Soothing Doctor Macron vs. Madame Marine Le Trump – “Today, a lot of French wonder ‘who is Monsieur Macron, and from where did he come?’ One is reminded of silver-tongued US candidate Barack Obama, who rocketed out of obscurity to become president. Who bankrolled him and blazed a political path for him? The Deep Government, no doubt.” – Eric Margolis

Brutal French presidential race enters final stretch

President Trump, This Is No Way to Drain the Swamp

Republican Sponsored “Trumpcare” Passes House: Hooray? – “Before anyone gets too excited, the bill may be dead on arrival in the Senate. Either way, the consequences are not pretty.”

High-Level Intel Official: ‘Greatest Threat to US Democracy is Sham 2-Party System, not Russia’ – “It doesn’t matter who you vote for, the same government administration will get in.” – Claire Bernish

What Fox News And CNN Get Wrong About Obamacare

The Real Reasons Why Trump Has Flipped On His Campaign Promises – Brandon Smith

Russia Denies: No, We Did Not Plant Secret Nuclear Tsunami Bombs On U.S. Coast

Pentagon finally ‘admits’ US jets bombed mosque with civilians in Syria

Footage From The Front Lines: As Blood Flows In The Streets, Experts Warn Of A ‘Violent End Game’

One Good Reason to Read the Putin Story: To Learn the Truth for Yourself – Phil Butler

The Devil’s Pope – “The pope has stated: “The Marxist ideology is wrong.” Yet he frequently exhorts action through government and political leaders toward redistributive ends. If this isn’t Marxism, it is a close cousin. Call it democratic communism. Yes, some will find that repetitive. It is safe to say – especially considering its short time on earth – that communism has been the most destructive political philosophy that the world has ever known; the devil’s Mt. Rushmore is still waiting for three other nominees.”

America Was Founded As A Christian Nation By Christians That Believed That The Bible Is The Word Of God – Michael Snyder

The Deep History of US, Britain’s Never-Ending Cold War On Russia – Finian Cunningham

Student Loans and Healthcare – Two Issues that Will Define American Politics Going Forward – Michael Krieger

The Day the Malls Went Silent – “The Federal Reserve is in denial. The tapping out of the American consumer couldn’t be happening at a worse time for U.S. retailers.”

Empty Gold Vaults and Fresh Out of Bombs

Why isn’t there a medical Edward Snowden? – “The US press is aware that medically caused death is the third leading cause of death in America. But nothing happens in their elite corner of the “information age.” For years, I’ve been pointing out that the medical apparatus is best-protected structure in the US and the world.” – Jon Rappoport

California Must Provide Trans Prisoners With Compression Underwear – CALIFORNIA IS GETTING NUTTIER AND NUTTIER ALL THE TIME!!!!!!

6 Essential Military Equipment and Gear

Harry Dent Is Right About One Thing! – “inflation has destroyed our lives, and made it impossible for “the 99%” to live comfortably. And for 90%-plus, to one day retire; enjoy the fruits of their labor; and God forbid, leave an inheritance.” – Andy Hoffman

World’s first-ever malaria vaccine to be tested on innocent Africans in global depopulation scheme

How to Grow a Compact Potato Grow Box – Try This For Yourself And See How this Simple System Can Give You A Fantastic Amount Of Potatoes In A Small Space

Gold price divergence between London and Shanghai climbs to $28 following continued beatdown in paper markets – Ken Schortgen




Leviticus 18:26  Ye shall therefore keep my statutes and my judgments, and shall not commit any of these abominations; neither any of your own nation, nor any stranger that sojourneth among you: