Kremlin tells U.S. it’s ‘one step from war’ as Trump warns he will hit Syria AGAIN after his attack on Russia’s ally Assad triggers fears of World War Three

Russian Warship Steaming Toward U.S Destroyers Off Syria Coast

Prepare for Impact – This is the Beginning of the End for U.S. Empire – “We need to understand that those who want this war will be absolutely relentless. The sales pitch will not end until they get exactly what they want. This is where all of us critical thinkers need to play a key role. We must be prepared to diligently analyze all unsubstantiated official claims, and push back against the war-mongers, because we know for certain the oligarch-owned corporate media won’t.” – Michael Krieger

U.S.-Led Coalition Already Using Idlib Chemical Attack As Pretext For War In Syria

Washington Has Crossed Russia’s Red Line – “Insane Washington is driving the world to thermo-nuclear war. And where are the protests?” – Paul Craig Roberts

Trump Kills “Beautiful Babies” In Syria Because Killing Children Is “Horrible” – “They were, as they will be known, collateral damage; just numbers to Americans who have become the most bloodthirsty population on the face of the earth, second only to the population of Israel.”

Trump’s Options for North Korea Include Placing Nukes in South Korea – “The National Security Council has presented President Trump with options to respond to North Korea’s nuclear program — including putting American nukes in South Korea or killing dictator Kim Jong-un, multiple top-ranking intelligence and military officials told NBC News.”

US Bombs Syria – National Security Or Aggression? With Guest, US Rep. Thomas Massie and Ron Paul (VIDEO)

#NoWarInSyria: If You Don’t Want World War III In The Middle East You Need To Let Your Voice Be Heard NOW – ” it is very interesting to note that the “White Helmets” were ready and waiting with their cameras to film the attack when it happened. The White Helmets are funded by George Soros and they have been closely affiliated with al-Qaeda in the past. They very much want to see Assad removed from power, and so they would greatly benefit from the U.S. getting involved in the war in Syria. And let us not forget that it turned out that Assad had absolutely nothing to do with the infamous “chemical attack” that he originally got the blame for in 2013…”

On The Course To Full-Fledged, All-Out World War Over A False Flag? – “THEORIES ARE FLYING”

Was Chemical Attack in Syria a “False Flag” to Trigger U.S. War?

Invade Iraq 2003, Invade Iran 2018 – “As Trump’s Presidency gets initial bearings, it’s increasingly marching in step with former President Barack Obama’s pro-Saudi, strongly fundamentalist-Sunni and anti-Shiite (especially anti-Iranian), and anti-Russian, military shoes. They have a very similar military-strategic footprint, one that Trump had condemned during his election-campaign: favoring more jihadists, more invasions, more wars, less security for the American people, and the creation of more failed states, and less security for everyone. Instead of fighting terrorists, he is producing them.” – Eric Zuesse

Laser weapons edge toward use in US military

JUDGMENT DAY: Russia & China Bypass the Dollar With GOLD (VIDEO) with Andy Hoffman

The Economic Data Just Went From Bad To Worse, The Collapse Accelerates (VIDEO)

Why Is the State in Our Bedrooms and Living Rooms as Well as Our Bank Accounts? – “There’s a word to describe a state with unlimited power over the private lives, spaces, choices, behaviors, communications and accounts of its citizens: totalitarian.” – Charles Hugh Smith

Gerald Celente – When Dow dives, economy will tank. Buy or sell? (VIDEO)

Wild French Polls: Spread Between Top Four Candidates Shrinks to 4 Percentage Points

America’s Retailers Are Closing Stores Faster Than Ever – “Amazon is gobbling up most of the industry’s online growth”

Harvard Students Say Donald Trump More Dangerous Than ISIS (VIDEO)

Illinois Revenue Freefall: Fiscal Year-to-Date -8.1% and Worsening – “The state of Illinois, as well as Chicago and Cook County, have passed big tax hikes in recent years. The politicians are after your pocketbook again. In addition to raising the state’s personal and corporate income taxes back near their all-time highs, the Illinois Policy Institute notes senators propose taxing businesses on the “privilege” of doing business in Illinois. If tax hikes worked, Illinois revenue would be up, not down. But Illinoisans are voting with their feet.”

Top 10 homemade natural herbicides to tackle the weeds in your garden – “10 DIY alternatives to Roundup Ready”

George Soros linked to funding human trafficking and terrorism – “In the fight against global terrorism, it is unfortunate that politicians speak through both sides of their mouths as they are willing to aid and fund groups like ISIS and Al Qaeda, while at the same time send young Americans to their deaths in countless ideological wars. And more and more it seems that at the center of all the political and geo-political chaos is but one man, and it is high time he be incarcerated for the uncountable crimes against humanity he has both funded and executed.” – Ken Schortgen

New Changes To Deagel Website Suggest ‘American Apocalypse’ Will Happen In Next 7 Years If This ‘Deep State Insider’ Is Right – “Is Deagel Tied To The CIA And If So, What Does The Deep State Have Planned To ‘Eliminate’ 262 Million Americans In 7 Years?”

Ammo Supplies: Why You Can’t Relax Just Because Trump Won

War on Cash Puts ECB, EU on Collision Course with Germany – “Bundesbank: It’s a war on personal freedom and choice.” – Don Quijones

The Calm Before The Precious Metal Silver Storm – “Unfortunately, trying to time the market crash and purchase silver when the situation gets really ugly will likely not work out as many expect. Rather, I see a silver market that is totally overwhelmed with very little available physical silver.”




Jeremiah 49:26-27  Therefore her young men shall fall in her streets, and all the men of war shall be cut off in that day, saith the Lord of hosts.  And I will kindle a fire in the wall of Damascus, and it shall consume the palaces of Benhadad.