‘DON’T SLEEP EASY’ US fires off new threat to Kim Jong-un over nuclear weapons after North Korea chillingly warns Donald Trump he’s due a ‘gift package’ – “It has also emerged that Kim’s nuclear missiles could nuke New York or Chicago within a hour of being launched”

Retired Green Beret Warns: “North Korea Can Deliver A Warhead Containing An EMP Weapon Dead Center Over The Continental United States” – Jeremiah Johnson

Kremlin agrees with Trump that Russia-US ties at ‘very dangerous low’

EU Imposes More Sanctions Against Russia, Blacklists Deputy Minister

Venezuela’s currency crumbles at dizzying speed

Western Central Bank Fear Of Gold Is In The Air – Dave Kranzler

Grand Juries, Mueller, And Trump – Karl Denninger

Globalist McMaster Purges Trump Loyalists, Protects Obamaites – “President Donald Trump’s controversial National Security Advisor H.R. McMaster, a Bilderberg attendee and a member of the globalist swamp known as the Council on Foreign Relations, is firing key Trump loyalists within the administration who seek to protect the president and implement his “America First” agenda, according to multiple sources and reports.” – Alex Newman

Time for Trump to Get Rid of McMaster – ” Apparently, President Trump was not aware of the decision by national security adviser H.R. McMaster to grant senior Obama official Susan Rice top-secret security clearance.” – Eileen F. Toplansky

Is Trump’s Russia Policy Being Hijacked? – Patrick J. Buchanan

Media Freak Out After Sessions Suggests He’ll Subpoena Reporters

Trump Will Now Become the War President – “President Trump has been defeated by the military/security complex and forced into continuing the orchestrated and dangerous tensions with Russia. Trump’s defeat has taught the Russians the lesson I have been trying to teach them for years, and that is that Russia is much more valuable to Washington as an enemy than as a friend.” – Paul Craig Roberts

How Mainstream US ‘News’ Media Pump Their Government’s Lies to Deceive the Public – Eric zuesse

Zuckerberg’s Recent Hires Tell Us A Lot About His Worldview and It’s Not Good – Michael Krieger

U.S. Inadvertently Proves Free Trade Doesn’t Work; Sanctions Made Better Russian Ag Eco, Food Independence – “Over the past few decades, Americans may well have become the most heavily propagandized people on the face of the earth. This propaganda push reached a fever pitch after 9/11 and has intensified with each passing year, with Americans becoming more and more disconnected from reality by the month.” – Brandon Turbeville

Boss tells state workers: Kick ICE out of California labor offices

Dawn of the bionic age: Body hackers let chips get under their skin

Russians to Investigate Whether America Really Landed on the Moon (VIDEO)

How The Fed Enabled Corporate Kingpins To Scalp Billions – David Stockman

How To Build A Disaster Tool Kit – Tools For After It Hits The Fan – Bob Rodgers

How a Nice Girl Like Me Turned Into a Gun-Toting Survivalist Prepper – “Everyone has heard of those crazy folks who are all ready to hunker down in a bunker with some buckets of freeze-dried food and a bunch of guns – it’s the fodder of quirky news stories and the avatar of many a deranged serial killer in the movies. So how does a perfectly normal person end up turning into a survivalist prepper?” – Daisy Luther

New science confirms eating turmeric every day reverses cancer


The WAR on CASH is actually a war on liberty and privacy – Jayson Veley

The 8:00 PM Algo-At 7:06 PM – “In a world gone mad – mostly, due to a handful of sociopathic “one percenters” – here are some of the PiMBEEB reasons, from the past 24 hours alone, why I last week penned “the most Precious Metals bullish I’ve ever been.” ” – Andy Hoffman

Federal Court Rules Unlicensed Pets are ‘Contraband’ — Police Can Legally Kill Them – “A federal court just ruled that cops were not responsible for killing a woman’s three dogs because her pets were legally considered contraband.” – Jay Syrmopoulos

Shades of 2008: UK and US Savings Rate Plunges, Debt Comes Full Circle – Mish

Night Vision Devices Critical for Nighttime Security – Ken Jorgustin

How To Build Your Own Irrigation System

Prepper Blades: Which is Better the Blade vs. Tomahawk? – Jeremiah Johnson




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