Conspiracy to Remove Trump at All Costs(VIDEO) – Paul Craig Roberts

Ingraham on Republicans: ‘A lot of them don’t want Donald Trump to succeed’ – “Trump’s critics have yet to get over his surprise victory in last year’s election. “He crushed them and they never got over it,” Ingraham said. “The day after the election, they began plotting what they hoped would be his demise.” “

Sorry Joe Biden And Eric Holder, Obama Just Picked His 2020 Candidate And It’s Not You

DEEP STATE REGIME CHANGE OPERATION EXPOSED (VIDEO) – “We’re dealing with a coup, a regime change operation run by the same people who have done this over and over in Libya, in Ukraine, in Central America, these so called banana republics. They’re turning the United States into a banana republic.” – Harley Schlanger

MSM Is Running Scared As We Are Watching The Creation Of A Fake News Story Right Before Our Very Eyes – Susan Duclos

AN AUTHOR FROM THE 1800S MAY HAVE PREDICTED TRUMP AND AMERICA’S DOWNFALL – “In the late 1800s, an American lawyer, political writer, and novelist named Ingersoll Lockwood penned two fantasy novels about a highly-imaginative little boy named “Wilhelm Heinrich Sebastin von Troomp, commonly called, ‘Little Baron Trump” – INTERESTING ARTICLE!!!!

Sabotaging Russia-US Relations for Good – “The strategy that the American deep state intends to employ to sabotage once and for all the possibilities of a rapprochement between the United States and Russia has been revealed.” – Federico Pieraccini

Is Trump Set to Sanction Our Dreams of Peace? – “As an American I cannot be anything but dumbstruck by the a free-balling government my people have set in power in Washington. In plain view of three hundred million citizens our congress and our president have declared war on most of the world.” – Phil Butler

Deplorable Daily Media Message on Russia – “The Times, other media scoundrels, and nearly the entire US political establishment want adversarial relations with Russia maintained – madness risking eventual confrontation between the world’s leading nuclear powers” – Stephen Lendman

This New Piece Of Legislation Could Demolish State Gun Control Laws Across The Country – Mac Slavo

In Poignant Ceremony, President Presents Medal of Honor to Vietnam Medic

Warnings of ‘Nuclear Nightmare’ as Trump Escalates Tensions With World Powers – “We need to step up sustained diplomacy. Firing off a bunch of missiles does nothing to address the crisis. We need negotiation, not posturing.” – Jake Johnson – THIS IS TRUE, HOWEVER, THIS ARTICLE WAS POSTED AT COMMON DREAMS, AND THEY ARE AS GUILTY AS MUCH OF THE MAINSTREAM FOR BELITTLING TRUMP AND PUSHING THE RUSSIAN NARRATIVE, EFFECTIVELY BACKING TRUMP IN A CORNER WHERE HE CAN’T NEGOIATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Shall We Fight Them All? – “Endless Wars Not what Deplorables voted for.” – Patrick J. Buchanan

Trump’s Choices – Paul Craig Roberts

China ‘doesn’t have control over N. Korea that Trump believes it does’ – media

North Korea Prepares for World War III – ” Despite strong international condemnation, the United States and its allies are being pushed into a response to North Korea’s game changing provocation. Congress has not helped by imposing absurd sanctions on Russia at a time when we should be building stronger ties with Russia instead of demonizing them and fueling yet another confrontation all because Hillary lost the election.” – Martin Armstrong

Venezuelan Default Fears Rise With Billions in Debt Coming Due Soon – “Potential sanctions aimed at Venezuela’s oil industry threaten country’s primary source of cash”

It Is Becoming Extremely Hard To Ignore The Facts, The Economy Is Collapsing (VIDEO)

AUDIO: Pulitzer Prize-Winning Journalist Just Confirmed Seth Rich Was DNC Email Leaker – “Pulitzer prize-winning journalist Seymour Hersh claimed Rich contacted WikiLeaks in the months before he was mysteriously murdered.” – Rachel Blevins

Monsanto’s Sway Over Research Is Seen in Disclosed Emails

Europe’s Banking Dysfunction Worsens – Christopher Whalen

The Real Reason Why MS-13 Gangsters Were Brought to America – “Amazingly, it was the Obama administration that let large numbers of MS-13 members into the country. The Goal Is to Turn the U.S. Into a Narco-Terrorist State” – Dave Hodges

Six Ways To Obtain Food After It Hits The Fan – Bob Rodgers


Big Pharma’s Alzheimer’s gold rush: 35 new drugs to hit the market in the next few years as the drug cartels cash in on cognitive decline

The United States Has Become A Nation Of Sheeple – “You can either follow the herd of you can decide to find your own path. One of the things that greatly frustrates me is that so many Americans allow other people to do their thinking for them. We have become a nation of sheeple, and the vast majority of the shepherds that we are relying on for guidance are frauds and imposters. The blind are leading the blind, and we are slowly but surely committing national suicide.” – Michael Snyder

Crashing Auto Sales Reflect Onset Of Debt Armageddon – Dave Kranzler

A Beautifully Efficient DIY Dome Greenhouse

LBMA finally reveals how much gold they actually have, but can investors believe it? – Ken Schortgen

Cash: Level-1 Prepping & Preparedness



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