Brexit Still Means Brexit! May’s Mistake Not What Most Suggest

Iran accuses US of alliance with ISIS, claims to have proof

Russian FM Warns US Not to Strike Syrian Pro-Government Forces – “Says US Must Take Steps to Prevent Further Clashes With Syrian Forces”

Pakistan Hands Down First-Ever Death Sentence For Blaspheming On Facebook

Trump accuses ex-FBI director Comey of cowardice over ‘leaks’

Watch This Con Law Prof Knock Down MSNBC’s ‘Obstruction Of Justice’ Narrative In Less Than Two Minutes [VIDEO] – “The Harvard-educated Foley calmly explained to frustrated MSNBC host Yasmin Vossoughian why President Trump would have been legally allowed to suggest former FBI Director James Comey let go of the probe into former national security adviser Michael Flynn, and why Trump was well within his constitutional authority to later fire Comey.”

McCain says American leadership was better under Obama: report – SERIOUSLY???? MCCAIN SHOWING HIS IDIOCY ONCE AGAIN!!!!!!

Is the Central Bank’s Rigged Stock Market Ready to Crash on Schedule?

MASSIVE CENTRAL BANK ASSET PURCHASES: Last Ditch Effort To Save Economy & Cap Gold Price

Gallup Finds Stunning Decline in Americans’ Respect for US Government – “The United States is certainly a country that is currently heading into some kind of convulsive transition — but, certainly, also, an extremely unpleasant transition, even if, somehow, one that can reach a stability which is better, not worse, than that of the earlier post-WW-II era. And, of course, if it turns out to be a pre-WW-III transition, then the result will be catastrophic for the entire world. The way that the U.S. federal government has responded to the current transition, up till now, is to continue the lies. But there is no certainty that that will continue to work, even for the people at the very top.” – Eric Zuesse

China Rolls Out Red Carpet To California Governor Jerry Brown On Climate Change – “China is happy to bypass Washington to talk directly with fellow Marxist Jerry Brown, who has gone to Beijing as the self-described “envoy for humanity”. The U.S. Constitution forbids states from making deals with foreign governments, but Brown openly scorns the Constitution and the Republic form of government that it guarantees.”

12 injured after Molotov cocktail thrown at Paris suburb restaurant

Tens of thousands rally in Barcelona for Catalan independence vote

MEN’S HEARTS WILL FAIL THEM FROM FEAR -James Wesley Rawles (VIDEO) – “We discuss the pure fraud of the Russian hacking narrative, and the foul stench rising from the dying mainstream mockingbird news media that perpetuates it. And we round out the conversation with the one way to survive what is coming upon the earth: The full armor of God.” – TAKE A LISTEN, MR. RAWLES IS ALWAYS GOOD AND LEVEL-HEADED!!!!!

Iran, Russia Unite Against Western Mainstream Media News Monopoly – ” “The Western mainstream media (MSM) are trying to monopolize all the information, to breed hatred among countries and prevent them from setting up friendly relations,” Mohammad Khoddadi told Sputnik.”

Why is Venezuela in the White House’s Crosshairs? – ” Confronting The Neoliberal Propaganda Media Machine” – Peter Koenig

Venezuela’s bishops the pope have it – “Of course hearing this can’t be a pleasure for Pope Francis. In fact, it might be an embarassment – he’s endorsed all of the Marxist ideas that have brought the Venezuelan nation to its knees and now is being called on to denounce it.” – Monica Showalter

WSJ Privacy Test: Who Can See Your Personal Data? – “People would care more about privacy if they knew how exposed they already are online, says WSJ Personal Tech columnist Geoffrey A. Fowler. In an experiment, he showed a handful of strangers their own personal info—and managed to shock every one.”

9 Off-Grid, All-Natural Solutions To Depression

They Want To Make The Rest Of The Country Just Like California June – “If millions are leaving California because life there is so horrible, then why would those same people want to try to make their new communities more like the state that they just left?”- Michael Snyder

12-year-old boy is the latest pawn of the vaccine industry’s propaganda push to get everyone vaccinated

Is the Chain-Restaurant Recession Becoming Structural? – “A 15-month downturn, longest since 2009, and no end in sight.” – Wolf Richter

Everything Is Not What It Seems, The Shift Has Begun (VIDEO)

We’ve Lost All Sense of the Common Good June – “The only way to rebuild a Common Good is to radically decentralize political, financial and media concentrations of ownership and power.” – Charles Hugh Smith

Market Crash and Civil War Possible-Gregory Mannarino (VIDEO)

Legendary Investor Jim Rogers Warns That The Worst Stock Market Crash In Your Lifetime Is Coming ‘This Year Or Next’ – Michael Snyder

A Guide To Buying Bulk Ammo – Bob Rodgers

Shocking Study Finds Water Of 15 Million Americans Contains Deadly Cancerous DuPont Chemical – Annabelle Bamforth

Black Berkey Or White Ceramic Water Filter Elements ? – “Do you have a Big Berkey water filter and are wondering about the difference between the White filter element and the Black filter element, both of which are available today? Or are you thinking about buying a Berkey water filter and noticed that some of them come with white ceramic filter elements while others come with “Black Berkey” purification elements? You might be asking, “What’s the difference and what should I get?” ” – Ken Jorgustin

Top 100 All-American Traditions the Far-Left Cannot Stand! (VIDEO)




Hebrews 5:13-14  For every one that useth milk is unskilful in the word of righteousness: for he is a babe.  But strong meat belongeth to them that are of full age, even those who by reason of use have their senses exercised to discern both good and evil.