As Anti-Trump / Anti-Russia Campaign Fails – Yascha Mounk Feeds New Lies – “The anti-Russian propaganda campaign is now part of the “liberal” campaign against U.S. president Trump. It is failing. Trump’s support is steady if not increasing despite daily new revelation about his (non existent) “collusion with Russia” and the (non existing) “Russian interference” in the U.S. election.” – Moon of Alabama Blog

‘At home, we couldn’t get by’: more Venezuelans flee as crisis deepens

Peak Bull: Fake Economy, and Fake News – David Stockman

What Could Possibly Go Wrong When Google Releases Millions of “Lab-Made” Mosquitos in Fresno? – “First of all, did you even know that Google had a bio-lab? They do and it’s called Verily. Verily plans to create 20 million mosquitoes and infect them with a bacteria in their laboratories. Then, the mosquitos will be released on the unsuspecting populace of Fresno, California, a city with over half a million people. Why? Because, Zika.” – Daisy Luther

Facial Recognition Coming to Police Body Cameras

EXCLUSIVE: Hungarian Gov’t Steps Up Fight Against George Soros

Fury at Fukushima: Over 1 Billion pounds of nuclear waste “will be dumped into sea” — Top Official: “The decision has already been made” — “The solution is to pour the radioactive liquid into the ocean” — Toxic radioactive water to cause devastation

Sexual assaults & ‘shocking’ violence involving migrants mar German town fair – police

Republican Operative “Commits Suicide” After Leaving Strange Note – “This “suicide” is being ignored by most of the mainstream media, much like that of others who happen to wrongly cross paths with the Clintons. The bizarre circumstances and methodology of this suicide and construction of the note should be enough to warrant several red flags, but the media is again, for the most part, absolutely silent.” – Mac Slavo – THIS CAN NOT BE STATED ENOUGH, UNTIL PEOPLE REALIZE HOW EVIL AND DANGEROUS THIS PERSON IS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Watch Hillary Clinton Lie Like The PRO She Is – Jim Jordan Traps Her, But She Got Away With Murder. (VIDEO) – “How can they come after President Trump for nothing, but at the same time, this crime of Hillary Clinton and Obama is so far above any other crime we have ever witnessed” – EXCELLENT 30 MINUTE VIDEO!!!!!!


Video of TSA Molesting Man’s Wife, Exposes What Americans Will Endure for False Sense of Safety – “A man filmed TSA feel, quite literally, every single inch of his wife’s body. This molestation was all carried out, of course, to keep you safe.” – Matt Agorist

China and Russia Are Doing the 2-Step to Bring Down the US Economy- Dave Hodges

This Feels Like the Action in 2008 Right Before the Collapse (VIDEO) – Dave Kranzler

Your Ancestors Had Some Hard Core Survival Instincts… This is How You Can Get Back to Your Roots – Jeremiah Johnson

There Has Been Just One Buyer Of Stocks Since The Financial Crisis

VISA Bribes Restaurant Owners With $10,000 To Go Cashless – “Bribery by any other name is still bribery, especially when we already know that the global elite are stampeding to a cashless society. The same program is being executed in India, for instance. Technocracy cannot be established except that ‘no person is left behind.’ Without cash everyone is forced into the system if they merely want to survive in the intended new world order.”

FREQUENCY FLIERS ‘Strange’ signals that appear to be coming from a star close to Earth may have been sent by ALIENS, scientists say

Our Disneyland Economy – Michael Snyder

I’m Living Under Martial Law. Here’s What It’s Like. – “The overall, far-reaching effects of martial rule are incalculable at this point. The social stigma and apprehension alone are immeasurable, as is the opportunity it gives for military and police to abuse their powers.” – Och Tuazon – WHAT’S HAPPENING IN THE PHILIPPINES COULD JUST AS EASILY HAPPEN HERE!!!!!!

Dying petrodollar could spell disaster for the Fed as they try to dissolve their balance sheet – Ken Schortgen

Billionaire Warns: ‘We Are Summoning The Demon’ As World Marches Towards ‘Killing Sprees’ And Pandemonium – Stefan Stanford

Cash for Gold Scheme Takes Their Form of Theft to the Next Level – “Now not only do these storefront thieves want to acquire one of the peoples last remaining scraps of wealth, they are now willing to sale it back to the people from which it came at true market value which is nowhere near what they paid.” – Rory Hall – WHY DO PEOPLE WANT TO SELL TRUE ASSETS FOR A FIAT CURRENCY THAT IS ABOUT TO GO UNDER!!!!!

Tomatoes: The Overlooked Survival Food

Spending Evaporates! The Economic Collapse Is Here Prepare Accordingly (VIDEO)

TECH INSIDER WARNS ABOUT OUR TRANSHUMANIST FUTURE (VIDEO) – “Brad Peters is a Senior Software Engineer at Intel, and he is not only worried about the future of automation that will eliminate millions of jobs from the economy, he’s worried about transhumanism and the very future of the human race.”

10 affordable food and nutritional items you can stockpile before the big crisis hits




Jeremiah 29:17  Thus saith the Lord of hosts; Behold, I will send upon them the sword, the famine, and the pestilence, and will make them like vile figs, that cannot be eaten, they are so evil.