NEWS for Easter

Christ’s Resurrection: The Historical Record – GOOD ARTICLE!!!!!

Growing Up American: Easter, the Story That Can Never Die – “And while the bunny’s baskets and some new spring clothes excited us, it was the mystery on the table that held us in awe year after year: The large family Bible opened to the story of the Resurrection” – Susan D. Harris

Good Friday And The Real Meaning Of The Cross

Blessed Are the Peacemakers

Will Christianity Perish in Its Birthplace? – ” Where are the gains for religious freedom and human rights to justify all the bombings, invasions and wars we have conducted in the lands from Libya to Pakistan — to justify the losses we have endured and the death and suffering we have inflicted? Truth be told, it is in part because of us that Christianity is on its way to being exterminated in its cradle.” – Patrick J. Buchanan

Compare Trump’s Easter, Passover Message To Obama’s Anti-Christian Rhetoric And Israel Hatred

US ‘SABOTAGED KIM’S MISSILE LAUNCH’ North Korea’s embarrassing missile launch failure may have been caused by US cyber attack – “Former foreign secretary Malcolm Rifkind claims American intelligence has foiled similar nuke tests”

There Is No Military Solution To The North Korea Conundrum

U.S. Putting Boots on the Ground in Somalia

Still More Tightening in French Polls – “A mere two points separate Marine Le Pen from both François Fillon and Jean-Luc Mélenchon in the most recent poll. Only three point separates all of them.” – HOW CONVENIENT!!!!!

The Bad Joke That Trump Is Turning Out To Be – Karl Denninger

Trump Adviser Invested in America’s Collapse?

Le Pen Faces Disaster In Election After “Monumental” Computer Error

Marine Le Pen: Pope Francis Exceeds His Role as Religious Leader -Tells States to Disregard Their Own Citizens

Facebook shuts down pro Marine Le Pen posts as French election nears – “Well, sure. Wouldn’t you? The woman is running for the presidency of France. She wants to reverse the tide of immigration in her country, so she must be a racist, and whatever she says or whatever anyone else says in support of her is, automatically, fake news, mindless, evil, and the population must be protected from that infection. This is how free speech works. It’s free unless it could do harm, unless certain minds might be taken in by it, and apparently Facebook is stepping up to the plate. Mark Zuckerberg is long overdue for a Nobel Peace Prize.” – Jon Rappoport

Democrat Maxine Waters Caught in Another Corruption Scandal


How the Rothschild-Rockefeller Empire Conquered the World

New Report Shows Selfies Kill 800 Percent More People Than Cannabis in the US

UN Response to US Attack on Syria: Noble Words, Empty Deeds – ” The refusal of the United Nations to qualify the recent US airstrike against Syria as an act of aggression makes the Organization irrelevant – something Russia has been trying to prevent. It has become vulnerable to scathing criticism after demonstrating its impotence and inability to act. The continued paralysis is an eloquent example of the UN’s disengagement and lack of political will to fulfill its duty.” – Alex Gorka

Trump Walks Into Syria Trap Via Fake ‘Intelligence’ – “MIT expert debunks US government “evidence” ” – Justin Raimondo

Trump Syria Strike – Straight Out of the New World Order Playbook – “(By the way, if you think Trump cares about beautiful babies, you may want to consider why he is supporting the Saudis in their war against the Yemenis, whose beautiful babies are also getting killed.)”

US Plans to Topple Assad Family Go Back Six Presidents, CIA Doc Reveals

The Last Country We “Liberated” From An “Evil” Dictator Is Now Openly Trading Slaves

The Boston Marathon Bombing After Four Years – “April 15, 2017, is the fourth anniversary of the Boston Marathon Bombing, a hoax event performed by crisis actors and tell-tale bright red Hollywood blood. Sheila Casey has done a good job of exposing the hoax just by using the time line and photos of the event. A person has to be extremely gullible and inattentive to believe the official story. But that is what most Americans are.” – Paul Craig Roberts


SURPRISE! Guess what Sinister Endgame Trump’s Generals are Planning for Syria… (VIDEO)

The U.S. and China: Why the Sudden Convergence on North Korea? – “It was no coincidence that America’s 11-ton bunker-tunnel busting bomb was deployed in Afghanistan as tensions mount over North Korea’s nuclear theats. In the past, China resisted U.S. saber-rattling against North Korea. Now China is threatening North Korea with military action. What’s going on? Why the sudden convergence of U.S.-China threats of military force against North Korea? ‘ – Charles Hugh Smith

Last Days of The Gold Cartel – Andy Hoffman

Do You Have a Logistics Plan For Catastrophic Events? – Tom Chatham

Hacker documents show NSA tools for breaching global money transfer system

Could Glass-Steagall Crown the Next King on Wall Street? – “Glass-Steagall Could Make Goldman the King of Wall Street” – WHICH IS EXACTLY WHY EX-GOLDMAN GARY COHN IS BEHIND IT!!!!!

Americans Are Too “Idiotic To See How Enslaved They Are” Even As the Gates of Hell Open Up




Luke 24:5-6  And as they were afraid, and bowed down their faces to the earth, they said unto them, Why seek ye the living among the dead?  He is not here, but is risen: remember how he spake unto you when he was yet in Galilee,



I could tell the moment that I saw Him
He was nothing but the trouble making kind
His hair was much too long and His motley group of friends
Had nothing but rebellion on their minds

He’s rejected the establishment completely
I know for sure He’s never held a job
He just goes from town to town, stirring up the young folks
‘Til they’re nothing but a disrespectful mob

I know for sure He’s never joined the army
And served His country like we all have done
He’d rather wear His sandals and His flowers
While others wage the war that must be won

They arrested Him last week and found Him guilty
And sentenced Him to die but that’s no great loss
Friday they will take Him to a place called Calvary
And hang that troublemaker to a cross

(The Troublemaker by Willie Nelson)