KOREA SUICIDE Donald Trump sends B-52 NUCLEAR BOMBERS to South Korea after North fires missiles at Japan and US warns of ‘overwhelming’ response

US Marines On The Ground In Syria

Spygate: America’s Political Police vs. Donald J. Trump – “Deep State’s dirty tricks revealed”

Huge False Flag By The CIA Against Americans, Just Exposed By WikiLeaks – “The UMBRAGE Program Allows The CIA To Plant Digital ‘Fingerprints’ To Blame Other Countries For Attacks”

Former NSA Whistleblower: “Trump Is Absolutely Right, Everything Was Being Monitored”

The Use of the T-Word – Treason – Against Trump Is Hyperbolic – “Neither Trump nor his advisers and colleagues crossed the «treason» threshold in any dealings with Russia or any other country during the campaign. The Constitution is very specific in this regard. Treason can only be charged in a wartime – what would be the result of a formal declaration of war by the U.S. Congress” – Wayne Madsen

Illinois State Senator Is Pushing a Bill That Would Allow the Government to Confiscate Guns Without Due Process

One Wrong Globalist Move and the Populist Steamroller – Phil Butler

Jim Willie Part 1/3: Power struggle of Trump’s Knights templar vs the sick pedophilia satanic NWO (VIDEO)

Jim Willie 2/3: Dead U.S bonds, U.S stabilisation fund, NWO Geo engineering, Monsanto, Depopulation (VIDEO)

Jim Willie 3/3: This sh*t storm is just getting started (VIDEO)

Trust CIA hackers who hack France’s election campaign? – “according to the latest WikiLeaks CIA data dump, the CIA can fabricate, yes, fabricate the “fingerprints” of Russian government hackers and create the false impression that Russians hacked the US presidential campaign of 2016.” – Jon Rappoport

Pack Your 72-Hour Emergency Kit In Organized Categories

ADP’s Job “Creation” Report Is A Fraud – “Put it on CNN and it’s “true.” Americans will turn on their tv’s and open their newspapers tomorrow (the small percentage that still read newspapers) to hear and read that the U.S. economy “created” nearly 300,000 jobs in February – at least according to ADP. .” – Dave Kranzler

Climate Engineering, Cooling Wealthy Nations While Poorer Countries Incinerate

Pope Francis issues veiled warning about Donald Trump: ‘Populism is evil’ – POPE FRANKIE IS FOR A ONE WORLD, ONE RELIGION GOVERNMENT. OF COURSE HE IS AGAINST WHAT THE PEOPLE WANT!!!!!!!

WATCH: Ron Paul Just Destroyed TSA in Epic Rant Every American Should Hear – “It’s your life, and it’s your property. If you haven’t done any harm, they don’t have the right to do this to you and assume that you are a criminal,” said Paul. “If they want to treat you like a criminal, they ought to have due process.”

China urges US to stop hacking other countries following Vault 7 release

7 Survival Uses For Alcohol You May Not Have Considered – “While alcohol may not be a “necessity,” it is definitely something that will be in high demand during a disaster scenario” – PLUS IT WOULD BE NICE TO HAVE A NIP OR TWO TO TAKE THE EDGE OFF!!!!!

The Real Point of Wikileaks Vault 7 (VIDEO) – “And now for the real takeaway of Wikileaks’ Vault 7 “Year Zero” dump… incrementally acclimating people to living in a total information awareness society where the government has access and can invade your privacy any time it wants through technology.”

Why No One’s Going to Drain this Swamp – Wolf Richter

Britain Needs to Get Off High Horse on Russia – “For a small nation with a has-been imperial past, British rulers appear to still suffer from the delusion of strutting around the globe as if on a high horse.”

Dem.Congressmen Confronted: “What Do You Stand For?”-HE HAS NO ANSWER! (VIDEO)

Awesome $4,500 Completely Off-Grid Tiny House (VIDEO)

Are Central Banks Losing Control? – “Eight years after the crisis of 2008-09, central banks are still injecting $200 billion a month into the global financial system to keep it from imploding.” – Charles Hugh Smith

EXCLUSIVE: ‘Come on, you didn’t know you were at a witchcraft thing?’ Nuns roar back at ‘disgusting’ Katy Perry who ‘couldn’t recall’ attending Salem’s ‘Witch Walk’ during a confrontation to protest her purchase of their former convent

16 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Live In California

65% of doctors are getting cash “kickbacks” from big pharma – “Patients should be aware of the incentives that their physicians face that may lead them to not always act in their patients’ best interest. And the more informed patients are about their providers and options for care, the better decisions they can make.”

The Path to $10,000 Gold – Jim Rickards

What Could You Buy – 50 Year Buying Power of Gold vs. US Dollar (InfoGraphic)

10 Requirements for Long-Term Food Storage




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