Stockman: “After March 15 Everything Will Grind To A Halt” – “That’s the day that this debt ceiling holiday that Obama and Boehner put together right before the last election in October of 2015. That holiday expires. The debt ceiling will freeze in at $20 trillion. It will then be law. It will be a hard stop.”

Retail Apocalypse Gains Momentum As David Stockman Warns ‘Everything Will Grind To A Halt’ After March 15th

REALIST NEWS – Bill Holter Interview – System is going down (VIDEO)

Kim Jong-Un Guns Down Five Senior Officials With An Anti-Aircraft Gun

Marine Le Pen Vows to Remove France from “Totalitarian” European Union

Poland, Hungary Join Together to Challenge EU Bureaucracy – “The disenchantment with European integration is already pervasive in the region. Eurosceptics not only challenge Brussels, they demonstrate their willingness to unite. A new alliance appears to be emerging inside the EU to undermine it, or even destroy it, from within. Other nations inspired by this example are likely to join, spurring the process that can hardly be stopped.”

The 3R’s Radiation, Racism, and the Return of Hillary Clinton – Daisy Luther

The Purge of Christians across the Middle East: Where are the Protestors?

Trump Never Was Serious – He’s a Fraud – “With neither side willing to even discuss what are the details and facts of what amount to a bank statement this nation is hurtling toward a fiscal cliff that it will reach and breach within the next 4-5 years. This is not speculation, it is not a projection, it is a simple extension of the facts put out by our own Treasury Department.” – Karl Denninger

Radical Leftists Are Warning That The Trump Years Will Be ‘Apocalyptic’ – And They Just Might Be Right

American Militarism or World Disarmament? – ” It is the United States that stands in the way of nuclear disarmament for the very reason it has now openly stated, to dominate the world. This is no revelation to anyone but it is revealing that it is now openly expressed whereas until now this objective of dominating and tyrannizing the world had various guises; “spreading democracy”, “fighting communism”, “humanitarian intervention”, “responsibility to protect,” “Manifest Destiny” and other similarly nauseating euphemisms for blatant military aggression.”  – GOOD OP-ED!!!!!!

Academy Awards should blame ‘Russian hacking’ for their embarrassment in announcing the wrong ‘Best Picture’ winner – “Vladimir Putin as seen as the most perfect villain every for the left (except for the parts about the reset button fiasco and Hillary approving 20% of our uranium supply being sold to the Russkies, but hey the media will consign that to the Memory Hole), so why not blame him?”

Oscars: Jimmy Kimmel Zings Trump Almost Immediately Pause Mute Current Time 0:23 / Duration Time 9:30 Loaded: 0%Progress: 0% Share Fullscreen

Film about Syrian White Helmets wins Oscar amid allegations of terrorist ties

Interesting week for Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump – “On Russia the Neocons have basically beat Trump – he won’t have the means to engage in any big negotiating with Vladimir Putin. But, at least, neither will he constantly be trying to make things worse. The more the US elites fight each other, the less venom they will have left for the rest of mankind. Thank God for small favors…”

Trump’s war against the fake media continues – Jon Rappoport

The Global Pedophile Ring Exposed: Hollywood, the Vatican and the 1% “Elites”

China! Russia! Nukes! Oh, My! – “Jack Perry writes on the Lew Rockwell blog. “By golly, if the Russians can blow up the world fifteen times, we better be able to blow up the world at least twenty times! How’s it going to look, with the world reduced to dust and knowing it was all for nothing because the Russians destroyed the planet better than we did? That’s simply not American! How can we look in the mirror knowing we can only destroy the planet to the tune of twelve times over and someone else can do it fifteen?”

WHERE DID ISIS GET DRONES FROM?? – “On Tuesday and Wednesday, ISIS hit the Syrian Arab Army with drone strikes in the eastern Qalamoun Mountains and Syrian Desert. That’s right: ISIS is using drones now.’

THE FED IS CLUELESS (VIDEO) with David Morgan – “Silver expert David Morgan is bullish on both silver and gold. In the short term, Morgan is more bullish on gold. But in the long term, Morgan sees silver outperforming gold three or four to one.”

Gold and Monetary Freedom – Rory Hall

6 Totally Insane Things That Will Happen If Our Power Grid Goes Down

Welcome Aboard, But First US Marshals Will Scan Your Retina – “Halfway down the jetbridge, there was a new layer of security. Two US Marshals, heavily armed and dressed in dystopian-style black regalia, stood next to an upright machine with a glowing green eye. Every passenger, one by one, was told to step on a mat and look into the green scanner. It was scanning our eyes and matching that scan with the passport, which was also scanned (yet again).”

Does The Bible Really Say We Shouldn’t Judge?

Rachel Maddow: Corporate shill for the oligarchs – “She spends an obscene amount of time and energy attacking tiny political parties that have no platform to fight back, and people applaud her for it. Her long, rambling conspiratorial tirades that would make even a peak 2010 Glenn Beck blush are mistaken for truth by a populace that has been so ferociously terrorized and beaten down by corporate media psy-ops that they can’t tell which way’s up anymore, and she’s loving every minute of it. She’s currently enjoying her best ratings since 2008”

Germany Bans Doll Over Privacy Concerns – “Items that conceal cameras or microphones and that are capable of transmitting a signal, and therefore can transmit data without detection, compromise people’s privacy. This applies in particular to children’s toys. The Cayla doll has been banned in Germany,”  – BE AWARE OF WHAT THESE TOYS ARE CAPABLE OFF!!!!!!

Citizen Militia Experiences Explosive Growth Following the Last Election – “So radical leftists and conservative militias are experiencing explosive growth at the same time, and neither of them are afraid to present themselves in the streets of America. While I do support the rights of militias, I have to say that this probably won’t end well.”


The Wireless World Of Health Harms – Catherine J. Frompovich

Farm from a Box: Community Farming. Reinvented.(VIDEO) – “Using regenerative agriculture techniques with precision farming technology, we have developed the most efficient and easy mechanism for starting and maintaining an off-grid 2-acre farm. Healthy food, locally grown. For more information visit”




Isaiah 59:8   The way of peace they know not; and there is no judgment in their goings: they have made them crooked paths: whosoever goeth therein shall not know peace.