PEACEMAKER Putin: To eliminate instability, we need to abandon hostile rhetoric & mutual accusations (VIDEO)

President Trump: Toss Your Generals’ War Escalation Plans In the Trash – Ron Paul

NATO Builds Infrastructure for Permanent Military Presence Near Russia’s Borders – Alex Gorka

Global Cyberattack Spreads as Experts Try to Limit Damage – “Companies and organizations worked through the weekend to contain WannaCry ransomware”

Putin Jabs NSA For Letting The Ransomware “Genies Out Of The Bottle”

END OF THE EMPIRE (VIDEO) – ” Bill warns that despite popular opinion that the DOW, S&P and Nasdaq can only go up, the END could come in a flash, and when that happens, many people who went to be rich on a Friday could wake up broke by Monday.” Bill Holter

Is JPMorgan Preparing to REVALUE SILVER? (VIDEO) – Jim Willie

The Federal Reserve Must Go – “If you want to permanently fix America’s economy, there really is no other choice.” – Michael Snyder

Rumors Swirl: Secret Indictment Issued Against President Donald Trump (Video)

“This Is Going To Be WILD! – China Is Attacking COMEX Silver!” – Harvey Organ

Microsoft Blasts NSA, CIA for “Stockpiling Vulnerabilities”: Criminal Negligence by NSA?

Germany Confiscating Homes to Use for Migrants – “A massive attack on the property rights”

Major American Journalist Declares ‘Christian Persecution Is Not A Real Problem; The Real Problem Is The Persecution Of Islam And Muslims In America’

Huge organic farm under threat: County will invade and spray Roundup if not stopped. What?? A county government is going to destroy a massive organic farm? – “This will destroy all the efforts Azure Farms has made for years to produce the very cleanest and healthiest food humanly possible.” – Jon Rappoport

Pope Acknowledges Thousands of Cases of Priests Raping Kids With No Recourse – “With pedophilia scandals rocking the elite right now, is it that surprising to learn that the Pope is attempting to downplay the church’s role in the horrific practice? – Matt Agorist – FRANKIE CONTINUES TO TRY TO COVER UP THIS PRACTICE, BUT HE IS PART OF THE ELITE!!!!!!

7 Disease-Fighting Foods Hidden In Your Kitchen

Fabricating the American Worldview – “How many lies over the years does it take before a society comes to its senses and realizes that its overriding worldview has been crafted largely by manipulative lies? How many Americans ask themselves what right their country has even to consider “regime change” in sovereign nations no threat to the US, much less carry out military assaults, whether by proxy or candidly with US drones and “boots on the ground”?” – William Willers

Globalization and the Rural-Urban Divide – “We, the people, are being steadily herded into mega-cities. On the surface it seems like a voluntary migration to pursue economic opportunity… but reality is it’s forced.” – Charles Hugh Smith – GOOD ARTICLE!!!!!!

Vaccines Cause More Harm Than You Think: Settlement Figures for Vaccine Injuries – “To date, the U.S. government has now paid out nearly $3.6 billion in vaccine injury compensation, absolutely shredding the lies of the fake news media outlets (The Atlantic, CNN, WashPost, NYT, etc.) which continue to stupidly claim that vaccines harm no one.”

An Impending Economic And Financial Disaster – “The true fundamentals underlying the U.S. economy – as opposed the “fake news” propaganda that emanates from uncovered manholes at the Fed, Wall Street and Capitol Hill – are beginning to slide rapidly” – Dave Kranzler

Scientists Reveal Fukushima Doused Everyone on Earth With Radiation

First Ever Study of Unvaccinated Vs. Vaccinated Kids, Pulled from Journal, Erased from Internet – “the fact two groundbreaking, scientific, peer-reviewed studies painting inoculations in not-so favorable light have vanished from the Internet is cause for concern” – Claire Bernish

How They Sabotaged Western Civilization (VIDEO)

Retail Bloodbath: It’s Not All Amazon’s Fault – Peter Schiff

What the Heck’s Going on With Cryptocurrencies? – “There are over 830 “alt-coins,” as the alternatives to bitcoin are called, out there, with new ones being added constantly. The “market cap” of all these cryptocurrencies combined, according to the Financial Times, has pierced the $50 billion mark. So this starting to involve serious money.” – Wolf Richter

Get Microwave-Transmitted WI-FI Out Of Schools – Use Hard-Wired Connections Instead – Catherine J. Frompovich

Fundamental Misconception About What Silver Is and How You Should Approach Exchanging Currency for Metal – “There is no legitimate investment function for gold or silver. The valid function is as insurance. Do you cancel your life insurance because you can’t collect on it before you die? I think not. Insurance is for your family, not for you. Figure this out and you can disregard what the paper pirates do on a daily basis.”




Jude 17-18  But, beloved, remember ye the words which were spoken before of the apostles of our Lord Jesus Christ;  How that they told you there should be mockers in the last time, who should walk after their own ungodly lusts.