North Korea Arrests Another US Citizen, Threatens To Nuke White House And Destroy “Murderous American Ogres”

U.S. Dismisses Russia-Brokered Ban on War Planes over Syrian Safe Zones

These 5 countries have historically been the aggressor – NOT Russia (WARNING: GRAPHIC IMAGES)

US Foreign Policy is About to Kill 500,000 Children in Yemen — Media Silent – Annabelle Bamforth

Moment of truth for the euro as France votes

2nd round of presidential elections underway in France amid state of emergency

DIRTY TRICKS: French Voters Receive Invalid, Damaged Le Pen Ballots

Obama Puts His Nose in French Election – “Sadly, Obama has chosen to ignore precedent and propriety and has decided that he just has to weigh in on things that aren’t any of his business. Like the election in France. But this is just a continuation of years of bad Obama policies. Last year, he also had to have a say in the British people’s decision to leave the European Union. If you remember Obama implored the British people to remain in the EU, for the good of the world… a request the Brits ignored (thankfully).” – OBAMA HAS NEVER BEEN FOR WHAT THE PEOPLE WANT, ONLY TOTAL GOVERNMENT CONTROL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

‘Nuclear Attack’ Upon America Rages On – Why Isn’t The MSM Reporting Upon This ‘Nuclear War Without A War’? – “Surfing Website Warns Of ‘Ocean Oddities’ And ‘Fukushima Fallout’ “ – FUKUSHIMA IS THE BIGGEST COVER UP IN HISTORY AND WE ARE ALL GOING TO PAY FOR IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ALARM: Record die-off of marine life along West Coast — Huge numbers washing up on shore… “This is just the tip of the iceberg” — Several types of animals found dead — Hemorrhaging from brain infection (VIDEOS) – ON AND ON IT GOES!!!!!!!!!

Fiscal Bloodbath Coming this Fall-David Stockman – ” I think this is the greatest sucker’s rally we have ever seen.”

A US government lie exposed: the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing. (VIDEO)

In Venezuela’s Chaos, Elites Play a High-Stakes Game for Survival

Trump Accuses ‘Fake Media’ of Not Asking About ‘Dems Dealings With Russia’ – “Why isn’t the House Intelligence Committee looking into the Bill & Hillary deal that allowed big Uranium to go to Russia, Russian speech money to Bill, the Hillary Russian ‘reset,’ praise of Russia by Hillary, or Podesta’s Russian Company?”  – TRUMP IS RIGHT ON THIS ONE, ALL OF THIS HAS BEEN DOCUMENTED BUT IGNORED BY THE MSM!!!!!!!

Feinstein Says There is No Evidence of Collusion Between Trump Associates and Russia (VIDEO)

Why Americans Distrust the Press More Than They Distrust Trump – Eric Zuesse

State Dept. Told To Release New Benghazi Emails From Hillary’s Server – “Still trying to provide cover for Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama”

Hillary: The Girl Can’t Take It – “The Hillary Clinton whinefest continues. I had hoped that like the falling out of favor Kardashians and Caitlyn (aka Bruce) Jenner, she’d just start fading out of an audience, but she feels compelled to keep complaining about all those who cost her the election.” – Clarice Feldman

Ex-NSA Agent Confirms Coup Underway- Congress Holding Secret Meetings to Remove Trump Under the 25th Amendment (VIDEO) – The Common Sense Show

Tempers Flare Over Removal of Confederate Statues in New Orleans – “For Frank B. Stewart Jr., a white New Orleans native, the city government’s plan to remove the statues — an idea championed by New Orleans’s white mayor, Mitch Landrieu — feels like an Orwellian attempt to erase history. “I ask you, Mitch, should the Pyramids in Egypt be destroyed since they were built entirely from slave labor?” he wrote.”

May 7, 2017 It Is About to Get Very Ugly In New Orleans On May 7, 2017 – Antifa To Face Off With Black Patriots And Oath Keepers In ‘The Battle Of New Orleans’

How Information Is Controlled by Washington, Israel, and Trolls, Leading to Our Destruction – Paul Craig Roberts

NWO Zombies: The Greatest Threat on Earth Is…Russia! (VIDEO)

Federal Suit Hits Soros For $10 Billion For “Political Meddling…Motivated Solely By Malice”

Puerto Rico Bankruptcy a Flashing Warning Sign for the US – Peter Schiff

Sympathy For The Devil? Trouble in paradise for the bankers – ” From our retirement accounts, to our homes, to the laws we live under — the banks control it all. And they run the system for their benefit, not ours.”

BOMBSHELL: STUDY PROVES UNVACCINATED CHILDREN ARE HEALTHIER – “Studies put to question the safety of current vaccination practices”

World Events: Next Verse, Same as the First, Different Accent, Which is Worse? – Daisy Luther

Obamacare? Trumpcare? Get Rid of it All – “Ever since the US government began to sink its claws into the medical industry a good 50 or so years ago, attempts at reducing costs have failed again and again. This is par for the course whenever government invades an industry. Trying to reform this Frankenstein with either Obamacare, or Trumpcare, will solve nothing. The problem is structural. Tinkering with this or that will just waste more time.”

Police Kill 15yo Boy in School Parking Lot for Brandishing BB Gun – Matt Agorist

Is There Life After A Nuclear Blast? – “Here are 10 questions answered about how life is going to be after a nuclear blast.”

Docs Show How Monsanto Crushes Dissent with Thousands of Paid Trolls – Christina Sarich

Debt is Financial Life – Nonsense! – “On average gold increases along with debt. Expect much higher prices for gold as the dollar and all fiat currencies are devalued.” – Gary Christenson

THE HORROR! THE HORROR! (PART TWO) By Jim Quinn of The Burning Platform – “In Part Two I will discuss recent events, false flags, and propaganda campaigns utilized by the Deep State to push the world to the brink of war.” – PART 1 PREVIOUSLY LINKED!

How To Revive A Dead Car Battery With Aspirin Or Epsom Salt – “This is temporary solution. While it will give your car battery a boost, it will shorten the overall lifespan of your battery. It is a recommended solution to revive a dead car battery when you get stranded in the middle of nowhere.”

Paper gold leverage over 500/1 in order to protect dollar and trillions in derivatives – Ken Schortgen

Lessons From the First TEOTWAWKI- Part 3, by Sarah Latimer

The Forgotten Island Destroyed By The Gulf Oil Spill – “Cat Island was actually one of the 4 largest rookeries in Louisiana for brown pelicans, snowy egrets, roseate spoonbills, listeners and a variety of other shorebirds, so now its just a fragile remnant of what it was.”




Isaiah 19:8  The fishers also shall mourn, and all they that cast angle into the brooks shall lament, and they that spread nets upon the waters shall languish.


In loyalty to their kind
They cannot tolerate our minds.
In loyalty to our kind
We cannot tolerate their obstruction!

( Crown of Creation by Paul Kantner )