ISIS leader al-Baghdadi reportedly killed in Russia-led airstrike

MSM Propaganda Cause Left Hate, Trump Obstruction – Not, Obama Administration Treason (VIDEO) – Greg Hunter

Powerball, Mega Millions to Halt Illinois Lottery Due to State’s Inability to Pay Winners – “Will Powerball and Mega Millions be the force that gets Illinois to pass its first budget in three years? I hope not because raising taxes is not the answer, but that is all the legislature wants to do.” – Mish

Could Illinois be the first state to file for bankruptcy?

In Stunning Announcement, DOJ Warns Not To Trust Stories Based On “Anonymous Sources”

CORP MEDIA CITES UNNAMED SOURCES TO REFUTE A DOJ WARNING NOT TO TRUST UNNAMED SOURCES – “But the irony and magnanimous hypocrisy of the corporate-backed press didn’t end with reporting Rosenstein’s warning. CNN, in an article on the deputy AG’s statement, ridiculously upped the hilarity factor, citing not only another anonymous source, but one putatively from inside — wait for it — the Department of Justice.” – Claire Bernish

Coup Attempt against Trump Faltering, As Americans Begin To See a Future Once Again – Harley Schlanger

US Fails to Comply with Chemical Weapons Convention While Using Internationally Banned Weapons – “Known for its penchant to moralize and teach others, the United States is the biggest international law violator in the world. It uses banned weapons and ignores humanitarian norms and principles. It has already crossed all the possible lines implementing the policy of double standards but nothing stops it from high fallutin’ accusations against others. The pot just can’t stop calling the kettle black.” – Peter Korzun

This List Of Attacks Against Conservatives Is Mind Blowing

Syria, Iran and N. Korea: Will Trump Attempt to Finish the Neocon Hitlist? – Steven MacMillan

The Real Economic Predicament Trump Inherited from Obama – Robert Carbery

Peak Economic Delusion Signals Coming Crisis – “The question is not “when” we will enter collapse; we are already in the midst of an economic collapse. The real question is, when will the uneducated and the biased finally notice? I suspect the only thing that will shock them out of their stupor will be a swift stock market drop, since this is the only factor they seem to pay attention to. This will happen soon enough. In the meantime, anyone who discusses legitimate data and warns of the dangers to come is a “doom and gloomer”. Mark my words, one day this label will be considered a badge of honor.” – Brandon Smith  -LONG, BUT EXCELLENT ARTICLE!!!!!!

Has The Fed Actually Raised Rates This Year? – “The answer is debatable but it depends on, exactly, to which rates you are referring.” – Dave Kranzler

Steve Scalise/Shot Over Investigation into Pizza Gate. (VIDEO)

Grocermageddon Goes Global – “This morning’s Amazon acquisition of Whole Foods Market has collapsed share prices of many grocers (in US and around the world), pharmacies and drug distributors, and even REITs… First things first, 11 of the top 12 biggest losers in the S&P 500 are related to AMZN’s move…”

Home Dehydrated Food Shelf Life – Ken Jorgustin

Dr. Tim Ball Crushes Climate Change: The Biggest Deception In History

In Socialist Venezuela, Oppressed People Set Fire To Supreme Court Building – Mac Slavo

Man on a Wire: Mike Pence’s Tightrope Act He might be the most consequential vice president ever. He could well be the next commander in chief. And the one person in America he can’t have thinking about that is his boss.”

MS-13 is targeting New York for more bloodshed: authorities

9 Ingenious Things My Grandpa Did With WD-40

What Happens When the Machines Start Selling? – “But without fundamentals, what will hold up stock prices, once the quantitative strategies shift without notice and see selling as the opportunity, and other algos react to those market data points and follow them or try to run ahead of them? No one knows. Quant hedge funds – where trading is done by machines, not humans – now dominate stock trading.” – Wolf Richter -GOOD POINT FROM MR. RICHTER!!!!

Militant Islamists in Sweden have grown ‘from 100s to 1,000s’ – security police

Kittens’ Guts Ripped Out: Heinous Cruelty to Animals in Muslim “No-go Zone”

Oil Alert: The Middle East Powder Keg Is On The Brink…

New Study Shows Cannabis Kills Leukemia Cells – Brandon Turbeville

Rush Limbaugh And Ann Coulter Are Right – America Is On The Verge Of Widespread Chaos And Civil Unrest – Michael Snyder – TO SEE MY LINK TO ANN COULTER’S ARTICLE GO TO NEWS FOR JUNE 15!

Off-Grid Water Systems: 8 Viable Solutions to Bring Water to Your Homestead

Pastor Warns: ‘We Need To Fix These Problems Before They Fix Us’ In This ‘Life Or Death Battle With Evil For Humanity’s Soul’ – “With Large Parts Of America ‘Broken’, This Is How We’d ‘Fix It’ On The Farm!”

Silver Price Will Skyrocket And The Dollar Collapse Under a Fed Inflation Target of 3% (VIDEO)

Monsanto shill proclaims “there is no ‘right to know’ if a food is GMO considering that GMOs are practically impossible to define” – “She also says these labels don’t tell us anything meaningful. That’s funny; GMOs are a huge topic of debate throughout the world and everyone on both sides seems to know exactly what people are referring to when they use the term. She might not want to know if her food contains GMOs, but plenty of other people certainly do. Why else would 3,000 brands go to the trouble of having 43,000 products verified by them?”

Survival Fishing With Just a Hook, Line and Sinker




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