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The Dollar’s Slow Demise Continues in Plain Sight – “Just follow the data for proof… China, Russia and India are all accumulating massive amounts of gold. Other large amounts of gold are moving into the Middle East, and other Asian nations. Right now, nearly 60% of global trade is denominated in dollars. By stockpiling gold, Russia and China want to gain monetary independence, while reducing their respective reliance on the dollar.” – Byron King

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Why Are the Global Elite Terraforming (Destroying) the Earth? – “Why are the global elite terraforming the earth? From Fukushima to chemtrails to the Gulf oil conspiracy, the earth is slowly but surely being transformed and it is quickly becoming unfit for human habitation. And with the recent announcement that TEPCO is going to dump all of the Fukushima radiation into the ocean, the conspiracy grows wider by the moment.” – Dave Hodges

China’s LME will soon be publishing their own gold and silver fix prices in parallel to London – Ken Schortgen

UN Wants Artificial Intelligence to Advance Agenda 2030 – “Now, the UN is even seeking to hire an “Artificial Intelligence Advisor” to help weaponize emerging technologies and AI to advance its totalitarian UN “Agenda 2030” and the so-called “Sustainable Development Goals” (SDGs) at the center of it. At the same time, the potential threat posed by AI is being cited as a pretext to further empower the UN to create global “laws” and regulations.” – Alex Newman

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Linda Sarsour Is Molding The Left In Her Own Image – “She has forced liberals to defend positions and ideas that they would have balked at supporting previously. Praising terrorists as heroes, check. Advocating for jihad and sharia, check. Having no problem with violence towards police, check. Being openly anti-Israel, check.” – Scott Greer

Total Government And Personal Debt In The U.S. Has Hit 41 Trillion Dollars ($329,961.34 Per Household) – Michael Snyder

NASA Confirms Falling Sea Levels For Two Years Amidst Media Blackout – “As the global warming narrative quickly unravels, and leftists scramble to throw accusations at those who dare question the false data, the media brushes facts under the rug.” – Mac Slavo

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