Oust Trump, War With Russia – “There are too many holes in the whole Russia-gate affair for it to stand up. It is only the servile US media operating on the agenda of the powerful anti-Trump Deep State that make this non-story appear to stand up. So desperate is the Deep State to oust Trump from office, it is willing to damage US-Russia relations beyond repair, to the point of risking all-out war.” – Finian Cunningham

‘Angry’ Heartland Voters Think Media Using Russia Stories to ‘Oust’ Trump

Trump Jr. Treason – NOT, Russian Lawyer Worked for Democrats, Fed Rate Update (VIDEO) – Greg Hunter

Don’t Be Fooled, There Is No ‘Diplomacy’ With North Korea – “Some would prefer a preemptive attack.” – Jason C. Ditz

The US Just Announced It’s Sending Ground Troops To Kosovo

Vatican Press Lashes Out At Catholic Trump Voters, Calls Steve Bannon “A Supporter Of Apocalyptic Geopolitics”

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton winks at a supporter after speaking at a campaign rally at the Iowa State Historical Museum in Des Moines, IowaUS Mainstream Media Totally Misses Clinton’s Collusion Link to Trump-Russia-Gate

Emails Show Huma Abedin Giving Special Favors to Clinton Foundation Donors From Hillary’s State Department

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos validates that mainstream media is about corporate bottom line, and not the news – Ken Schortgen

The Republicans In Congress Have Betrayed Us Again – Michael Snyder

They’re Now Rationing Toothpaste In Venezuela

We Do These Things Because They’re Easy: Our All-Consuming Dependence on Debt – “A world in which “we do these things because they’re easy” has one end-state: collapse.” – Charles Hugh Smith

3 reasons Israel attacked the USS Liberty in 1967 – Adam Garrie

Mark Zuckerberg Finally Figured Out Why Trump Won; Hint: It Wasn’t Russia – “As Zuckerberg apparently learned for the first time while visiting oil workers in a tiny North Dakota town, there are entire industries that exist outside of Silicon Valley…industries that provide great wages and support thousands of American families. And, as it turns out, those people are sick and tired of having their jobs threatened by their own government and being demonized by Hollywood liberals for their efforts to provide economical access to energy.”

How Social Media Stifles Free Speech – Jeff Trag

Return of Pentagon Mercenaries Worries US Active Duty Military – Wayne Madsen

Robots are inventing their own languages The programming and design of artificial intelligence – Jon Rappoport

Wall Street: It’s More Corrupt Than You Can Imagine (PODCAST) – Dave Kranzler

Sprint CEO: America’s Most Important Infrastructure Project Is 5G Mobile Networks – “5G will actually enable the Internet of Everything as it provides mobile speeds 10 times higher than current rates. The mobile world is stampeding to implement 5G, regardless of public resistance or safety consideration. Because of ‘small cell’ technology, 5G transmitters will smother communities with high-frequency radiation.”


Nancy Pelosi bizarrely giggles through question about NKorea aggression – “What is wrong with Nancy Pelosi? The House Minority Leader had a bizarre reaction as a reporter was asking her about North Korean aggression: She giggled.”

EXCLUSIVE: Doubt Surfaces About ‘Suicide’ Claim of Clinton Investigator

The US has Gone Missing at the Recent G20 Summit – Grete Mautner

Reasons Emerge for Worst Chain-Restaurant Slump since 2009 – “Six quarters in a row of year-over-year declines.” – Wolf Richter

He’s back! Barack Obama headlines Democratic fundraiser in Washington, DC Read more: Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook

The Sacred Meaning of the Pyramid

10 Secrets About America That Will Make You Wonder Where All The Freedom Went – Isaac Davis




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