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In Suspense—Be Prepared for Big Things Ahead – “There is no time to lose; dangers are great. As Russian President Vladimir Putin said recently at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum, “we must not—have no right to—waste our efforts and time on squabbles, feuds and geopolitical games.” This was cited last Friday by Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov at a Moscow event (the Primakov Forum), who warned, “What we need are wise and balanced approaches…” This is urgent right now, regarding the situation with North Korea” – Harley Schlanger

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De Blasio can’t resist the siren call of leftist protests in Germany – “Like lemmings marching over a cliff, leftists from all over the world are descending on Berlin to take part in left wing protests at the G-20 summit. One of those leftists is New York Mayor Bill De Blasio,We’ve come to expect this sort of adolescent behavior from De Blasio, who apparently doesn’t realize he’s the mayor of a major American city” – Rick Moran

NEW YORK TIMES: Outrageous lie published about Iran and 9/11 – “For the New York Times to insinuate that Iran had anything to do with 9/11 is not only a total lie but it is a dangerous one as it adds credibility to the wild untruths that the US government tells about Iran on a daily basis.” – Adam Garrie

Why Post-Disaster America WON’T Be Like The 1800s. (It Will Be Worse.)

Is Terrorism Transforming America Into a Police State? – “For at least three decades, experts have noted the growing militarization of America’s police forces. The proliferation of Special Weapons and Tactics forces, or SWAT forces, is the most obvious example of that trend. Originally, such units were designed to deal with exceptionally dangerous situations. That situation has changed dramatically. Small cities and even some modest-sized towns now have such heavily armed units utilizing military hardware and traveling in armored vehicles. They look—and act—far more like military combat units than anyone’s traditional conception of police.” – Ted Galen Carpenter – JOHN WHITEHEAD HAS BEEN WRITING ABOUT THIS FOR SEVERAL YEARS!!!!!!

Fact Or Fiction: Chemtrails Are Sprayed From Airplanes – “For so long now, the media have been pontificating those white trails in the sky are ‘contrails’. How can that be? Normally-created contrails don’t spread out into blanket clouds obscuring the sun! Real contrails disappear behind a plane quickly and never produce miles-long trails in the sky, as you can see in this short video.” – Catherine J. Frompovich

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CRAZIER THAN A BED BUG Maxine Waters on War Path, Wants Trump Exiled! (Video) – “It is almost sad yet thoroughly laughable to witness the mental meltdown of Maxine Waters in real time. She has become increasingly unhinged ever since the election, and has each attack against Trump has been discredited, her grip on reality is slowly slipping away. Already she has been called out by even leftist news outlets for contradicting her own public statements. But as her Twitter account shows, her mental state may have degraded even further.”

Women’s March Organizer Calls For Jihad Against “Fascists And White Supremacists And Islamophobes Reigning In The White House” – Daniel Lang

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Is CNN Digging Its Own Grave? – “As if it weren’t enough that a series of hidden-camera videos show that CNN deliberately creates fake news and has nothing but contempt for both President Trump and American voters, the liberal news network’s reaction to a (probably) tasteless but (certainly) harmless video meme of Trump punching CNN in the face has caused the beleaguered network even more trouble” – C. Mitchell Shaw

The Fallout – CNN Vs ‘The Internet’: Meme War Kicked Into High Gear, Judge Jeanine Details Legal Ramifications For CNN And Much, Much More

Too Much, Too Little, Too Late: Junk Status for Illinois Coming Up – Mish

Illinois – Poster Child for the Coming Sovereign Debt Crisis -“We are facing a major Sovereign Debt Crisis at the state and municipal level that will eventually bring down governments on a wholesale basis. The policies of just tax’em til they die and they tax their heirs is coming to an end. Governments will collapse and the only solution is to limit government by a new constitution that it may not consume greater than 15% of GDP on a federal, state, and local level combined.” – Martin Armstrong

6 Things Precious Metals Naysayers Get Dead Wrong – Stefan Gleason

Google Aids America’s Gun Grabbing Enemies With $2 Million

Consumers and Businesses Buckle under their Debts – “Bankruptcies surge as the “credit cycle” exacts its pound of flesh.” – Wolf Richter

‘I Was Wrong’: Judge Admits Jailing People for Pot ‘Haunts’ Him After Cannabis Saved His Life – “After being diagnosed with a terminal disease, a judge who “hated marijuana” now regrets all those prosecutions as cannabis saved his life.” – Matt Agorist

Smart Tips For Gardening On Dry Soil

Archaeologists discover ancient tombs filled with actual GIANTS… “unusually tall and strong” people once roamed the planet – IT’S IN THE BIBLE, ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS READ. GIANTS ARE MENTIONED 11 TIMES. SEE VERSE FOR TODAY!!!!!!

Recent beatdowns in gold and silver prices now have gold to silver ratio just under 77:1 – Ken Schortgen





Genesis 6:4  There were giants in the earth in those days; and also after that, when the sons of God came in unto the daughters of men, and they bare children to them, the same became mighty men which were of old, men of renown.