J.Edgar Comey’s Big Fat Nothingburger – “Comey’s ballyhooed testimony contained nothing not already known. It had nothing remotely about obstruction of justice and nothing that matters at all. It’s just a replay of what Comey has been leaking all along. Indeed, it’s the Nothingburger that proves Imperial Washington has become completely unhinged in its groundless RussiaGate hysteria” – David Stockman

Tucker Carlson Interviews Krauthammer on Comey Testimony (VIDEO)

NYT Scrambles To Fix ‘Almost Entirely Wrong’ Russia Scoop After Comey Testimony

The Comey Testimony is Great for Trump, Terrible For Democrats – Michael Krieger

Russia doesn’t cry ‘Washington hackers’ despite daily attacks from US territory – Kremlin

North Korea’s Satellites May ALREADY Have EMP Weapon, Expert Warns; ‘We’re Blind And Defenseless’; ‘90 Percent Of Population’ Would Die

US Intensifies ‘Proxy War Against Iran’, Risks Reaching Point of No Return

Does John McCain even know what’s going on? – “Sen. John McCain startled onlookers on Thursday as he appeared to conflate the ongoing investigation into Russian meddling in the campaign with the closed probe into Hillary Clinton’s private email server.” – MCCAIN IS A BUMBLING IDIOT!!!!!!!

John McCain’s Incoherent Questioning Of James Comey Shows Why We Need Term Limits – Michael Snyder

Comey Took Notes of Every Trump Meeting But Did Not Record Hillary’s 3 Hour Interrogation

THE IMPEACH-TRUMP CONSPIRACY – “Pat Buchanan asks, ‘Where are the criminals? Where is the crime?’ ”

DC police: We have to look at terrorism very closely’ in truck crash that injured 5

Theresa May Says She Will Form A Government With Support Of DUP Party

Hung Parliament: DUP to the Rescue? Tail Wags Dog? – “The Tories are in shock over a Hung Parliament. Lack of clear winner raises questions about Brexit and prime minister Theresa May’s future. Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn calls for May to resign, but isn’t that like the tail wagging the dog?”

More Interviews With Little Omran’s Father Reveal Terrorist Propaganda, Family Supports Syrian Govt – Brandon Turbeville

What does Trump have in Common with Emperor Nero? Fake News & the Deep State? – Martin Armstrong

Racial Unrest Escalates: Radical Evergreen State College Protesters Vs. Neo-Nazis – “The violent unrest is accelerating.” – Daisy Luther

“Nothing Else Matters”: Central Banks Have Bought A Record $1.5 Trillion In Assets In 2017

“Burn Them and Their Families”: As Islamic State Crumbles, Vigilantes Are Running Amok in Iraq – “This is what happens when law and order breaks down. People don’t just mete out justice. They are free to go on bloody rampages.”

THE HEMP DECEPTION AND THE STOLEN FUTURE OF THE AMERICAN PEOPLE – “Surely no member of the vegetable kingdom has ever been more misunderstood than hemp. For too many years, emotion-not reason-has guided our policy toward this crop. And nowhere have emotions run hotter than in the debate over the distinction between industrial hemp and marijuana.”

It’s Not Terrorism When We Do It—Syrians Report US Use of Chemical Weapons on Town of 200K – “The same entities that condemned the Syrian government’s alleged use of chemical weapons have become eerily silent in the face of reports that suggest a US-backed coalition committed the same crime.” – Rachel Blevins

Terror in Tehran, Qatar Spat, and Race for Syria-Iraq Border: the Washington ‘Swamp’ Gives Green Light for Saudi Arabia’s Jihad Agenda

How Britain Helped Create ISIS – Steven MacMillan

Rob Kirby: Something We’ve Never Seen Before In Recorded History (VIDEO) – “The establishment, globalist, elite, 1%, 0.01% whatever you wish to call them seem to be on a one-way ride straight into the abyss. The global financial systems and global economies all seem to be moving in the same direction at the same time – down the tubes. Of course if you listen to the mainstream media they will be happy to tell you, over and over, about how awesome everything is and how well you are doing. Just keep your eyes on the stock market and you too will know they are being sincere and have your best interest at heart. Anyone with a brain knows nothing could be further from the truth.”

Interview with Bill Holter! $SILVER/YEN/GSR/CRYPTOS (VIDEO)

How to Purify 12 Gallons Of Water A Day WITHOUT Filters or Electricity

Kiss Idaho Goodbye: Another Major Land Takeover – “We might have expected President Trump to stop the massive land grab in the west, but remember that he is a real estate mogul first. Idaho may soon become a mere shadow of its former self. The scam of Sustainable Development (aka Technocracy) is Grab all the Resources.”

Nomi Prins, In Washington, Is the Glass(-Steagall) Half Empty or Half Full?

Without Glass-Steagall America Will Fail – “So, what we can say about the repeal of Glass-Steagall is that it turned a somewhat egalitarian democracy with a large middle class into the One Percent vs. the 99 percent. The repeal resulted in the destruction of the image of the United States as an open prosperous society. The electorate is very much aware of the decline in their economic situation, and this awareness expressed itself in the last presidential election.” – Paul Craig Roberts

Moody’s: Number of distressed retailers tops total during financial crisis

Prepper Sustainability: How to Observe and Monitor Local Game – Jeremiah Johnson




Psalm 85:11  Truth shall spring out of the earth; and righteousness shall look down from heaven.