Moscow And Beijing Join Forces To Bypass US Dollar In Global Markets, Shift To Gold Trade

The Real Reason The Federal Government Have Been Keen to Blame Russia for Everything – Gold

Blaming Russia for Everything – “It’s almost getting comical how everything that happens in the United States gets blamed on Russia! Russia! Russia! And, if any American points out the absurdity of this argument, he or she must be a “Moscow stooge” or a “Putin puppet.” “

The list of 17 intelligence agencies being used to propagate the Russian hacking lie – “Why the list? Because we are certain that the Coast Guard Intelligence Agency, Marine Corps Intelligence Agency, and National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency are authorities when it comes to US election hacking, and thus should be trusted when they sign off to being “highly confident” of Russian election meddling.”

Why Did Jesus Say He Would Bring ‘Division?’

‘Press 2 if hackers needed’: Russian FM April Fools voicemail leaves US media unamused – “On April 1, the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs posted a spoof voicemail offering “Russian hackers services” and “election interference.” And the mainstream US media appears not amused. “It’s quite simply a spoof, it’s quite simply funny. There is a serious message underneath it, though, because none of these allegations have been investigated correctly, or substantiated. So why shouldn’t the Russians take their proverbial, have a joke, take the mickey out of the Americans?”

Debate Over No-Go Sharia Zones in Sweden, France: Fake News or Not?

How Obama’s White House weaponized media against Trump

Missouri surrendering to Real ID Act – “Like many other citizens, Missourians are now on the road to being tagged and tracked like animals.”

French election race tightens for frontrunners Le Pen & Macron

Turmoil Deepens in Latin America as Paraguay’s Congress Smolders – “Facing international pressure, both Paraguay and Venezuela appear to be backing down on Saturday from the unpopular measures that sparked the crises. Yet wobbling democratic norms in parts of Latin America have coincided largely with worsening economic performance.” – THIS JUST SHOWS WHAT TO EXPECT WHEN THE ECONOMY GOES!!!!!!

Day 70: Trump’s Approval Now at 35% – Peter Schiff

Reagan Adviser: Why Trump Won’t Cut Taxes – “Reagan’s top economic adviser David Stockman explains why Trump’s tax cuts… and his stimulus plan… are dead on arrival.”

Is America Being Turned Into A War Zone? The Month Of April Is Full Of Possible ‘Flashpoints’ In California

Bill Maher crushes Hillary: “You F****d It Up…Stay in the Woods” (VIDEO)

Is the Russian Government Insouciant? – Paul Craig Roberts

THE SURREAL WORLD OF FOREIGN INTERVENTIONISM – “Notice something important here: The terrorists (or the Muslims) haven’t attacked Switzerland with terrorist attacks. Switzerland has the same “freedom and values” as people in Great Britain and the United States. The difference is that the Swiss government hasn’t been killing, bombing, shooting, and assassinating Muslims and others for the past 27 years, as the U.S. and British governments have.”

Welcome to America: Family Fined, Threatened With Jail for Building a Sand Castle Read – “According to their obscure ordinance, only plastic tools are allowed on the beach, and they had some metal ones. It is important to note that the officer explained to Rylee that she would let him off with a warning if he simply filled in the hole. But Rylee wasn’t buying it. He wanted to know what ordinance he was violating. It was Rylee’s questioning of authority which led to police escalating the call. When her authority was put into question, the officer brought in backup.”

Chicago Mayor Creates New ID so that Illegal Immigrants can get Welfare without Risking Repatriation

Soros’ Meddling in EU Affairs has Put Him in Harm’s Way – “It won’t be an exaggeration to state that a number of EU states, including Hungary, are fed up with George Soros, so it won’t be a surprise if the coming weeks they are going say to him: “Soros, go home!” -Grete Mautner

Pension bomb climbs to nearly $2 trillion in a decade as Fed and zero interest rates kill Americans chance of retirement – Ken Schortgen

Final Piece of Pension Disaster Puzzle in New Savings Data – “What was initially a slow breakdown in America’s pension system is now a speeding train wreck, one that has become a risk to more than just pension holders. New statistics on Americans’ saving habits are adding a new dimension to an already massive economic threat.”

April Fool…Oops, Never Mind – That Was True – Daisy Luther

Gold And Silver Are Potentially Explosive – Dave Kranzler


82% of households are now purchasing organic items

This Economy is Ruined for Many Americans – Wolf Richter

Money Riots Coming in Next Financial Collapse-James Rickards (VIDEO) -“There is a lot of reasons for rioting. When you start shutting banks and the stock exchange and they say you can’t get your money, it’s only temporary, trust us, people will go out and start to burn down banks. The government is ready for that also with emergency response and martial law. . . . Governments don’t go down without a fight.”




Luke 12:51 Suppose ye that I am come to give peace on earth? I tell you, Nay; but rather division:



Together we’ll stand
Divided we’ll fall
Come on now, people
Let’s get on the ball

And work together
Come on, come on
Let’s work together
Now, now people
Because together we will stand
Every boy, every girl and man

( Let’s Work Together by Wilbert Harrison )