Trump threatens government shutdown over border wall funding

Trump Kicks Off Game of Chicken Over Border Wall – Peter Schiff

Transformation of Trump is Complete: Hello President Hillary – “Hillary Clinton, Senator John McCain, and Senator Lindsey Graham are three of the biggest warmongers on the planet. Yesterday, Trump joined the group.” – Mish

The Imperial Collapse Clock Ticks Closer to Midnight – “We’ve torched our national treasure and goodwill by running around the world trying to push everybody around, and simultaneously institutionalized a corrupt and predatory neo-feudal society at home. We’ve ignored our own people in a foolish and self-destructive quest to maintain and grow empire and the results will not be pretty.” – Michael Krieger

US Airstrikes Kill at Least 100 Syrian Civilians in 48 Hours

Is There Any Difference Between Those Who Fell Victims of Terrorist Attacks and US-led Air Raids? – Valery Kulikov

CNN anchor rants about Trump’s sanity as conservative media cheer – “Don Lemon leads a post-Phoenix broadcast by questioning Trump’s fitness for office.”

CNN Viciously Attacks POTUS for Phoenix Speech and Suggests He’s a National Security Threat – “CNN hit a new low – and that‘s saying a lot – Tuesday night in its coverage of President Trump’s speech in Phoenix. On Tuesday, it used a half dozen anti-Trump panelists, with no one representing a counter view, to introduce a new fake news meme:” – Peter Barry Chowka -GOOD BLOG!!!!!

Hell Hath No Fury Like NYT Anti-Trump Rage – “The self-styled newspaper of record wages daily war on Trump, inventing reasons to bash him, featuring vicious ad hominem attacks, largely ignoring what most warrants criticism.” -Stephen Lendman

Globalist Strategy: Use Crazy Leftists And Provocateurs To Enrage/Demonize Conservatives – Brandon Smith

Antifa, Leftists Riot in Phoenix; CNN Blames Trump’s ‘Angry, Divisive Speech’ – “CNN’s crawl, meanwhile, appeared to blame not the rioters, but President Trump. Along with other mainstream news outlets, CNN has been fawning over Antifa since their emergence onto the public stage, after years of steadfast refusal to mention their existence. On Saturday, the news network put out a piece with an Orwellian headline claiming Antifa seeks “peace through violence.” “

“Activists Seek Peace Through Violence”: CNN Quickly Scrubs Title Of Antifa Puff Peace – “How did we reach a point in our society, where groups like Antifa think nothing of wreaking havoc on the streets on a regular basis? These people routinely beat those they disagree with, cause property damage, and shut down dissent without a single iota of shame. You have to ask yourself, how did this group and others like it, get so bold as to think that they can flippantly disregard the law and openly riot in the streets? The answer is that the media is responsible for this mess. It’s the media that has repeatedly ignored, apologized for, and even celebrated their actions.” – Mac Slavo

Trumps Afghan Message, Was It To The Cabal? (Video)

Russia Vows “Inevitable Response” Over “Illegal” North Korea Sanctions

How Rand Paul Can Free Americans from the Fed

Is Someone Attacking the U.S. Navy? – “Is it possible that our adversaries, whether North Korea or Russia or perhaps even China — who are extremely good at hacking — have hacked into the navigation systems of these civilian vessels?” – Jim Rickards

With The Operational Phase Of The ‘Attempted Overthrow Of America’ Underway, Civil War Would Likely Lead To Our Invasion And Destruction By ‘Enemies Within’ And On The Outside – Stefan Stanford

Bundy Ranch standoff trial ends with zero guilty verdicts

Banks Earn Record Profits in Q2, Savers Sacrificed: FDIC- Wolf Richter

What We Learned From Charlottesville – ” Paul Craig Roberts

Concealed Carry Permits Hit New All-time High

Watch These Leftists Admit They Prefer Venezuela’s Abject Poverty To America’s Wealth Inequality – Daniel Lang

Freedom Means Being Independant – “Freedom Means Being Independant” – Tom Chatham

Chinese Technocracy Creeping Globally (Video) – “ITM Trading’s Chief Market Analyst Lynette Zang explains why she thinks the biggest challenge in our current democracy is technocracy.”

Former U.S. Attorney On Awan Indictment: “There Is Something Very Strange Going On Here”

How Long To Store Water Before Filtering It? – Ken Jorgustin

Mark Zuckerberg happily repeats communist China propaganda as Facebook deploys in China, censoring citizens there just as it does in America




Proverbs 12:17  He that speaketh truth sheweth forth righteousness: but a false witness deceit.