If you don’t drain the swamp, the swamp drains you. (VIDEO)

Tulsi Gabbard: Trump Is Still Selling Weapons To Al-Qaeda & ISIS – “Trump’s new $460 billion arms deal with Saudi Arabia will see US-funded weapons get into the hands of terrorist groups like ISIS and al-Qaeda – something Tulsi Gabbard claims is exactly what the US Deep State want. The Congresswoman previously stated that the Obama administration directly funded ISIS and Al-Qaeda after returning on a secret fact-finding mission in Syria.”

Tensions deepen between Saudi, Iran, US after Trump visit

President Trump’s Saudi Speech: “Confronting the Crisis of Islamic Extremism… is a Battle between Good and Evil”

Trump’s Treasury Capo Is Against Breaking Up The Big Banks – “The underlying implication of Mnuchin’s statement is that, just like the Obama administration, the Trump administration supports maintaining the status quo. The “status quo” is a well-grease wheel that extracts billions from the public and redistributes it to the people running the big banks. The DC Swamp animals are well-paid to support this status quo. What this means is that the banks are going to bailed out again when the next crisis seizes-up the markets. A crisis that is inevitable.” – Dave Kranzler

Will the Trump Administration Overdose on Authoritarianism? – Ron Paul

Putin to meet Macron during visit to Paris on May 29 – Kremlin – WONDER WHAT THEY WILL DISCUSS. A ROTHSCHILD HATER AND A ROTHSCHILD LACKEY!!!!!

The Tens Of Millions Of Forgotten Americans That The U.S. Economy Has Left Behind – Michael Snyder

Does the Washington Post Have Fake News? – Eric Zuesse – VERY LONG, BUT INTERESTING!!!

Rhode Island’s “Surprising” Geoengineering Act Of 2017 – “Whoever researched and drafted/wrote bill H6011 really did his/her homework (applause, applause, applause) because the Consequences listed on pages 3 and 4 are something every living being on Planet Earth must know before it’s too late to save the Planet and, specifically, the Planet’s prodigious life forms” – Catherine J. Frompovich

Seth Rich Plot Thickens: “DC Insider” Speaks Of “Complete Panic” At Highest Levels Of DNC

EU Shocked to Discover UK May Walk Away With No Deal

Emergency at US Nuclear Site: “Unusually high” radiation levels reported — Worker: “Everybody’s freaked, shocked, surprised” — Governor: “Alarming incident” — TV: “Major event… Sign the plant is falling apart” (VIDEOS)

Michael Flynn To Plead The Fifth, Will Decline Senate Subpoena


Twitter on McCain: ‘Butt-Hurt, Russia-Obsessed’ Senator ‘Has Lost His Mind’

Remember When China Attempted To Aid Bill Clinton’s Election & Democrats Were Silent?

It’s Back: How to Prep for Ebola 2.0 – “Avoiding contact with people who have the illness is the only way to prevent getting it. Should an outbreak occur, isolating yourselves is the best way to stay safe and healthy.” – Daisy Luther

New Ebola outbreak, or is it a hoax? – ” The massive campaign to make people believe the Ebola virus can attack at any moment, after the slightest contact, is quite a success. People are falling all over themselves to raise the level of hysteria” – Jon Rappoport

Long-Lasting Breads You Can Stockpile For YEARS and YEARS

MIT: Robots Learning How To Transfer Their Knowledge To Other Robots – “If teaching robots to teach other robots catches on, then these over-educated Technocrats will be sowing the seeds of our own destruction. Does anyone think beyond the end of their smart phone?”

Facebook will not delete videos of violent death, abortion and self-harm, leaked guidelines show

These Staggering Facts Prove A Cataclysm Awaits Us – Experts Warn Of ‘Worst Case Scenarios’ Unfolding With ‘Danger Zone’ From Summer Through November – “Without A Car, Without A Home, Without A Credit Card – It’s Time For A Reality Based Discussion”

Dirty Harry could not be produced today thanks to political correctness, says its star Clint Eastwood as he claims ‘we’ve lost our sense of humour

Charlie Daniels: We Need 1000 Paul Reveres, Because We Aren’t Going To Allow The Radical Left To Steal Our Country From Us – Michael Snyder

Silver strongly regains $17 handle with a 1.5% Monday morning move

THE FOURTH TURNING: Destruction Coming To America (VIDEO)

The Somali Measles Outbreak In Minnesota And How The Medical Establishment Has Deceived Us – “Critical thinkers and knowledgeable readers who have no ulterior motivation to blindly promote current over-vaccination agendas will agree that the Somali parents who have witnessed the devastating epidemic of Autistic Spectrum Disorders decimate so many of their children since coming to Minnesota, made a wise choice in refusing MMR vaccinations. Somali children never came down with autism in their native land. It was only after they became war refugees and emigrated to Minnesota and started accepting CDC- and Minnesota Department of Health-mandated MMR live virus-containing vaccinations (often combined with mercury-containing and aluminum-containing vaccinations) that the epidemic devastated the community.” – THIS ARTICLE SAYS IT ALL. NO AUTISM IN SOMALIAN CHILDREN UNTIL COMING HERE AND RECEIVING VACCINES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cancer patient speaks out about the devastating effects Monsanto’s Roundup has had on her life




Exodus 23:32  Thou shalt make no covenant with them, nor with their gods.