Where was McCain when Obama attacked the free press? – “Senator John McCain poured it on for the press at a Munich defense conference Saturday, warning in a veiled attack on President Trump that attacks on the press are a leading danger for democracy. “That’s how dictators are made!” he shrieked. What stands out here is the hypocrisy of his claims. He’s suddenly concerned about press freedoms and dictators?” – HERE WE HAVE A PRIME EXAMPLE OF WHY WE NEED TERM LIMITS. SO IDIOTS LIKE THIS DON’T KEEP GETTING ELECTED!!!!

Dane Wigington-Planet Facing Converging Cataclysms Because of Chemtrails (VIDEO)

The First Temptation of Christ – “It was Jesus’ ethical obedience that won this battle. But the war had only begun. There would be fierce, future engagements.” – VER GOOD READ!!!

The Official Narrative: In Which the Truth Is Entirely Optional – ” In every situation, there is an official narrative and the truth is entirely optional. It can be difficult to operate under the reality that the truth is unattainable. The best things we can do are to question everything, believe nothing that comes through official channels, and look out for our families independently.” – Daisy Luther

US Lawmakers Introduce Legislation to Unleash Nuclear Arms Race in Europe

1 dead, 10 wounded, including Cook County officer, in Chicago shootings -ANOTHER TYPICAL CHICAGO WEEKEND!!!!!!

Love Him, Hate Him, Trump is 100% Correct – Mainstream Media IS “The Enemy of The American People” – ” If you are still living under the misguided belief that TV news and their online counterparts are reporting anything of value explain to me why 6 – count ’em 6 companies own 90% of ALL mass produced media. Is it possible the Presidents or other senior level – “C” level – executives confer on a regular basis to push the latest piece of nonsense they wish the American people to believe?”

‘Hatred And Venom’ Dominates MSM ‘Fake News’ – A Trump Truth They Cannot Argue, Defend Against Or Counter

Why Was the FBI Investigating General Flynn? – “There appears to have been no basis for a criminal or intelligence probe.”

Obama-linked activists have a ‘training manual’ for protesting Trump

Still Think Obama’s “Shadow Government” is “Conspiracy Theory?” (VIDEO) – “This is not just that Obama is not acting presidential; we should be used to that, he never really did. It is that he is not stepping down and stepping away. He is actively opposing the new administration.”

Is The Obama Administration … Fully Operational?

Has Trump Been Secretly Stripped of His Presidency? – “Of course, Trump is absolutely correct, the press lies continually and intelligence agencies fabricate a world to justify the needs of their real clients, the globalists, the arms industry and big oil. But things are even worse now, we have a president who calls them out for their lies and then turns around and lies more than all of them combined. There is no government, only liars accusing each other of lying while doing what has always been done, stealing everything that isn’t nailed down and Trump looks like he is setting a new record for that as well.”

The Stakes for Trump and All of Us – “We need to understand, and so does President Trump, that the hoax “war on terror” was used to transform intelligence agencies, such as the NSA and CIA, and criminal investigative agencies, such as the FBI, into Gestapo secret police agencies. Trump is now threatened by these agencies” – Paul Craig Roberts

Ex-CIA Says Deep State Planning ‘Operation American Spring’ For May 2017 (VIDEO)

The Economy Handed Off To Trump Is Like A Hand Grenade & It’s Getting Ready To Go Off: (VIDEO) with Peter Schiff

UN “Together” Propaganda Bid Seeks to Flood West With Migrants – “The goal, essentially, is to persuade increasingly uneasy Western voters to embrace the tsunami of Islamic migrants being pumped into Europe, Canada, the United States, Australia, and other nations by the UN and its agencies. Any opposition to the massive influx of immigration from foreign cultures is to be dubbed “hate speech,” the propaganda campaign’s materials suggest. Top UN officials, meanwhile, have even equated the elected political leaders skeptical of the mass resettlement of African and Middle Eastern Muslims in Europe and America with the terror group ISIS.”

4 Hidden Dangers Of Winter That Can Kill You

Is There An Intense Idiocy In Vaccine Ideology And Its Acolytes? – “Magda Taylor of “Informed Parent” newsletter debates Professor David Grimes. In the video below, readers can listen to the incredible misspeaks and apparent outright stupidity from vaccines and vaccinology acolyte, David A Grimes, MD. Is Professor Grimes totally out to lunch? What’s your opinion?”

The Left-Right Deep State Is One In The Same: “The Goal Is The Enslavement And Complete Control Of All Of Mankind”

Household Basics in TEOTWAWKI- Part 3, by Sarah Latimer -PARTS 1 & 2 PREVIOUSLY LINKED. JUST PUT IN SARAH’S NAME IN SEARCH!!!

The Shadow Government’s Destruction Of Democracy

CNN’s Don Lemon Freaks Out, Ends Segment After Being Called ‘Fake News’ – “Poor Lemon, he and his network wanted so desperately to censor their right-wing competitors by calling them “fake news” and yet it’s totally backfired and the whole scam has blown up in their lying, fake news faces.”




2 Thessalonians 2:12   That they all might be damned who believed not the truth, but had pleasure in unrighteousness.



Some were one desk away from sweet freedom
Some were torn from someone they love
Through this sprawling tower of babel
Came a young man confused and alone
Determined and bound for America
And carryin’ everything that he owned

(Immigrant Eyes by Guy Clark)