‘A TOTAL WAR’ North Korea threatens the ‘final doom of the US’ after Trump sends supersonic nuclear bombers over the Korean peninsula

China Demands “Immediate Halt” Of US Missile Shield Deployment In South Korea

CONFIRMED: Obama Used Profits From Fannie and Freddie Mae to Subsidize Obamacare

US, Europe Unleashing Lawlessness and War – “The US-led policy of blockade is being wielded like a weapon across the globe like never before. Russia, China and others cannot afford to let this criminality go unchallenged. Some tactical response is needed, like dropping the US dollar, before arrogant Western lawlessness takes the world over an abyss.” – Finian Cunningham

Vaccine-pushing scientists now arguing that the CDC should promote the inhaled nasal flu vaccine even though it doesn’t work

US Dollar Fallout to Unleash Massive Conflict | Rob Kirby (VIDEO) – “Has Trump been co-opted as the first domino to fall in the populist/nationalist movement? Is the European Union headed for inevitable collapse, and is that a good or bad thing for the world? How have globalists designed the coming failure of the US-Dollar Based Reserve Currency, which is already showing severe signs of stress & weakness”

The “Retail Apocalypse” Is Here – David Stockman

Juncker Tells Merkel “Theresa May Lives in a Different Galaxy” – “It does not matter which side is in a different solar system, galaxy, or alternate universe. What matters is the EU, not the UK, has imposed an impossible starting point that the UK cannot possibly accept.”

Erdogan threatens to say ‘goodbye’ to EU as official warns Turkey won’t be joining bloc

Bigoted Americans Far More Supportive of War Against Syria – Eric Zuesse

Brain-rotting toxin killing huge numbers of marine animals on California coast — Die-offs skyrocket over past week — Expert: “It’s worst year we’ve ever seen” — Mass deaths of sea lions, dolphins, birds — Officials warn outbreak is spreading (VIDEOS)

Sierra Vista woman finds note from ‘Chinese prisoner’ in Walmart purse

Urban Survival – Learn To Diffuse A Hostile Situation – “During SHFT, you have two choices when engaging with desperate or angry people. You can engage them at their level and see how that plays out, or you can try to diffuse a hostile situation without making enemies. There is no doubt about the fact that if you engage your adversary, things can escalate to dangerous levels. Rather than using excessive force, you should find a satisfying solution to the conflict.”

Why There Will NEVER Be A Political Solution To America’s Problems – Michael Snyder

Is This Another Sign The Illuminati Has Chosen Their Next Sacrifice? As Much Of The World Prepares For War, Have The ‘Elite’ Been Tipped Off To ‘Danger To Come’? – “While Russia Prepared 40 Million For Nuclear War, Why Haven’t We Built Bunkers For The American People?’

Silver vs. The World (Why I Went ALL IN On Silver) (VIDEO) – Chris Duane

FB Under Fire for Selling Emotionally Vulnerable Kids’ Data to Advertisers – “Facebook says the data amassed by the algorithms was never used for targeted ads, but merely “to help marketers understand how people express themselves on Facebook.” Still, the company acknowledges a “process failure” and says an investigation has been opened to correct the mistake. That’s a good thing because Facebook’s real-time monitoring of kids might actually be violating the Australian government’s ethical standards.”

Is Trump Afraid of Meeting Putin – Grete Mautner

The Pope’s Favorite Straw Man: “Individualism” – “If Francis does wish to identify institutions that breed conflict, poverty, war, and social disintegration, he’d do much good by turning his attention to states, to central banks, and to the global machinery of coercion and war that works daily to undo the great progress being made every day thanks to markets and other forms of peaceful and voluntary cooperation.” – BUT HE WON’T DO THAT. POPE FRANKIE WANTS A ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT AND COULD CARE LESS ABOUT THE INDIVIDUAL!!!!!!

Hundreds Suffer as City Shuts Down Church for Helping the Homeless – “A church in Davenport, Iowa, facing zoning restrictions related to its outreach program to feed the homeless, is appealing its local council and questioning the legality of the city’s regulations. This all stems from a cease and desist order they received — because feeding the homeless is not allowed when you’re zoned as a church.”

Big Brother Is Still Watching You: Don’t Fall for the NSA’s Latest Ploy – “Presidents, politicians, and court rulings have come and gone over the course of the NSA’s 60-year history, but none of them have done much to put an end to the NSA’s “technotyranny.” The beast has outgrown its chains. It will not be restrained. Moreover, even if the NSA could be reformed, the problem of government surveillance goes far beyond the criminal activities of this one agency. In fact, long before the NSA became the agency we loved to hate, the Justice Department, the FBI, and the Drug Enforcement Administration were carrying out their own secret mass surveillance on an unsuspecting populace. Just about every branch of the government—from the Postal Service to the Treasury Department and every agency in between—now has its own surveillance sector, authorized to spy on the American people.” – John W. Whitehead

This Video Shows Just How Easily a Child Abduction Can Happen – Daisy Luther

The CME Extends The Paper Fraud To The Coin Market (VIDEO) with Dave Kranzler and Rory Hall

What the IRS Plans to Do in Case of a Nuclear War Will Leave You in Stitches – “Even if the IRS survives a nuclear war, I have a feeling that their employees who are sent out to collect taxes, wouldn’t live for very long.”

Jim Willie On the Silver FIX & The Gold Trade Note (PODCAST)

Smart Meters Uncloaked And How To Fight Back – “The battle of AMI Smart Meters is heating up across the land. Too many utility customers are getting sick after those meters unknowingly are/were retrofitted on to their home utility meters. After researching the timeline on what happened either to them or their children’s health, customers realize it all started after AMI Smart Meters were retrofitted on to their electric, natural gas or water utility meters. The problem is the non-thermal radiation waves AMI Smart Meters emit, which causes electrosmog and an adverse health problem known as electromagnetic hypersensitivity (EHS).” – Catherine J Frompovich

This Chart Proves Paul Krugman Is Dead Wrong on Wall Street Reform

3 Ways To Determine If Old Food Is Edible

A Chinese Factory Slave Explains Why Manufacturing Jobs Are Never Coming Back To America No Matter What President Trump Says

‘The Church Doesn’t Need Any More Coffee Bars’ – “Once upon a time in America, going to church was not about watching a show. We actually used to have something called “worship services” where people truly worshiped the Living God. And when the conviction of the Holy Spirit fell, people would actually run up the altar to pray and confess their sins. But nobody really does that today. After all, what would people think?” – Michael Snyder

Google wants to collect your poop, spit, and tears in voluntary health study aimed at knowing all your medical secrets

Why is Gold a Better Form of Money Then Paper? – Peter Schiff




Job 22:7  Thou hast not given water to the weary to drink, and thou hast withholden bread from the hungry.