Three Way “Mess”: Who is Correct, Trump, Ryan, or McConnell? – Mish

Crazy MSM Calls Trump Crazy, Antifa Repugnant Like KKK, Economic Update (VIDEO) – Greg Hunter

Deplorable US Mainstream Media – “the deplorable NYT my favorite target. Claiming its columnists, correspondents and editors are journalists, not Trump’s enemies, is utter rubbish. They’ve waged war on the president from the time he announced his candidacy in June 2015 – remaining unrelenting from then to now, part of a major media plot to remove him from office, a disgrace to the profession for trying.They suppress and/or sanitize all news, information and analysis vital to know, replacing it with worthless rubbish – a Times specialty.” – Stephen Lendman

British spy behind Trump dossier ordered to give deposition in Buzzfeed suit

WATCH: CNN Panel Backfires, Destroys Mainstream Media Narrative on Charlottesville – “A CNN panel shattered the narrative being promoted by the mainstream media, live on air, as executives’ heads likely exploded behind the scenes.” – Jay Syrmopoulos

It’s So Quite You Can Hear A Pin Drop, Is Something About To Happen? (Video)

“Devastating And Life-Threatening” Harvey Expected To Bring 120MPH Winds And Up To 12-Foot Storm Surge

“Biblical” hurricane expected to hit US nuclear plant — Experts fear epic catastrophe — Rainfall could be “nearly apocalyptic… borderline unfathomable… unprecedented” — Wind gusts near 150 MPH expected (VIDEOS)

WHAT STILL UNITES US? – “The left’s bottom line is that we should be ‘sickened’ by our history” – Patrick Buchanan

CNN Has No Defense For Labeling 63 Million Americans ‘White Supremacists By Default’

Does the Left Know Something’s Coming Involving Guns? – “Why all the condemnation of firearms when the violence lately has involved bats, fists, and pepper spray? Paul Ryan mentioned increased gun control at a public forum recently in response to a question asked of him by someone he knew. Despite the utter lack of a connection with guns in anything to do with Charlottesville, he linked the event to gun ownership in the U.S. and concurred that more control is needed.” – By Jeffrey T. Brown

Do They REALLY Know What The Mark of The Beast IS? – “What people need to focus on is a technology called ID2020. It is in the works now, support by many multinational corporations as well as the full support of the United Nations.” – Ray Gano – GOOD ARTICLE FROM RAY!!!!!

Microsoft and Accenture Unveil Global ID System for Refugees – “The tool, developed in part by Microsoft and Accenture, combines biometric data (like a fingerprint or an iris scan) and a new form of record-keeping technology, known as the blockchain, to create a permanent identity. The companies have been working on the new system since last year, and unveiled the prototype at a summit in New York called United Nations ID2020.”

Unbelievable! Government to Retry Bundy Ranch Defendants a Third Time! – “These tyrants just can’t let it go. They can’t make their case to the jury to find these men guilty so they are going to try them a third time and push other defendants’ court date back further into the future!” – Tim Brown

20 Preppers Speculate What Civil War 2.0 Would Look Like in America – Daisy Luther

Media Silent as Saudi Arabia Does to Itself What Assad Was Accused of Doing in Syria

U.S. Situation Dire: New Silk Road Is the Way Up and Out! – Harley Schlanger

Western Banker Cabal Is Being Evicted from the Financial System! – Jim Willie

Fully Weaponized Killer Drones Going Into Full Production – “After repeated assurances from government and military that robotic killing would not be pursued, here it is.”

“The Future Soldiers” Are Weaponized Drone Battalions

Where Is The United States’ Gold? – “A concocted public relations scheme – an event which resembled the annual Punxsutawney ground-hog viewing tradition – in which the Treasury Secretary emerges from Ft Knox and proclaims, “the gold is safe” does not provide any evidence whatsoever.” – Dave Kranzler

Announcement by Treasury Secretary on status of gold at Fort Knox nothing more than a rope-a-dope – Ken Schortgen

Germany & The US Strangely Broadcast Messages About Gold Holdings (Video)

Google will help diagnose your clinical depression: it’s wonderful – “Google has decided it’s not doing enough to lead us into a better world. So now it’s going to enter the field of psychiatry.” – Jon Rappoport

EXCLUSIVE: Soros Claims To Be A Liberal. Here’s Where He Puts His Money

Senate Declares War On Assange – “An angry Julian Assange slammed efforts to officially classify his whistleblowing organization as a “non-state hostile intelligence service” “

Everyday Carry Gear – What I Carry (EDC Essentials) – M.D. Creekmore

What Are the Odds of Surviving In a FEMA Camp? – Dave Hodges




Revelation 9:9-10  And they had breastplates, as it were breastplates of iron; and the sound of their wings was as the sound of chariots of many horses running to battle.  And they had tails like unto scorpions, and there were stings in their tails: and their power was to hurt men five months.