After the ISIS War, a US-Russia Collision? – Patrick J. Buchanan

NATO-Russian Aerial Intercepts Intensify Amid Escalation in Europe

U.S. Special Forces Have “Boots on the Ground” in Philippines

US Intelligence Officials Reiterate: No Votes Changed Because Of Russia – “Nothing has changed. There’s no new information, yet the media presents the testimony of Department of Homeland Security official Jeanette Manfra as some sort of breaking announcement. If there is any evidence that this entire situation is fake, it’s the mainstream media’s insistence on publishing the same things over and over again hoping it will somehow convince us – without any proof still, of course.” – Dawn Luger

The Real Purpose Behind The Russian/Trump Conspiracy Propaganda – Brandon Smith – GOOD ARTICLE!!!

Is President Trump the Subject of a Criminal Investigation? – Andrew P. Napolitano

CNN Threatens to Stop Covering the White House (Video) – “The Clinton News Network showed the American public its true colors during the 2016 election when it became nothing but a blatant shill for a Clinton presidency. With Trump in the White House instead, they have dedicated their efforts to smearing his public image with lies and falsehoods. And they wonder why Trump doesn’t treat them ‘fairly’? But their latest threat will leave you laughing in your seats.”

Twitter Blasts CNN For Saying Flint Stabber ‘Said Something In Arabic’ – “Reports indicated that witnesses heard the stabber shout “Allahu Akbar” before he attacked, but CNN chose to write “something in Arabic” instead.”

Killer Drones and the Militarization of U.S. Foreign Policy – Ann Wright

Israel Exposed for Secretly Paying Syrian ‘Rebels’ to Protect Rothschild, Murdoch Oil – “Syrian rebels now claim to have been receiving logistical and other support directly from Israel for years and the motive is perfectly clear.” – Claire Bernish

Climate Engineering Fact And Photo Summary

The U.S. Economy is a Perverted, Neo-Feudal, Rent-Seeking Abomination – Michael Krieger

Media Spinning New Seth Rich Report Saying ‘Hired Killer’ Or Serial Murderer Killed DNC Staffer – Botched Robbery ‘Not Likely’ – ACTUALLY, COULD BE.  A SERIAL MURDERER LIKE HILLARY OR DEBBIE WASSERMAN SCHULTZ, PERHAPS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

“Go Home, Donald Trump. Get Out of Venezuela” – ” The deep state elements within the federal government are treasonous war criminals and what is happening in Venezuela is just another crime against humanity perpetrated by a gang of street-corner thugs with enough power and money to overthrow most any government that doesn’t play the rules they set. This started because President Hugo Chavez asked for their gold being held in New York and France. This is what happens when a “barbarous relic” that’s “not money” becomes a topic of discussion at the sovereign level.”- Rory Hall

Germany Begins Raiding Homes For “Freedom”

Governor Rauner Screws Illinois – Mish

What to do with a broken Illinois: Dissolve the Land of Lincoln – “Illinois is like Venezuela now, a fiscally broken state that has lost its will to live, although for the moment, we still have enough toilet paper.”   – HOW ABOUT JUST GETTING RID OF CHICAGO!!!!

Pelosi faces growing doubts among Dems after Georgia loss

5 Ways Fed Rate Hikes May Squeeze Your Wallet – Peter Schiff

2016 U.S. Census Implementing Massive Invasion of Privacy – “The Census Bureau is getting bolder and more intrusive every time they collect data. It’s not just the Census either. The Department of Agriculture has sent me questionnaires on rural farm property that I owned over 15 years ago. When I ignored them, they escalated to threats of jail time (via letter), but they eventually stopped. You are not legally obligated to answer any question of the Census Bureau except how many people live in your household.”

Are The ‘Toxic’ Democrats Destined To Become A Permanent Minority Party? – Michael Snyder

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RUSSIA vs. USA: Where’s The Gold Going?? – “While the U.S. has been (secretly) liquidating its once massive official gold holdings, the Russians have be doing quite the opposite. According to the data on, the Russians have added a hefty 3,000,000 oz of gold to its official reserves since the beginning of the year.” – RUSSIA AND CHINA HAVE BEEN ACCUMULATING GOLD FOR A LONG TIME, WHILE THE US HAS GOTTEN RID OF MOST OF THEIRS. WHEN THE DOLLAR CRASHES, ONLY A BLIND MAN CAN’T SEE WHO WILL BE IN CHARGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Setup Initiated, The Central Banks Are Close To Pulling The Plug On The Economy (VIDEO)

The American Empire’s War Machine Is Running out of Steam – James Holbrooks

The Only EDC Fire Starter That Works In The Wind And Rain

Privacy Organization Urges Congress To Examine FBI’s Secret Biometric ID Program – “A shocking report came to light early this year about a massive FBI database that has been collecting millions of faceprints of American citizens – for years. Known as the Next Generation Identification system, since 2014 the FBI has amassed more than 50 million images scoured from facial recognition alone; and, as reported by the Electronic Frontier Foundation, the images have merged into the FBI’s legacy database of fingerprints and other identifiers to create a centralized hub of surveillance” – Nicholas West

Anti-Gold Propaganda Flares Up – Dave Kranzler

Republican Lawmaker Wants to Make It Legal to Carry a Gun in Washington DC… But Only for Congressmen – “When it comes to gun control, no one is more hypocritical than liberal celebrities and politicians. While these people promote the end of gun rights for ordinary Americans, it’s often the case that they are protected in public and in their homes, by cadres of highly trained and armed bodyguards. They reap the benefits of the Second Amendment, while treating the rest of us like children who can’t be trusted with a gun. However, it’s not just prominent liberals who are hypocritical when it comes to gun rights.” – Daniel Lang

20 Times I’ve Been Glad I Had an Emergency Fund – Daisy Luther

Is this YOU? 1 in 4 Americans completely BROKE and in no position to help themselves when SHTF




Ezekiel 38:10-12  Thus saith the Lord God; It shall also come to pass, that at the same time shall things come into thy mind, and thou shalt think an evil thought:   And thou shalt say, I will go up to the land of unwalled villages; I will go to them that are at rest, that dwell safely, all of them dwelling without walls, and having neither bars nor gates,  To take a spoil, and to take a prey; to turn thine hand upon the desolate places that are now inhabited, and upon the people that are gathered out of the nations, which have gotten cattle and goods, that dwell in the midst of the land.