Russia flexes muscle from Alaska to Japan

US official: With eye on North Korea, China puts bombers on ‘high alert’

Trump is Like the Weather: Wait a Day and His Foreign Policy Position Will Change

Oliver Stone: Trump’s “Taken Handcuffs Off War Machine” Giving Generals War At Any Cost – “For those hoping that President Trump would set the world right, they’d better be careful of what they wished for. The genie may not grant your wish in the way that you wanted it. Whatever is coming has been orchestrated for years, and now after decades of rehearsal, we draw ever close to the real performance. Stay prepared, and stay watchful. Know propaganda from fact, and recognize the true role of governments in crisis.”

Day 91: Trump Attempts Health Care Compromise – Peter Schiff

40% Of Spanish Children Live In Poverty

Caracas on Knife-Edge as Maduro Protesters Erect Barricades

“All I Have Is Hunger” – Many Venezuelans Too Weak To Protest Despite Maduro Misery – “Some say they are intimidated by armed pro-government militias who scour the slums for signs of dissent. Others say they are afraid to lose the few food handouts the cash-strapped government still provides.”

France: The Next Political Earthquake? | John Rubino (VIDEO)

Restore France’s borders, expel foreign nations on watchlist – Le Pen to French govt

Paul Tudor Jones Has A Message For Janet Yellen: “Be Terrified” – “Billionaire investor Paul Tudor Jones has a message for Janet Yellen and investors: Be very afraid. Echoing a number of recent high profile managers’ warnings…

Sources: US prepares charges to seek arrest of WikiLeaks’ Julian Assange

If This Is Freedom and Democracy, What Is Tyranny? – “If truth be known, Americans are no more free than were Germans under Gestapo Germany. “Freedom and Democracy America” is the greatest lie in the world. Countries sink into tyranny easily. Those born today don’t know the freedom of the past and are unaware of what has been taken away.” – Paul Craig Roberts

What Comes Next? – “Unless humanity reestablishes a conscious bond with the living Earth, neither humanity nor the Earth will long survive. This present “civilization” might have 20 more years until it catastrophically ends. and maybe not even that much time. The coming years of the global climate change, ecosystem collapse, radiation increase, economic collapse, etc. will be just that fast and furious. Either humanity takes a step up in consciousness and saves itself and the planet or it steps over the precipice into the abyss. These years right now, in the 2010s, are definitive. We are playing for all the marbles, even as our so-called “leaders” are pathetically, pathologically, psychopathically “losing their marbles.” “ – LONG BUT GOOD ARTICLE!!!!!

Rob Kirby: Elites Plan WWIII to Hide Next Global Financial Crisis? (VIDEO)

The UN Coup to Takeover Amerika

Soros Dishonestly Orchestrated Bill O’Reilly Being Fired By Fox News (VIDEO) – “Liberals everywhere are rejoicing at the latest news that their TV boogeyman, Bill O’Reilly has been forced out of Fox News, his longtime home, for alleged sexual harassment. Those on the left shouldn’t be too quick to cheer however; the only reason these allegations are surfacing is because of a targeted smear campaign by politically-linked parties, further jeopardizing the independence of the media. Or perhaps they just don’t care?”

‘Operation Gotham Shield’ Prepares For Nuclear Attack Upon New York Next Week

The Powers That Be Are Screaming For QE And NIRP To Infinity – Andy Hoffman – GOOD ARTICLE FROM ANDY!!!!

Massive Attacks On Gold Reek Of Desperation (VIDEO) with Dave Kranzler and Rory Hall – VIDEO GOES HAND IN HAND WITH ANDY”S ARTICLE!!!!

Food scarcity study reveals that 2 billion people across the planet depend almost entirely on IMPORTED food for their survival

The Miracle Backyard ‘Weed’ That Heals Wounds, Reduces Fevers … And Doubles As Toilet Paper

Why Are So Many Millennials Living With Their Parents Instead Of Getting Married And Starting Their Own Families?


US Turns Blind Eye on Real National Security Threats – “The overwhelming corruption and unbridled crime spiraling out of control undermine the national security of the country much more than overseas conflicts that have no immediate relation to the United States at all. By no stretch of imagination the conflicts in Yemen and Syria, where the US is deeply involved, threaten the foundations of American society. But the problems described above do.”


The Robots are Coming – and Sooner Than We Think

Should I Bug Out or Survive in Place?- Part 2, by Jonathan Hollerman

Predictions of The End of The World As We Know It – And There Will Be Famines, War, Pestilences, and Earthquakes in Various Places. All These Are The Beginning of Sorrows

Vitamin Supplements Guide List – “Preppers will store up a supply of food, but have they considered the nutritional balance of the foods they’ve stored versus what the body needs? The list includes the vitamin function in the body and some of the natural food sources for the vitamin itself.”




Proverbs 10:15  The rich man’s wealth is his strong city: the destruction of the poor is their poverty.