery, followed by Irma, next is Jose and that will be followed by Maria. And there are more to come. I marvel about how many people do not know about the publicly available information on weather modficiation programs.” – The Common Sense Show

Let Catalonia Decide

Bitcoin for Beginners (VIDEO)

Our Enemy is Truly Evil – Dr. Dave Janda Our Enemy is Truly Evil (VIDEO) with Dr. Dave Janda – Greg Hunter

‘Something Is Coming Our Way And 99% Of The World’s Population Will Not Be Prepared’ – Amazing Documentary ‘The Sign’ Exposes ‘Planet X’ And Biblical Prophecy Coming True Before Our Very Eyes – Stefan Stanford

Are We Really Capable of Shooting Down North Korean Missiles? – “According to some analysts, Americans may be overly confident in our military’s ability to shoot down North Korean missiles if the country were to attempt to strike. Maybe the reason we haven’t shot down North Korea’s test missiles is that we can’t.” – Daisy Luther

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WATCH: Morgan Freeman Just Endorsed Neocon Plan for WW3, and the Left is Loving It – “Morgan Freeman just made a propaganda video for a warmongering neocon group, with board members like Dick Cheney, and the Left is loving it.” – Jay Syrmopoulos

Russia Continues To Take a Wrecking Ball To The US Dollar – “In further growing signs that both China and Russia are accelerating moves to de-dollarise we note that Vladimir Putin has instructed his government to approve legislation which will make the ruble the principal currency of exchange at all Russian seaports, potentially within a matter of months.” – London Paul

5 Quick Emergency Foods for All Situations – Jeremiah Johnson

Monsanto’s New Weed Killer, Dicamba, Divides Farmers

US Army reveals video of ‘Athena’ laser weapon shooting down FIVE drones in most impressive test yet

China to follow up yuan denominated oil contract with having all commodities to be sold in RMB rather than dollars – Ken Schortgen

UK Supermarket Becomes World’s First To Offer Cashless Checkout With Finger Vein Scan

New Survey Shows Just How Hard It Is To Make Ends Meet: ‘Half Of People Need Credit Cards Just To Make It To Their Next Payday’ – Mac Slavo

Rob Kirby: ESF, Gold Suppression and Trillions of UnAccounted Dollars (VIDEO)

Apple accused of deliberately slowing older products to persuade people to buy new iPhones – Tracey Watson

Shock Survey: Less Than 1 Out Of Every 4 Republicans In Congress Support A Border Wall – “It is time to flush the toilet in Washington D.C., because the professional politicians that we have been sending there just keep betraying us over and over again.” – Michael Snyder

Report: New Evidence Of Ongoing Corruption And Scientific Misconduct At CDC

‘Retail Apocalypse’ Causing More Than 3,500 Stores to Close: What You’re Not Being Told – Carey Wedler

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Big Corps Selling Lower Quality Foods To Poorer East EU Nations – “A Slovenian and an Australian sip a Coca-Cola at the same time, although worlds apart. The latter enjoys a typical formula. But the former’s is exploding with elevated sugar content and fructo-glucose.” – Heather Callaghan




Revelation 8:11  And the name of the star is called Wormwood: and the third part of the waters became wormwood; and many men died of the waters, because they were made bitter.