“It’s Time To Retaliate”: Putin Expels 755 U.S. Diplomats

The NYT Rips Putin’s Response to Illegal US Sanctions – “The Times: Putin’s “announcement (was) an aggressive response to new American sanctions that seemed ripped right from the Cold War playbook and sure to increase tensions between the two capitals.” Fact: He’s been remarkably restrained for years, his patience finally running out, realizing prospects for improved ties with Washington are nil. Fact: Washington bears full responsibility for unacceptable hostility toward Russia, a deplorable situation heading things toward possible conflict between the world’s leading nuclear powers.” – Stephen Lendman

Russian 6th-generation fighter will employ powerful lasers to burn enemy missile

McCain Was Leaker of POTUS Calls To World Leaders (VIDEO) -Bill Still

Lying McCain Repeatedly Called for Obamacare’s Repeal [Video]

Washington Pushes Harder Against Russia – Paul Craig Roberts

The U.S. Is Inches From A War With North Korea In Which Millions Could Die – Michael Snyde

Anarchy in America: Shot Down Like Dogs in the Street – “Remember, to a hammer, all the world looks like a nail. We’re not just getting hammered, however. We’re getting killed, execution-style. It no longer matters whether you’re innocent of any wrongdoing or guilty as sin: when you’re dealing with police who shoot first and ask questions later, due process—the constitutional assurance of a fair trial before an impartial jury—means nothing. All the individuals who have been shot and killed by police—fired at three and four and five times in a split second—have already been tried, found guilty and sentenced to death. And in that split second of deciding whether to shoot and where to aim, the nation’s police officers have appointed themselves judge, jury and executioner over their fellow citizens” – John W. Whitehead – ANOTHER MUST READ BY JOHN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Treason! Hillary AND Robert Mueller Both Sold Uranium to Putin – “Perhaps if Robert Mueller, Special Counsel, wants to investigate Russian collusion, he should start with himself.” – Dave Hodges

Robert Mueller, Conspiracy Theorist – “He’s unfit to be special counsel” – Justin Raimondo

Venezuela braces for a day of fresh violence in wake of Maduro ‘power grab’ victory

Venezuela in a State of BEDLAM on the Streets as Maduro Creating 1 Party Authoritarian Regime! (VIDEO)

The noisy left has gone weirdly silent on Venezuela – “Now that Venezuela has become a full-blown hellhole, where are Sean Penn, Michael Moore, Jeremy Corbyn and all the other Chavista project aficionados?” – Monica Showalter

Open the Books Reports – 63,000 Illinois Public Employees Earn Over $100,000 Per Year – Michael Krieger

Will Debbie Wasserman-Schultz Be The Next Seth Rich? Democratic Staffer Arrest Highlights Muslim Brotherhood Connection – Susan Duclos

Militarization of Scandinavian Peninsula: Time to Ring Alarm Bells – Alex Gorka

Forbes Says Self-Reliant Homesteaders Are “Delusional” and “Mooching” Off “Civil Society” – “His ill-conceived argument seems to be mostly focused on health care. He is baffled about what will happen if a homesteader becomes ill or gets injured. One thing that Dr. Ozimek is missing is the fact that most homesteaders are tax-paying citizens. Does he think that living on a homestead exempts one from property taxes? Does he suppose that their vehicles don’t have license plates or that their fuel is purchased without the requisite state gasoline tax? Or that maybe they have some special card that lets them buy things like feed without paying sales tax? Perhaps homesteading equipment like tractors and tools and off-grid appliances are likewise purchased without any gain to “society.” ” – Daisy Luther

Wired Magazine: Look Who Is Talking About Geoengineering – “All of a sudden, stories about geo-engineering are appearing frequently, floating the idea of cooling the planet by modifying the atmosphere. However, they do not mention that experiments have already been underway for several years.”

Greyerz – The Elites Are About To Make Their Final Move Against Humanity

Leaked: EU Plans to Freeze Deposits to Prevent Bank Runs – “Desperate Times, Desperate Measures.” – Don Quijones

How Zip Ties Can Be Used In A Survival Scenario – Bob Rodgers

Rand Paul Blocks NDAA Over Indefinite Detention

You Will Be Shocked When You Learn What Planned Parenthood Wants To Teach Preschoolers About Sex – “Planned Parenthood has just released new guidelines for educating preschoolers that include entire sections about transgenderism and masturbation. And remember, U.S. taxpayers are paying for all of this” – Michael Snyder

Govt Now Giving Sex Change Drugs to Children as Young as 10 -“Children — as young as 10-years-old — are being given powerful hormone injections to aid them in their transition between sexes.” – Matt Agorist

Indicators Are All Over The Place Warning That The Economy Is About To Implode (VIDEO)

Best Cheap Portable Radio For AM/FM – “I’ve had this ‘best’ ‘cheap’ (inexpensive) portable radio for several years and I’ve got to tell you that I still believe it’s the best little AM-FM radio for a survival-preparedness kit.”

32 Uncommon Uses For Baking Soda




Revelation 20:7-8   And when the thousand years are expired, Satan shall be loosed out of his prison,  And shall go out to deceive the nations which are in the four quarters of the earth, Gog, and Magog, to gather them together to battle: the number of whom is as the sand of the sea.