Trump Won’t Rule Out Military Option for Venezuela – ” ‘Venezuela is a mess,’ president says” – WHAT HAPPENED TO CANDIDATE TRUMP WHO SAID WE WOULDN’T GET INVOLVED IN OTHER COUNTRIES. SEEMS TO ME WE ARE IN MORE CONFLICTS THAN EVER BEFORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dear President Trump: What the F* Business is Venezuela of Ours? – Mish

What the U.S. government should do about Venezuela: Nothing – “We can’t fix it. All we can do is get in the way and blur the lesson that socialism doesn’t produce good economies or democratic governance.” – Robert Robb – GOOD ARTICLE, HOWEVER THE AUTHOR MISSES THE POINT THAT IT’S REALLY ABOUT THE OIL, WHICH MOST WARS ARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Trump Warns Xi: Trade War With China Begins Monday – “As if there weren’t enough geopolitical stress points in the world to fill a lifetime of “sleepy, vacationy” Augusts, late on Friday night President Trump spoke to Chinese President Xi Jinping and told him that he’s preparing to order an investigation into Chinese trade practices next week”

Avoiding Nuclear War: Why Kim Jong-Un’s Strategy Makes Sense – Federico Pieraccini

War Hype Around North Korea—While Steps Are Being Taken To Begin Talks – “The Chinese/Russian offer of a mutual freeze—a freeze on testing in the North and on U.S./Korean military exercises in the South—has not been totally rejected, but is not being accepted by the U.S. at this time.”

Biggest Powder Keg EVER Will Blow Up Into Our WORST NIGHTMARE (VIDEO) – Dave Kranzler

Trump, DEFCON 1, Wile E. Coyote and Run for the Fallout Shelter – “American foreign policy has now entered its Vaudeville stage. The latest far out act being convincing the dumbest Americans that North Korea is a threat to the US at all. President Donald Trump’s madman assertions and swagger recently are made even more horrific by mainstream media’s apparent shift into his corner. By the time you’re done reading this, fallout shelters may be back in vogue.” – Phil Butler

Panic Buying Grips America Ahead Of World War III: “Never Seen It At These Levels… We Can Barely Keep Up” Says Leading Preparedness Distributor – Mac Slavo

This ‘Politically Correct’ But Horrific Scenario Details How The US Could Lose A War Against North Korea And End Up In Ruins – “North Korea has nuclear-armed missiles and satellites potentially capable of electromagnetic pulse (EMP) attack. EMP is considered by many the most politically acceptable use of a nuclear weapon, because the high-altitude detonation (above 30 kilometers) produces no blast, thermal, or radioactive fallout effects harmful to people. EMP itself is harmless to people, destroying only electronics. But by destroying electric grids and other life-sustaining critical infrastructures, the indirect effects of EMP can kill far more people in the long-run than nuclear blasting a city.” – Dr. Peter Vincent Pry

North Korea stands no chance against US, Guam threat is a bluff – Russian general to RT – “It’s a total mismatch,” Ivashov, who currently heads the Academy of Geopolitical Problems, said of the possible confrontation between Washington and Pyongyang. “The US is a superpower, while North Korea is a small regional player. North Korea can’t compete with America on any level,”

Why President Donald Trump May Let Hillary Clinton Walk Scot-Free

Billionaire hoping to colonise Mars says AI is greater threat than North Korea

A New Report Raises Big Questions About Last Year’s DNC Hack – “Former NSA experts say it wasn’t a hack at all, but a leak—an inside job by someone with access to the DNC’s system.” – Patrick Lawrence

How to Use Potassium Iodide After a Nuclear Emergency – Daisy Luther

India Deploys More Troops Along China Border, Raises “Caution” Level – “With the world obsessing over every increasingly childish outburst in the daily back and forth between Trump and Kim Jong-Un, another conflict which has so far gone largely unnoticed by the global media continues to grow on the border between India and China.” – AS STATED YESTERDAY, THE MSM HAS IGNORED THIS COMPLETELY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Gerald Celente – War With Iran, Presstitutes Ban True Story (VIDEO)

YouTube Begins Purging Alternative Media As The Deep State Marches Toward WW3 – Matt Agorist

Google ‘Kill-Bot’ Goes On A Murder Spree As SkyNet Starts Virtually Killing Hundreds – “Their “perspective” AI bot has been programmed to label any commentary that doesn’t fit in with their programmers’ social justice warrior ideology as “toxic,” and their AI bots on Google’s YouTube have quite literally gone on a killing spree throughout that platform by mass demonetizing thousands of videos in one fell swoop.” – Susan Duclos

Rebel yell: Southern nationalists again crying ‘secede’ – “As 21st century activists seek to topple monuments to the 19th century Confederate rebellion, some white Southerners are again advocating for what the Confederates tried and failed to do: secede from the Union.”


The NYT Blasts Trump for Not Vilifying Vladimir Putin – “He’s arguably the world’s preeminent leader, Western ones not approaching his stature, a peace champion, an anti-imperialist, a defender of Russia’s sovereignty – why The Times, other media scoundrels and neocons in Washington hate him.The Times is an imperial mouthpiece, spreading malicious propaganda and fake news – vilifying Trump for the wrong reasons, bashing Russia for its sovereign independence and opposition to US imperial wars.” – Stephen Lendman

The Right Way To Safely Can Non-Acidic Foods (And Avoid Deadly Botulism)

Coconut Oil: A true Magic Bullet

Facebook to push more left-wing FAKE NEWS by “flagging” real news as fake – ” The real problem with Facebook now is censorship. Facebook is censoring information that is truthful, bold, eye-opening, paradigm-shifting, controversial or dissenting to the status quo.” – Lance D Johnson


NEW GM CROPS USE RNA INTERFERENCE TECHNOLOGY FOR MASS STERILIZATION – “Genetic researchers are now weaponizing plants by engineering them to have specific RNA fragments that shut down a target gene sequence that allows insects to reproduce. All the insect has to do is eat the plant, and they are rendered sterile. Sterilizing the insects may seem harmless until you realize that we are destined to eat those plants too, with the very same RNA insertions that block reproductive success.” – Christina Sarich

Chimpanzees learn rock-paper-scissors

Scientists Use CRISPR Gene Editing Tool To Manipulate Behavior In Ants – “This GMO operation (using CRISPR technology) is permanently changing the germline of these ants and with the specific purpose of changing their social behavior. Technocrats do not consider ethics or unfavorable outcomes that will surely occur”

50 Million Oz Dumped Silver Market is Rigged! (VIDEO) – Rob Kirby




Jeremiah 12:4  How long shall the land mourn, and the herbs of every field wither, for the wickedness of them that dwell therein? the beasts are consumed, and the birds; because they said, He shall not see our last end.