We Are Now into Controlled Demolition (VIDEO) – “Don’t expect the mainstream propaganda media to give you any warning or real information about what’s happening. Fitts contends, “The conundrum for a CNN is how do we get ratings? How do we get attention without talking about the real news? The real news is, since fiscal 1995, we have disappeared or bailed out or stolen over $40 trillion of our money. If we are going to balance the budget, we need that $40 trillion or the assets thereon or the liabilities of the people who stole it back on the table, or else we’re toast.” – Catherine Austin Fitts

‘Absurd:’ Kremlin slams reports on Putin’s ‘secret’ meeting with Trump

The massacre of Mosul: 40,000 feared dead in battle to take back city from Isis as scale of civilian casualties revealed – Patrick Cockburn

Another blow for heartland workers: Slashed pensions

CNN’S IMMINENT ATTACK ON ALTERNATIVE MEDIA Exclusive: Joseph Farah has it on good authority ‘fake news’ outlet preparing hit piece

Reject the Fools Pushing ‘Russiagate’; It’s the Economy, Stupid! – Harley Schlanger

President Trump Reverses Barack Obama’s Discriminatory Anti-Christian Refugee Policy – “No President in US history showed as much hate and disdain for Christian and Jews as former President Barack Hussein Obama. There are multiple examples of this –” – Jim Hoft

Justine Damond shooting: US lawyer hits back at officer’s ambush claims – “Robert Bennett, who is representing the family of the Australian shot dead by police, says Damond ‘obviously wasn’t armed’ and ‘was not a threat to anyone’ ”  – ANYONE WONDER WHERE ALL THE RIOTS ARE OVER THIS!!!!!!!

Dear President Trump: Do You Ever Have to Make Up Your Mind? – “For the third time in three days, he has changed his stance on Obamacare.” – Mish

Threatening the President and Other Acts of Terrorism – “When did it become acceptable to threaten the President of the United States? Why haven’t any of these domestic terrorist been arrested charged with threatening the President and charged with federal felony hate crimes? We put up with Obama and Bush jr. running the country into the ground for the past 16 years. Not one idle threat that I can recall.” – Rory Hall I COMPLETELY AGREE WITH RORY. LIKE HIM OR NOT, THESE ARE STILL THREATS ON THE PRESIDENT AND SHOULD BE PROSECUTED UNDER LAW. I’VE BEEN SAYING THIS FOR MONTHS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Why is the Queen Funding The Clinton Crime Syndicate? Wet Works… Eugenics… Or Both? (VIDEO)

Did the City of London Just Press the Panic Button on Brexit? – Don Quijones

The Imperial City’s Fiscal Waterloo – David Stockman

Pastor Warns ‘We Are Sitting On The Edge Of The End Of The World As We Know It’ – Matthew 24 Looming Large – Pastor Dick Carmack  – GOOD ARTICLE!!!!!!

High Tech Surveillance With 5G Wi-Fi – “in effect, if your appliances are not ‘smart compliant’ you will either have to replace them with ‘smart’ appliances or have your older appliances retrofitted with ZigBee chips so they can become part of the Internet of Things monitored by Big Brother.” – Catherine J. Frompovich

Jeff Sessions Moves to Make it Easier for Government to Steal Property of Innocent American Citizens – Michael Krieger

America’s Public Schools are Government Indoctrination Centers – James Wesley Rawles

I read the news today, oh boy – “What we’re witnessing is the demise of the American political system, in real time. We just don’t know it. Actually, we’re witnessing the downfall of the entire western system. And it turns out the media are an integral part of that system.” – Raúl Ilargi Meijer

Creepy New “Smart Toys” Allow Pedophiles to Track & Talk Directly to Kids – Matt Agorist

The Holy Grail Of Bullish Silver Statistics – Andy Hoffman

Why the Elite Do Not Want You to Own Silver and Gold (VIDEO) – “The Elite know the true value of silver and gold. They understand the threat it poses to their power and wealth. They do not want you to own silver and gold.”

Melinda Gates Commits $375 Million for Population Control, Abortion


Jail Them All – “There is no greater scam in the world today than the blatant and outrageous lies told to everyone from school age onward over the last 40+ years when it comes to diet, exercise, health and various risk factors associated with same. The root of the scam goes back even further, but it really became evident with the so-called “food pyramid” which emphasized refined starches (breads and “white vegetables”) and claimed that fats were bad for you and should be limited. Then, the scam evolved” – Karl Denninger – EXCELLENT ARTICLE ON THE DRUG INDUSTRY!!!!!!!!!!!!

Toilet Paper – Everything You Wanted To Know

Groundbreaking Study Shows Cannabis Can Help Stop HIV From Becoming AIDS – Justin Gardner

Top US General Warns Against Rogue Killer Robots – “Hat tip to Gen. Paul Selva for bringing ethics into the argument to not give the military autonomous killing robots. However, he acknowledges the infighting within the military over the issue and describes it as ‘raucous’. This is a battle between Technocrats and non-Technocrats”

Teaching Your Kids Survival Skills, Just Like They Did In The Old West

CLOSE TO NEW GOLD STANDARD? Australia Exports Record Amount Of Gold To China

Big Food starts anti-coconut oil campaign again, despite studies showing its great for your health

Washington D.C. Is Essentially Just A Gigantic Money Machine – Michael Snyder




Jeremiah 12:12  The spoilers are come upon all high places through the wilderness: for the sword of the Lord shall devour from the one end of the land even to the other end of the land: no flesh shall have peace.



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