North Korea Claims Test of Hydrogen Bomb for Long-Range Missile a Success – “Pyongyang’s sixth nuclear test came after Kim Jong Un showed off what he described as a hydrogen bomb for an ICBM”

“Appeasement Will Not Work”: Trump Responds To North Korea “Hydrogen Bomb” Test

Putin & Xi agree to ‘appropriately deal’ with N. Korea nuclear test – Xinhua

Trump Quietly Nominates Mass Surveillance Advocate To “Protect” Your Privacy Rights

US Contempt for Rule of Law Principles – “US hostility toward Russia continues hitting new lows. Trump is captive to dark forces controlling him.” – Stephen Lendman

The stain of Yemen: U.S. support in Saudi war remains appalling – GOOD OP-ED!!!!!

Irma to brush northern Caribbean as it tracks toward the US this week

US Navy Website Shows Entire Planet Blanketed By Bizarre ‘HAARP Anomaly’ From Antarctica Including Direct Interaction With Rapidly Intensifying Hurricane Irma – “Is This More Proof America Is Under Weather Warfare Attack For Opposing Globalist Agenda?” – Stefan Stanford

Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, September 2, 2017 (VIDEO) – “The great unraveling is picking up momentum by the day. While Americans are reeling from the manipulated Hurricane Harvey cataclysm, Hurricane Irma approaches. Will Irma be utilized by the weather makers to inflict yet more decimation to US populations?” – Dane Wigington

What I Have Learned From Hurricane Harvey – Pt 1 – Ray Gano

Was Barack Obama the man behind James Comey’s fix to let Hillary Clinton off the hook? – “Obama influenced Comey’s decision to exonerate Hillary Clinton.” – Alex Christoforou

Truth Revealed Will Mean Crashed System (VIDEO) – ” When truth finally comes out, and it will one way or the other, credit will cease because credit is based on trust. Credit is handed out on trust, and when the truth comes out, credit will cease. Then the system is going to have to reboot.” – Bill Holter

Chicago Hellscape: “Zombie Dogs” Prompt Public Health Warning in Windy City – Andrew West

A Word to the Wise – “If you are paid $25.00 an hour to show up to a rally to “counter” the other party using physical force and violence, you are not a “counter protestor.” You are a mercenary.” – Jim Quinn

China sees new world order with oil benchmark backed by gold – “Yuan-denominated contract will let exporters circumvent US dollar”

The Daily Economist update for Sept. 2 2017 – U.S. as a rogue nation about to see the dollar spanked (VIDEO) – Ken Schortgen

Petro Dollar Checkmate – Gold Backed Yuan For Oil – Ken Jorgustin – THE IMPORTANCE OF THIS CAN’T BE STRESSED ENOUGH, HENCE THE THREE DIFFERENT LINKS!!!!!!!!

Yellowstone Approaches Record Levels Of Seismic Activity – Mac Slavo

“Don’t Mess With Yellowstone Supervolcano” Geologists Warn NASA

Southern Poverty Law Center Won’t Designate Antifa a Hate Group — Only Singing Nuns Get That Designation

The 2nd Commandment: No, We Don’t Get To Define God

Socialism: opiate of the masses – “The tech giants want much more. They intend to lead the way, with their government partners, into an even tighter control of information (censorship) and a more vast Surveillance State. They intend to build a technocratic planet, in which planned societies are the foundation. Citizens are “data-points” to be inserted into slots, from cradle to grave, as a worldwide system is constructed.” – Jon Rappoport

I Was In Law Enforcement. Believe Me, You Need To Carry A Firearm Every Day

Hitler’s ‘Brown Shirts’ Were Oddly Similar To Antifa’s Tactics And Methods Today- The Rise of Antifa Nazism – Susan Duclos

Violent “Color Revolution” in America? Attempted Overthrow of Trump? Threatens to Shred Fabric of American Society Manufactured Civil War, Guided Anarchy – “the elite opponents of Donald Trump are manipulating public opinion with the support of the mainstream corporate media. Through staged protest events funded by corporate foundations, the unspoken objective is to create profound divisions within American society. These divisions preclude the formation of a meaningful and united protest movement. The objective of these staged protest movements against Trump is not to support democracy. Quite the opposite. It is to ensure complete control over the US State apparatus by a competing faction of the corporate establishment.” – Larry Chin

Study Finds Disturbing Spike in Birth Defects in US Women Living Near Industrial Agriculture – “Chemical agriculture companies have long been able to keep the toxicity of their products “secret” thanks to the EPA, but their devastating effects on human health are being exposed.” – Justin Gardner




Proverbs 18:15  The heart of the prudent getteth knowledge; and the ear of the wise seeketh knowledge.



Whenever there’s a crisis
The President sends his envoy in
Guns in Damascus
Oh, Jerusalem

Nuclear arms in the Middle East
Israel is attacking the Iraqis
The Syrians are mad at the Lebanese
And Baghdad do whatever she please
Looks like another threat to world peace
For the envoy
Send the envoy . . .

The Envoy by Warren Zevon )