Putin Issues Dire Warning: Western Elites Plotting ‘Soft Coup’ to ‘Not Let Trump Take Office’

‘Worse than prostitutes’: Putin slams those behind Trump ‘leak’ – “Russian President Vladimir Putin said he has no grounds to attack or protect US President-elect Donald Trump, since he does not know him personally. He added though that those behind the recent allegations against Trump have “no moral scruples.””

McCain Proposes Massive $5 Trillion, 5-Year Defense Budget; Blames “Flawed Obama Defense Strategy”

The threat of the U.S. banning cash is not over as it becomes a topic at the Davos Economic Forum – Ken Schortgen

Geoengineered Winter Weather Onslaught – “The now near total desperation of the climate engineers to turn warmth into winter is becoming incredibly obvious and blatant to any that are even slightly awake. “Winter Storm Jupiter” is the latest creation of the climate engineers. This so called “winter storm” is simply the product of ionosphere heater generated jet stream manipulation and massive chemical ice nucleation processes.”

Trump Takes The Final Currency War Thermonuclear, Puts Gold Cartel On Notice! – Andy Hoffman

Former World Bank Staffer Explains How Neoliberalism is Destroying the World

What Republicans Miss About Healthcare Reform – “Senator Paul’s reform package certainly represents a great step forward from the absurdity of Obamacare and would help liberalize many aspects of modern health insurance. Unfortunately, while access to health insurance has largely dominated the political debate, the real disease plaguing American medicine is its 100-year decent into government control.”

Anarchists Plan To Target Balls, Events And Trump Supporters All Over D.C. During Inauguration Week

ADS OFFER BIG MONEY FOR PAID PROVOCATEURS TO PROTEST TRUMP’S INAUGURATION IN AT LEAST 20 MAJOR US CITIES – “To top it all off, the company promises its clients who hire paid protesters that, “all actions will appear genuine to media and public observers.” “

Why DC Police Body Cameras Will Be Off as Officers Monitor Inauguration Protests

Inflation Gets Real (Not Just Nominal) in Argentina – “A collective reckoning? A painful but unavoidable come-to-Jesus moment? Or continuing down an inflationary spiral?”

Live From Davos: Ray Dalio, Christine Lagarde And Larry Summers Discuss How To Fix The “Middle Class Crisis” – “when you have a handful of semi, and not so semi, billionaires – perplexed by the populist backlash of the past year – sit down and discuss among each other how a “Squeezed and Angry” middle-class should be fixed.”

Will There Be War On The Streets Of Washington D.C. During The Inauguration On Friday? – “Tensions will be running extremely high in D.C. over the next week, and it isn’t going to take much to spark a major incident.”

Momentum Traders Shift to Gold & Silver (VIDEO) with Dave Kranzler and Rory Hall

Does a Rogue Deep State Have Trump’s Back? – Charles Hugh Smith

Has Soros Declared a Full-out War on Trump?

Be Prepared For Independent News Blackout If All Hell Breaks Loose On Friday, Inauguration Day

Nothing Is Real: When Reality TV Programming Masquerades as Politics – “Indeed, Donald Trump may be the smartest move yet by the powers-that-be to keep the citizenry divided and at each other’s throats, because as long as we’re busy fighting each other, we’ll never manage to present a unified front against tyranny in any form. This is the magic of the reality TV programming that passes for politics today.” – John W. Whitehead

After the WaPost’s Latest Shot, It’s Time to Call ‘Fake News’ By Its Real Name ‘Weaponized Journalism’

Nomi Prins-Financial Crash possible in Last Quarter of 2017 (VIDEO)

Media Blackout: Surface-To-Air Missile System Deployed at Standing Rock – ” Is this real life?”

This New Creepy Website Knows Everything About Your Family – And It’s Free – “Anyone who knows your name can discover your home address and the addresses of every member of your extended family thanks to a new free genealogy website,”

Roundup Now Proven to Cause Liver Disease, and it’s in Your Food

Who is John Lewis, the Rep. Who Calls Trump Illegitimate? – “Lewis’s tactic is clear. He gets to attack his political enemies at will, using all sorts of incendiary language, and if someone dares to retaliate, that person is then tarred as, at best, insensitive to the “courage” of Lewis, and at worst, a racial bigot. Actually, when it comes to Congressman John Lewis, the race card appears to be the first card in the deck that he always plays. Regardless of what Lewis did back in the 1960s, it does not entitle him to say whatever he wishes, true or false, without being challenged.”

Thanks, John Lewis. Now Go Away. – “For all his years in Congress, Lewis has “opposed every piece of criminal justice or welfare reform legislation that would make the people of his district safer, more self-reliant, and more prosperous,” Lewis has spent decades trying to undermine America and siding with its enemies, as Discover the Networks has documented.”

Ex-Spook and Top Trump Antagonist Michael Morell is a Very Sleazy Character

How Did The Department Of Defense End Up In My Child’s Classroom?

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