BRING IT ON, KIM US threatens decisive response as North Korea fires ANOTHER failed ballistic missile just hours after Donald Trump warned of ‘major conflict’ with rogue state – “Medium range rocket – which may have been nuclear capable – crashed down into the Sea of Japan minutes after launch”

US warship approaches North Korea after Kim Jong Un carries out another failed missile test, just hours after Pyongyang warned it was ‘on the brink of nuclear war’ with the United States

Remember! North Korea Had Commando Units On US Soil Trained To Attack Nuclear Power Stations And Terrorize US Cities Should War Break Out According To Declassified Report

Russia backs China’s call to stop N. Korea nuke tests in exchange for halt in US-S. Korea drills

The Real Barack Obama is Finally Exposed to Everyone – “Trying to determine Barack Obama’s most corrupt, crony appointee presents a virtually impossible task. Every single person he’s appointed to a position of power over the course of his unfathomably shady, violent and unconstitutional presidency, has been little more than a gatekeeper for powerful vested interests. Obama’s job was to talk like a marxist, but act like a robber baron. In this regard, his reign has been an unprecedented success.” – Michael Krieger

President Trump’s Inner Circle looking more like a group of ‘Hollow Men’ – “the U.S. has remained trapped in a ‘Cold War’ mentality which has been run for the past 30 years by a group of what we might term, ‘Hollow Men’.” – Ken Schortgen


PRESIDENT TRUMP NOW DECLARES: “I’M A NATIONALIST… *AND* A GLOBALIST” – “Looks like someone came out of the closet…”

11 Reasons Why U.S. Economic Growth Is The Worst That It Has Been In 3 Years

Climate Scientist Warns Against Geoengineering At TED Conference Vancouver – “Geoengineering, she said, is like going to a doctor who says ‘You have a fever, I know exactly why you have a fever, and we’re not going to treat that,” Business Insider reported. “We’re going to give you ibuprofen, and also your nose is going to fall off.’ It is, Marvel believes, a band-aid for the problem accompanied by consequences we can’t currently imagine.”

Brexit Negotiations: Why Bother?

The Left-Wing Takeover of Fox News – “Many of us have seen this coming for a long time. The more powerful Fox became (on the backs of the right), the more to Fox moved to the left. Roger Ailes should never have been forced to resign, nor Bill O’Reilly (even though I am not a fan). Rupert Murdoch’s two silver-spooned stooges, James Murdoch (Tweedledee) and Lachlan Murdoch (Tweedledum) are systematically dismantling the once-great network. And like all true leftists, they are tone deaf to the cacophony of complaints.” – Pam Geller

Suddenly, the left is all worried about a ‘coup’ in Chavista Venezuela – “What a bunch of jackasses. The opinions of the millions who marched don’t matter to them, nor does the loss of democracy that is propelling the marches in this country upset this bunch. But a coup! Now that’s different. That’ to be feared. Chavista ‘revolucion’ must be preserved at all costs, because, well … socialism. The left still clings to its socialist dreamscape, no matter what the reality”

The Corporatocracy – “The interests of Washington and large corporations have merged so completely they are now inseparable.” – Robert Gore

Brazil protesters, police clash in first general strike in decades

Stockman: This Stock Market is Delusional – “When asked on newly appointed Treasury Secretary Mnuchin’s comments indicating that growth would gradually pay for the tax cuts Stockman did not hold back. The economist responded within hesitating on Mnuchin’s comments saying, “He’s delusional”

The Disconnect Between Stock Market Perception and Economic Reality – Peter Schiff

Obama’s Real Legacy: Allowing N.K. To Develop Technology to Hit U.S. Land – “Under Obama’s lame duck foreign policy, which caused the United States to lose respect in the eyes of the world’s dictators and despots, North Korea operated practically unabated. It continued to test nuclear weapons in defiance of any sanctions, and made frequent threats against its neighbors; our allies. And with 8 years of preparation, North Korea may have made itself the largest threat in the region.”

Demonic Sex – Incubus & Succubus, The Demons of Sex – Ray Gano

20 Amazing Facts About What Happens Every Single Minute Of Every Single Day In Our Rapidly Changing World

10 Healthy reasons to add flax seed to your diet

What Is Your Worst Prepper Nightmare? – “For people in the preparedness realm, we look at the fears of other people and instead of trying to ignore those fears, we look them dead in the eye. We figure out who we’re going to keep those fears from becoming a reality.” – Daisy Luther

Economic Demise Breeds Public Unrest (VIDEO) – Dave Kranzler and Rory Hall

Let The Round-Ups Begin! First Berkeley, Now Portland Again – Time For DHS To Designate These Groups As Terrorist Organizations

How would you feel if your doctor were bribed to give you a drug? – “In the last five months of 2013, drug makers spent almost $20 million trying to convince physicians and teaching hospitals to give their freshly-patented drugs to patients, but many of them are near-copies of existing drugs that treat the same conditions.” – Jon Rappoport

PiMBEEBA-A-LOOZA, Part II, And An Important Personal Message – “In other words, particularly after the latest; most heinous; and potentially, physical market dislocating Cartel attacks, the reasons to own Precious Metals have never been more powerful, nor their valuations more compelling.” – Andy Hoffman

Emergency Evacuation Checklist: Are You Prepared to Bug Out Fast?

Huma Abedin Just Got Terrible News From The FBI (Video)

Will The Comex Silver Manipulation Ever End?

Goldman Sachs Prepares to “Better Weather Future Disasters” – Wolf Richter

Why Pets Should Have a Place in Your Emergency Planning – Jeremiah Johnson




Matthew 13:38  The field is the world; the good seed are the children of the kingdom; but the tares are the children of the wicked one;