John McCain Goes Off the Deep End – Accuses Rand Paul of Being Putin Agent

Hostage situation underway at German bank, armed police on scene

China’s Foreign Ministry Warns ‘This Could Spiral Out Of Control’ With Several ‘Wild Cards’ Now In Play – “Remember! ‘Doomsday’ Passes Over America Several Times Every Day!”

Buy the rumor sell the BS as Fed hikes rates in the midst of declining economy – Ken Schortgen

Startled Reporter Asks Why Yellen Hiked With GDP And Real Wages Sliding: Here Is The Response (VIDEO) – “Bloomberg TV’s Kathleen Hays decided enough was enough, and wanted to get to the bottom of just why a “data-dependent” Fed is hiking in a world in which economic data is rapidly deteriorating.”

He Built A Family-Of-Five Home For … $5,000

Collapsing Pensions Are “About to Bring Hell to America”

Amazon is going to kill more American jobs than China did – “Millions of retail jobs are threatened as Amazon’s share of online purchases keeps climbing”


7 Stories Far More Important than Trump’s Tax Returns – Claire Bernish

12 Reasons Why The Federal Reserve May Have Just Made The Biggest Economic Mistake Since The Last Financial Crisis

Republicans Flip-Flop, Abandon Pledge To Fight Climate Change – “Trump’s campaign pledge to fight global warming is becoming increasingly moot as his elected constituents turn in the opposite direction. Climate warmists may or may not not realize that they are promoting Technocracy, Sustainable Development and Green Economy that will eventually destroy America.”

Europe Mulls Acquiring Its Own Nuclear Deterrent

$53M Fines for Politically Incorrect Social Media Posts? – “In a move designed to chill free speech, a German “justice” official has proposed fining social-media sites up to $53 million for not swiftly deleting “hateful” posts. Welcome to the new Germany — same as the old Germany.”

Who is the Real Source of Anti-Russian Propaganda That Keeps Leaking (Video)

Something on your mind? AI can read your thoughts and tell whether you are guilty of committing a crime – “This is the first time that neurobiological readings alone have been used to determine guilt, according to the study, and the findings could impact how we judge criminal responsibility in the future. “

The Debt Needs To Be Defaulted On, It Needs To Die, There Is Nothing To Fix It:Andrew Hoffman (VIDEO)

Wikileaks-style document dump reveals deep EPA collusion with Monsanto to conceal dangers of glyphosate herbicide (deposition of Jess Rowland)

Here’s the Absolute Best Way to Tell If a Wild Plant is Edible

Gold & Silver Manipulation: The Biggest Financial Crime In History – Stewart Dougherty

Swallow glass and paint with your medicine, it’s good for you – “Contamination. Just part of the cost of doing business. Actually, it lowers the cost of doing business. As long as the devastating effects on actual people aren’t factored in.” – Jon Rappoport

Ten Ways To Use Your Socks During An Emergency

What do these CEOs know that we don’t?

Now That Everyone’s Been Pushed into Risky Assets… – Charles Hugh Smith

Inflation Hits Consumers, Mortgage Rates Take Off, “Financial Repression” for Bondholders and Savers – Wolf Richter

How To Survive When The Cities Burn – Urban Preparedness With City Prepping (VIDEO)

CPI Shows Higher Consumer Prices Despite Skewed Data – Peter Schiff




Psalms 9:20   Put them in fear, O LORD: that the nations may know themselves [to be but] men. Selah.